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What was Philip Stroh's end game?

That was the big concern on Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 12 as the penultimate episode of the TNT drama unspooled. 

With the death of Sharon still raw, the team knew they needed to find a way to get the upper hand on the elusive villain before he and his British accomplice won. 

Everything changed when Rusty uncovered an important clue after it emerged that Chief Leo Mason was against putting more resources on the case. 

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Get caught up on all the latest drama for the characters now. 

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Major Crimes Season -3 Episode 12 Quotes

Computers are not my strong point, but I trust Tao with all the technical stuff, and Buzz… Buzz set up my printer. So I think we can come up with a plan to trap Stroh.


I hate technology! I don’t care what anybody says, it does NOT make us safer!