Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Over Troubled Water

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Breakups, breakdowns, and babies. Oh My. 

Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7 had it all. Or rather, recoveries from it all. 

Sarah's headed back on the right path,  while Connor's learning that he can't always get his own way. Nat really needed to think more creatively on how to treat that baby, but at least involving the mother led to some growth and realization for Ethan and Daniel. 

Relationship Issues - Chicago Med

So Connor's having quite the midlife crisis. 

Or maybe buying ridiculously expensive cars is just what rich guys do after a breakup. I guess dropping $200,000 on a Porsche is the same thing as me...okay, the most expensive thing I've bought after a breakup was wine and ice cream. Maybe a mani-pedi once. 

I just hope that we get to see Will's reaction to this purchase. I can't decide if he'll be psyched that he's only one degree away from such a cool car and ask for a ride or if his South side surliness will come out again? 

Mid Life Crisis - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7

Now that Robin is well and truly out of the picture, it's time for the Ava Bekker countdown clock to begin!

I'm glad that they didn't just throw her and Connor together right away -- that would have been terribly out of character for Connor -- but it's not like we haven't seen this coming. 

My personal odds are they'll hook up at the end of Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 8 or maybe Episode 9. Dragging it any longer than that would be torture.

Ava: No, I'm happy to do it. Mostly because I find your gift for self-flagellation fascinating.
Connor: What is that supposed to mean?
Ava: Just that, from what I've gathered, this sounds like a fool's errand.
Connor: CT's own Dr. Phil? Thank you.
Ava: Dr. who?

Is Ava growing on anybody else? I have to admit, I find her South African accent, lack of understanding about American pop culture, and dropping of the participle "the" in reference to hospitals charming.

The thing I think the writers need to be wary of here is swinging too far the other direction with her. She's horrible competitive, and that shouldn't go away just because she's going to hook up with our resident hero. 

Although maybe they could stop equating ambition and drive in a woman with bitchiness. That would be refreshing. 

Calming - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7

But seeing as how the writers are still portraying aggressive flirtation and borderline stalking as positive attributes in a man, I have my doubts we'll see that.  

I'm sorry, Barry is just not doing it for me. You'd think that in the current social climate, the writers would be sensitive to "no means no," especially in a workplace, but here we are. 

Besides, Maggie can do better. Absolutely nothing we know about Barry indicates he deserves her.

Bert [pokes his head through window, startling Maggie]: Getting hungry yet?
Maggie [jumps]: I know you think this is charming, but it's not.

I'm a little worried about Sarah's return to Dr. Charles' service. While I love the two of them together, he's not wrong that he missed the warning signs and that she screwed up on his watch.

I love her devotion to him, but her comment that she already lost him once has me worried. I can't believe Daniel didn't pick up on that as a sign of transference.

She's pretty clearly viewing Daniel as a substitute father, and while that's less problematic that romantic transference, it's still not great. Maybe there's something to her learning other people's therapeutic techniques after all. 

You chose me to bring me into psychiatry. So I'm not about to let you pawn me off onto that Dr. Chapman...when *you're* the psychiatrist I want to be.

Sarah [to Daniel]

Maybe Sharon will be keeping a closer eye on things this time around though. She better not be wasting any time on Bert. 

Okay, I get how that comes off as uncharitable, but the guy literally left her in the middle of night. Remember how she had no clue where he was? 

Layla asking Sharon to look after him was just laughable. Maybe she didn't know the whole story, but c'mon. Don't try and tell the woman who spent thirty years with the man how fragile he is when he's the one that walked out.

Swagger - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7

If Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 8 doesn't reference Beyonce in some way, no matter how small, somebody should get fired. Or at least docked in pay. You can't just name an episode "Lemons and Lemonade" and not talk about Queen Bey's amazing visual album. 

Yeah, I'm probably going to be disappointed. But if you were excited about it after the teaser, I won't be alone. It's definitely another case of "copy writer hasn't actually seen the damn thing." 

Can't they just send the editors a press release so they know what the hell is going on instead of over selling? 

Ethan: Dinner tonight?
April: Can't. Going to watch Noah's hockey game. I know that stuff's not a big deal to you, but it's important to me.
Ethan: "That stuff?" You mean adult rec league sports?
April: I mean family.

So, Choi's patient -- not infected with whatever "super bug" is going around. She's anorexic, which ten to one, he'll struggle with understanding why she's anorexic, and Dr. Charles will have to step in to explain.

Or maybe April will divulge an eating disorder from her past. Considering that Sarah is "immediately put to the test" upon her return, maybe she'll be the one to get through to him.

Point is, his patient isn't part of pandemic, and he'll need help treating her. 

Connor: Can you cover for me tomorrow?
Ava: Sure. Are you getting sick?
Connor: No, I'm headed to Minneapolis.
Ava: That sounds even worse.

Budget issues will continue to be a theme, and Connor isn't happy about it. Hey, maybe he should have made a donation to the hospital instead of dropping $200k of Daddy's money on a new car. 

His patient will be forcibly transferred and I doubt it's because of the oh-so-menacing super bug. I'm fairly confident assuming that it has to do a lack of insurance and an inability to pay an extremely expensive bill. 

The final reason we know things can't be too serious -- Will's more concerned with winning over a two year old than stopping an outbreak. We'll finally get to see baby Owen who's not so much a baby anymore, but is still super adorable. 

Winter Blues - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7

So how did you feel about "Over Troubled Water?"

Are Will and Nat just too boring now that they're together? Is Sarah over her PTSD and ready to get back to work, or does she need more therapy? Has Connor found a healthy coping mechanism or is Robin still messing with his head?

We want to hear what you think, so join the conversation in the comments section below! 

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Over Troubled Water Review

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Connor: Can you cover for me tomorrow?
Ava: Sure. Are you getting sick?
Connor: No, I'm headed to Minneapolis.
Ava: That sounds even worse.

Ethan: Dinner tonight?
April: Can't. Going to watch Noah's hockey game. I know that stuff's not a big deal to you, but it's important to me.
Ethan: "That stuff?" You mean adult rec league sports?
April: I mean family.