The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8 Review: And the Hidden Sanctuary

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A little vacay never hurt anybody.

That was the lesson that Cassandra learned on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8.

Ever since Cassandra stopping living under the threat of impending death, she has frankly been adrift. She had been so busy accepting death that she had forgotten how to live.

Cassandra Freezes Up - The Librarians

But during a recent mission to Ecuador, she discovered a new concern which she hadn't considered before. She wants to protect her new-found life, so fear overwhelmed her.

In short, she froze in the midst of battle, endangering not just her, but her teammates as well. And her subconscious can't let go of that.

Cassandra was in the midst of an existential crisis. So she did what any person would do when the pressure gets to be too great -- she took some time off.

Of course, she was responsible about it, taking her hiatus in the midst of inventory. Which naturally pissed off Ezekiel, because he would have to do his own work now.

I question her choice of destination. It seemed like she had gone back in time as well, as Havenport resembled Small Town America from every movie in the 1940s. 

So Cassandra got to experience normal life, but kind of with training wheels. 

She wanted to fit in so badly that she pretty much ignored her Librarian training and the danger signs all around her.

Taking Aim - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8

Thank God Freddy was there to be the voice of objective reason. Being an outsider, he knew there was something "off" about Havenport and he was determined to discover what.

As Cassandra noted near the end, Freddy has the right stuff to become a Librarian when he's older.

I can understand that the residents who grew up in Havenport could accept what they experienced as normal. And Karla wanted so desperately to find a safe place for herself and Freddy that she convinced herself that everything in Havenport was normal

But no one other than a teen boy newcomer suspected anything was wrong? Surely other children in town must have wondered why they got such lousy cell and internet service.

It never came up, but how come the fairy barrier didn't seem to bother electrical and landline phone service? I'm just not that familiar with fairy physics.

Poor Cassandra was trying to get away from the paranormal. But she was the person responsible for messing up Havenport's magical safety net.

On Vacation - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8

She did them a favor bursting their bubble. I mean, what's life without a little struggle? The Havenport citizens were ill-equipped to live anywhere but there.

What was nice about this episode is that there were no villains.

Councilman Weeks was, inside, the little boy who lost his father in a car accident. When the fairy couldn't bring him back, he settled for the next best thing -- keeping his neighbors safe in perpetuity.

Yes, he was robbing them of a well-rounded life, but their lives were longer than they would have been otherwise.

The fairy had every right to be pissed, after being trapped in that snow globe for a quarter-century. At least Freddy and Cassandra were able to make clear to it the fear that humans feel. Weeks was just trying to spare his fellow citizens of that.

The lack of reliable communication forced Cassandra to step up to protect her new (if temporary) neighbor. When she's with the Librarians and Eve, she doesn't have to be the one in charge. Here she did.

One Short - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8

Prodded by Freddy, she was the one who learned about fairies, and she came up with a plan to save the townsfolk from the enraged fairy, even after they had threatened to run her out of town. Then where would they have been?

Most importantly, she got her mojo back. She heard what Jenkins had said about making whatever life she has to count for something. She came back to the Library renewed, have discovered she belonged there.

Isn't that what a good vacation is about?

The only downside of a spotlight episode is that all the other characters get short shrift.

While Jacob, Ezekiel and Eve were stuck mainly doing scut work, the evolution of Jenkins continued apace. This time it's his eyes, so he had to get glasses. As he noted, he will regularly find something else isn't working as well as it used to.

Welcome to humanity, Galahad.

To follow the characters' development, watch The Librarians online.

Are you glad Cassandra found her way again? Are the citizens of Havenport better or worse off now? Is Freddy Librarian material? Comment below.

And the Hidden Sanctuary Review

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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Ezekiel: Who's going to help me inventory the New Artifact room if you go?
Cassandra: By help, you mean do it for you?
Ezekiel: Exactly.

Jenkins [squinting]: What does that say?
Cassandra: It says you need bifocals.