Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Nathaniel Needs My Help!

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Rooting for Rebecca's love life is the last place I thought I would find myself but yet here I am. 

And her possibly ending things with Nathaniel means she is growing when it comes to her mental health which none of us can really be mad about.

If anything though, the way Nathaniel reacted to her meddling was healthy and promising for their relationship going forward, whatever it may be. 

During Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 8, Rebecca started to get involved in Nathaniel's relationship with his father even though she wasn't exactly asked to. Paula does the same with Darryl, focusing all her attention on helping him with his donor search. Meanwhile, Josh is having a tough time doing something as simple as moving out.

Newfound Superpower - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca's back to her old patterns and I should have seen it coming.

I wish her journey with Josh pulled her out of all these plans and stalking but it looks like this is something she falls back on. What was different though was Nathaniel and his reaction to it.

It was wonderful to have someone who understood what was going on and didn't make Rebecca feel worse about this compulsion that she struggles with. What she did was wrong and in no way should have happened, in fact I don't even understand why her mind wandered to that place.

Regardless, Rebecca was wrong but she knew this and it was refreshing to see a man not make her feel like she has a big problem when she is aware of it herself.

In fact, it is Nathaniel not reacting horribly that eventually pushes Rebecca to realize that she might not be ready for a relationship.

This is a conclusion she had to come to herself, and she is able to does this for the first time because she found a healthy relationship where she had room to see her mistakes for herself before things got worse.

I am worried how much I'm into this guy.


It was so fun to have Paula back again when she is this happy.

Maybe she went a little too far with this donor hunt but she had good intentions in mind. Darryl could have picked someone else but you always want what you can't have.

Paula meddling isn't the answer to most things but I find it entertaining enough that I kind of can't imagine her not doing it from time to time. Right now though maybe her skills will come in handy to find Darryl the perfect donor. 

The problem with the first one was the rush, they were both so excited that they didn't pay enough attention to the situation. Darryl might have to wait a little longer but at least they will be sure about the donor and the next steps in this process. 

Honey, if you bought it at a gas station it isn't a heritage.


Darryl wants a child so badly that now all I want is for him to get the right donor.

White Josh made him so happy and baby storylines are hardly ever successful but Darryl really manages to win you over.

It is clear how much he really wants this and how much he deserves to be a father again. It is interesting that this storyline is being dragged out a bit, possibly because Darryl won't actually be a single parent?

It just seems that if Darryl was meant to have a baby then he would have by now. I almost expected Paula to donate her eggs because the story was clearly not headed for a quick conclusion. 

But the one thing that is always clear is how much Darryl deserves to be happy. I also couldn't miss the fact that his bisexuality was mentioned in conversation in such a simple way and it was so important to get to have that referenced once again.

All your stuff still works? What if it's expired?


Is it just me that is very over Josh?

Since Rebecca rerouted her life away from him it always feels impossible to root for Josh. Of course, I wasn't exactly a fan of him before but it feels like now he is the weak link of the group.

This time around specifically, and obviously Josh wasn't meant to make sense with his inability to move out but still. The fact that Josh still can't be an adult that wants more for himself and is just now understanding that Rebecca pushed him to actually accomplish things is strange.

I can't piece together why Josh is meant to be relevant at time when he is doing the least amount of growing. We have characters like Paula and Rebecca and Darryl and even Nathaniel that are putting in the work.

They are really trying to better their lives and Josh is still stuck in the past and can't even figure out something like living on his own? Josh could do better and for his sake I hope that he does. 

It could be a drug deal or an affair. Probably a ride sharing app.


What did you think of the episode? Are you onboard with the different paths each character is ending up on now? What did you like the most? What were you not a big fan of? What are you hoping to see more of? What was Rebecca going to say? Let us know what you think below.

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Nathaniel Needs My Help! Review

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