Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Conspiracy Theory: Part 1

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Finally! A brand new mystery.

After five hours of the missing St. Joseph 3, it was beyond time for something new.

Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 6 featured the beginning of another multi-part story, this time about the murder of a lawyer who was representing some girls who were required to put up with sexual harassment.

Rusty and Gus - Major Crimes

I'm not sure yet whether the girls were merely expected to put up with having their butts slapped or if they were required to prostitute themselves.

Either way, I'm excited about this story, especially considering all the Hollywood sexual harassment stories in the news. It's refreshing to see this topic dealt with in a less glamorous industry, where it happens frequently, but no one really notices or says anything.

There were two sexual harassment stories, as the main case dovetailed nicely with Rusty's growing understanding that Gus was being mistreated.

Flynn: I know this guy Craig was a scumbag, but at least he told them what they were in for.
Julio: You can't require someone be molested. It voids the contract.

I found myself interested in the Rusty/Gus story even though I would still prefer Rusty to move on. Rusty clearly still cares for Gus and is mostly hurt and angry about how Gus betrayed him; rightfully so.

Gus slept with Aiden then reappeared at Sharon and Andy's wedding, and it seemed like he was hoping to pick up where he left off as if the extracurricular sex didn't matter.

Rusty: Don't tell me you're sorry that you slept with Aiden. I don't want to hear about it.
Gus: What's on your wall?
Rusty: Those are people who died because they're connected to Philip Stroh.
Gus: Are you safe?
Rusty: It really doesn't concern you.

Rusty rightfully put him in his place, telling him that he didn't need to worry about what was going on with Philip Stroh, putting away his gun to ease Gus' mind.

But it would be too simple and too pointless for that to be the end of it. No one on television ever stays away from an ex that wronged them; if the ex reappears, something more is going to happen. Otherwise, there would be no point to his return.

Flynn: I know this guy Craig was a scumbag, but at least he told them what they were in for.
Julio: You can't require someone be molested. It voids the contract.

Anyway, I'm not sure what to make of Rusty's decision to try to help out Gus.

Gus told him that he had no intention of embarrassing himself in open court by suing Aiden and sent Rusty home. So Rusty's refusal to listen is likely going to blow up in his face.

Rusty's confrontation with Aiden can't possibly end well. Aiden may retaliate against Gus in some way, and Gus will probably blame Rusty.

Even if he doesn't, he's not going to appreciate Rusty's meddling, and that'll make things worse instead of better.

I hope the fallout from this doesn't take up too much screen time. I prefer Rusty to be Gus-less and engaging with the Major Crimes Unit than watching this relationship drama with someone who I'm still not convinced is worth it.

Provenza: Bonnie's purse was missing. Is it possible this could be random?
Sharon: Nothing is random in the Palisades.

As for the case, I was glad to see the quirky, weird suspects that set Major Crimes apart from other shows. When Stan took out his false teeth or mouthpiece or whatever that was before speaking with the detectives, it cracked me up. 

It also made me feel like the Major Crimes I know and love is back. This may be the beginning of another multi-part mystery, but at least that trademark weirdness is there.

Oh... you think I'm involved because that bitch took everything I owned and put me in directing jail for the last five years!


I agree with Sharon that Walsh isn't a good candidate for the murder because his anger was too over-the-top for Bonnie to stop and talk with him. But his name is coming up so much that I wonder what other part he might play in this.

It would be too easy for him to be the actual killer, since he was introduced fairly early in the first hour of a multi-part story. But he wasn't easily dismissed or forgotten.

Maybe he has a connection to the killer, but I'm not sure what.

I was confused by what Tao and Provenza were doing at the book signing.

Everyone was looking for Jerry Pearl, but I didn't understand the point of the longish sequence at the book signing table.

I also was wondering why Provenza had his book signed to his own first name -- was there significance to that, or could he not think of another name to use?

Naturally, the hour ended with the discovery of a second body. As soon as Vanessa failed to turn up at the protest outside of the book signing venue, it was apparent something had happened to her.

Vanessa was one of the women Bonnie was representing but is that the only connection between the two women?

Ending with the discovery of another body is a little bit cliche, but I'll take it because I'm curious how the investigation will proceed and about the connection between the victims.

What did you think of "Conspiracy Theory: Part 1?"

The title suggests a conspiracy -- what do you think it is?

Are you finding this new mystery refreshing?

How do you think Rusty's unsolicited defense of Gus is going to blow up in his face? Or do you have a different prediction?

Weigh in below, and don't forget you can always watch Major Crimes online if you missed anything.

Conspiracy Theory: Part 1 Review

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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Provenza: Bonnie's purse was missing. Is it possible this could be random?
Sharon: Nothing is random in the Palisades.

So what happened? She stopped, rolled down her window, and ados?