Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Til Death Do Us Part

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I'm in love with LuciCain!

For all those who have been leery about Tom Welling's portrayal of Lt. Pierce/Cain so far, I hope Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 brought you into the fold.

Tom Ellis is a bit like Scarlett Estevez (Trixie); everybody he touches on screen will instantly come alive. 

Hellish Couple - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13

I'm going to have to mention something one more time to the point it will sound like I'm harping on it, but from this point forward, I won't bring it up again because beating a dead horse isn't my motive.

HOWEVER, if Chloe's presence within the Lucifer world were downplayed to bring forth a LuciCain relationship -- whether it's platonic or romantic in nature -- while allowing the premise of the show at the police station, in essence, its procedural nature, to continue, I'd be all over that.

Who would have guessed the Toms would have such wicked chemistry??

Even what Chloe tried to impress upon Pierce was like a wet blanket in comparison to what was happening between Lucifer and Cain before, during, and after their stint as a married suburban couple named Mark and Luke.

Going Undercover - Lucifer

Lucifer's idiotic inability to understand Cain from the get-go was driving me crazy. MY Lucifer wouldn't need Maze to remind him about Chloe being his Achilles' heel and to look for a similar weakness for Cain. Or, Cain's Kryptonite! Yes, Lucifer said it. Reference was made. Cute, but not quoteworthy.

Thankfully, once Lucifer understood the connection between the two of them like a reasonable person would, he embraced their unique qualities to be together like no others in the world. 

The conversations they had as a married couple were far outside the realm of their undercover duties, but Chloe couldn't read the signs as well as a detective should have been able to do it.

It's hard to pick a favorite moment between Lucifer and Cain. Lucifer's "worst neighbor" routine was counter to everything the couple stood for and yet their late night conversation was old married couple bickering.

Worst Neighbors - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13

Cain: Lucifer! What? Are you building something?
Lucifer: Yes, our reputation as the most annoying neighbors on the block.
Cain: It's 4 am. Maybe we can finish this in the morning.
Lucifer: We? You're barely involved. I thought this was supposed to be about you and I spending time together.
Cain: No, no, no. This is about catching a killer.
Lucifer: We just need to open up to each other.
Cain: That won't solve anything!
Lucifer: We have my Achilles heel. We just need to find yours.

After Chloe talked Lucifer out of walking out on his "husband" during their handwriting gathering party because "Mark" wasn't paying attention to the way they kept house -- daring to put the dip and crudites on the wrong side of the table -- I thought it meant something that Cain had moved the nachos upon Lucifer's return.

I failed to catch the lines out of Luci's mouth, but he essentially talked about how perfect they are for each other being the only two people on earth who understand exactly what the other has gone through.

It was perhaps a little dramatic since Lucifer has Maze and Amenadiel versus Cain and nobody, something Cain pointed out later, but it got me thinking about their chemistry, the quips, the excitement when they're together, and hell, even their kiss.

That Happened!! - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13

Where was the protest? Nobody protested to that kiss, not even Cain. We know Lucifer is into moments, and by the end of the case, he was just as happy to be trying to saw Cain in half again, but was he really?

What if Lucifer and Cain gave it a go? What if they bonded as friends and decided to live on earth forever together? They would have so much fun. Maybe they'd have sexual relations, maybe not. Would they need to if they loved each other enough to know they'd always be there for each other?

Maybe it could be like an Odd Couple with Lucifer and Cain. Just a couple of dudes hanging out who solve crimes and help out celestial beings. Yes, I enjoyed this "Til Death Do Us Part" very much.

LuciCain wasn't the only shakeup, though.

Smells Yummy - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13

What's going to happen between Charlotte and Maze? Maze smelled hell on Charlotte, and it turned her on. Maze isn't sure she wants to go back to that life, but Charlotte isn't sure she can move on to a life without hell.

They're in as messy of a place as Lucifer and Cain. 

Maze was hesitant in what she was saying, and you know it's because of what she saw between Linda and Amenadiel. Charlotte has been scared since she came back from hell. Who wouldn't be? She's received no answers to her plight as of yet.

Being face to face with a woman who so casually says she's been to hell and that's why Charlotte is so sexy might give Charlotte some peace of mind. Can you imagine the worry she faces every day not knowing what she did that sent her to hell?

How do you change if you don't know why you went there in the first place?

I don't want any of the four characters to lay any hurt down, but exploring what may come next if they start hanging out more has my approval. 

When something isn't working, fix it. Linda and Maze were working very well, but Charlotte was out in left field. Maze works with a lot of characters. See what she'll do with Charlotte. 

That doesn't leave much to do with Dan and Chloe, but I'll be damned if I wasn't impressed with them as a couple in the flashbacks on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11. Maybe that wouldn't be such a stretch so everyone could get back to basics for a while and find their footing again.

Let people find each other once again, let it come naturally, and allow the storylines to progress again. If we want the show to be on the air for a long time, pushing it isn't the way to go. Ebb and flow, right?

What do you think? Maybe you should watch Lucifer online to see how easily some of the relationships came in the past to see how we'd like them to be again.

Til Death Do Us Part Review

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Pierce: Did your partner just admit to snorting the evidence?
Lucifer: The only thing I admit to being incredibly focused on this case.

I mean, you don't want inferior extasy out there ruining orgies and dub step parties, now do you? Uht! Rhetorical.