Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Oh Nathaniel, It's On!

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Heather and Rebecca had some next level professional shakeups, and that is not counting all the personal stuff that went down in between.

There is the question of Valencia and if she even exists because it has been a while since we've seen her for more than just a moment.

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10, Rebecca went up against Nathaniel, and their relationship is now in an interesting middle ground. Meanwhile, Heather took the first step to move on from college and succeed in a field she actually likes. And Josh finished a bag of chips.

Major Changes - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca and Nathaniel impress me in a way that no other relationship involving Rebecca has.

At this point in time, Rebecca is still thinking of wild plans and missions, but it really wouldn't be her if she didn't. The twist is how in the know her current love interest is because Josh especially never had this kind of knowledge about what Rebecca was doing. 

This time around Nathaniel is well aware, and it isn't something that messes with their relationship, whatever stage it might be each week.

It is refreshing to see Rebecca in a relationship that isn't planned out, but that feels easy in all the best ways. She still has a long way to go when it comes to her mental health, and her interactions with this man in her life are more fun than triggering or toxic.

It is a little worrisome though that Nathaniel says he has a girlfriend yet is hooking up with Rebecca again. 

To each their own but it would be lovely to see Nathaniel figure that part out because that lady deserves better too, especially since we all know how well Rebecca and Nathaniel are working right now.

Stranger: Take it to the alley junkie.
Rebecca: I'm making a miracle.

Heather is doing so well, and I am so freaking proud of her.

She was the brightest part of the episode, and that was all because of how much she accomplished by just figuring out what she liked. Her love for Home Base wasn't something I saw coming, but it made sense and her job going forward made sense.

Heather is more tuned into what she wants for her future than any of us probably thought, and it is exciting to see her conquer every part of her life right now.

Her relationship with Hector is still a thing, and they even moved in together which was a big step I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Then again, her offering to carry Darryl's baby might help put her relationship with Hector in perspective.

That is a lot that Heather has agreed to take on, and I don't think she realizes what she is signing up for. She just achieved something significant in her professional life, so her offering nine months out of her life was a bit sudden.

It also makes me wonder if it is necessary for all the characters that we know to be involved in helping Darryl have a baby, is introducing a stranger that weird?

At this point in time, it feels like everyone is taking part in it and it might bring people together, but it also feels like it involves too many of the same people.

It feels too simple after everything that had to happen for them to reach this point and it is almost too good to be true for everyone in Rebecca's inner circle to offer their help this way. 

Whatever you want to say to me you can say to me, my mom, and our 343 subscribers.


Josh is around, and he is maybe doing something but does anyone else feel fine without him around? It wasn't always like this, but lately, his absence is felt less and less, which is plenty weird.

Maybe as Rebecca continues down this path, Josh will appear again in a different kind of relationship with her and the audience will be introduced to him again in a new light.

For now, though Josh is barely there and things aren't lacking because of it. Other people are getting more of a detailed story, and it feels like it is finally their time.

Valencia, on the other hand, is barely around, and she is missed.

I don't get why she is around so rarely and why she can't get her subplot.

Many factors are planned out clearly, and plenty is going on with the others, but Valencia was an important part of things early on.

It makes no sense for her to have a smaller purpose now, primarily since she lives with Rebecca and would be helping her friend through this.

It is also strange that there isn't much of a focus on her professional and personal life when compared to Rebecca and Heather. It is possible to include her journey as well without making it feel too crowded, especially with Paula's home life taking a back seat.

Kevin: Where you from?
Heather: I was born in Arizona and then my dad's job transferred us from there to here.
Kevin: No I mean where are your parents from.
Heather: Well my mom is from Michigan and my dad is from Michigan.

What did you think of the episode? Do you like where the relationship between Rebecca and Nathaniel is going? What about Hector and Heather? Will her carrying a baby mess up their new relationship bliss? And what do you think about Josh and his future? Let us know what you think below.

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Oh Nathaniel, It's On! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Stranger: Take it to the alley junkie.
Rebecca: I'm making a miracle.

Whatever you want to say to me you can say to me, my mom, and our 343 subscribers.