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Well, it finally happened you guys. And it snuck up on me too. 

I cried. And not like a single tear and little sniffle. I full on bawled during Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 8, and I'm not ashamed. As funny as this show can be, the tender moments really pack a ton of weight at times. 

Some of the heavier stuff doesn't always land with me, but this episode was something else. 

Making a Choice - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Unlike past episodes, the mission of the week took a backseat to everything else going on in Kevin's world. There was, of course, the conflict of following through with a mission or being there for Reese, but the main pervading storyline dealt with Yvette and Dave. 

I've been no fan of Dave since he was introduced on Kevin (Probably) Saves The World Season 1 Episode 6. And my instincts about him were totally correct. I knew there was something off about him from the jump, and it was pretty clear when he came back so quickly from Yvette's mission that he was up to no good. 

Yvette: What are you doing here? I gave you a mission.
Dave: I know. And I failed. Hard.

As soon as Dave told Yvette that Ava wanted nothing to do with her, I knew he was lying. We don't know much about Ava, but it's hard to imagine the bubbly girl we met ever being that harsh. 

When Dave revealed himself to Ethan, I was absolutely floored. 

I should know better than to take everything Yvette says as the gospel truth, but we have been given no real reason to think that she was lying about no other humans being able to see her. It turns out God's warriors can make themselves be seen if they want to. 

Kevin's reaction to this bombshell was appropriate and completely understandable. 

Yvette: We didn't know who or what affected the other righteous. So drawing attention to you by parading around and revealing myself felt like a pretty foolish strategy.
Kevin: Really? Um, because from where I stand, it felt like you could have spared me, and Amy and Reese, from a huge amount of trouble but you chose not to.
Yvette: I've been gone one day and now you don't trust me anymore?
Kevin: It's a funny thing about us humans. We find it hard to trust people when they lie.

Kevin has put all his trust into Yvette and to think that she lied about that allowed his mind to realize that she could be lying about any number of things. It was just what Dave set out to do -- create just enough doubt to make Kevin turn to him and cast Yvette aside. 

But things got pretty tricky when I realized why Dave was so hellbent on breaking the team apart. I foolishly assumed Dave wanted to be Kevin's new Yvette so that he could be the one to lead Kevin to the other righteous souls. I thought Dave wanted all the glory. 

The truth was nowhere near that simple. And I must admit, as annoying as Dave can be, a very tiny part of me felt sorry for him. 

Dave: She's saying you'll find a whole new generation of the righteous when the truth is she has no idea. You want to know what I think? I think there aren't anymore. And I think there won't be anymore. So which one of us is right? Go on. Tell him.
Yvette: I don't know.

Dave is a man who feels like he's been conned. He left his home to aid Yvette in what he thought was a solid mission, but it turns out Yvette was never certain the mission could be accomplished. 

It's easy to see why Dave is upset, but seeking to ruin Yvette and get Kevin to abandon all the good things he's done was selfish. 

If Dave doesn't want to believe, then that is his right. But letting his anger and resentment take over is not okay. 

Kevin was always going to carry on with his journey; after all, that is the premise of the show, but his talk with Reese really broke me. Kevin continues to grow and grow each week, and his growth has had a profound impact on those around him. 

Even if he's not helping Reese directly, she is always learning and maturing by being around him and seeing the good that he does. Reese is still a pretty one-dimensional character, but when she is paired with Kevin and allowed to show more of herself, she shines. 

With the winter finale right around the corner, it looks like we could be well on our way to anointing a righteous soul. Team Kevin for the win!

Loose Ends

  • I only mentioned Ethan briefly because, well, he was a bit forgettable. The best part of his story was Kevin coming up with the genius plan to hold a small exhibit of his artwork in his classroom. It was a sweet scene that once again showcased Kevin's maturation. 
  • Amy struggled all episode with her upcoming date with Ignacio or Iggy for short. The date itself was a disaster, but Iggy seemed interested in going out again. Forgive me for not getting behind this storyline, but we know virtually nothing about Iggy. And I'm an unapologetic member of Team Nate anyway. 
  • The butterflies have led us to Laos! Not exactly where I thought we'd be going, but I'm excited nonetheless. Kevin out of his element is always entertaining. 
  • So now that we have confirmation that Yvette isn't always forthcoming, what else do you think she may have lied about? Are there any other secrets she may be keeping? Yes, yes, and more yes. I'm very hopeful the additional episodes ABC ordered will give us more insight into Yvette!

Okay, guys, we've got one more episode before the winter hiatus. What are you hoping to see on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 9? 

Were you surprised Dave was out to get Yvette? Do you understand where Dave was coming from? Did you also get emotional or was it just me?

Drop me a line in the comments so we can discuss everything! And as always, remember to watch Kevin (Probably) Saves the World online anytime to make sure you don't miss a beat!

Chrysalis Review

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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Yvette: What are you doing here? I gave you a mission.
Dave: I know. And I failed. Hard.

Kevin: How do you stay so still?
Tyler: As a kid, I'd spend hours in front of store windows pretending I was a mannequin while my mom went shopping. One day she left me there overnight. So much fun.