How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Will Die Next?!

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How much more death and destruction can these characters take?

That's one of the bigger questions after How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 12

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Whitney Evans, and Justin Carreiro discuss Isaac's big lie, Annalise coming clean and so much more!

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What did you think of Isaac lying about Stella?

Jasmine: I didn't have strong feelings for Isaac either way, but that was still shocking to me. Does it get any lower? Jimmy Smits and Viola Davis were amazing in their last scene though.

Whitney: I thought that whole scene was incredibly disturbing. I never thought Isaac was a bad guy, and I'm still not sure that he is, but he has a lot of issues, and he's made some incredibly poor decisions in his life.

Justin: Isaac has never been one of my favorite characters, and he's consistently proving why. He's a liar like the rest of them, but he doesn't own it. I agree with Whitney that he's making bad decisions.

Helping The Father - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 12

Was Annalise right to tell Jacqueline that Isaac knew something else?

Jasmine: Absolutely. Not only does Jacqueline deserve to know the truth about her daughter, but she's a medical professional and Isaac's wife. She's in a better position to deal with the situation accordingly. 

Whitney: I'm not sure if Annalise did it out of the kindness of her heart or out of anger, but either way it was the right call.

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Justin: I agree with the others that it was the right decision to do. Jacqueline needed to know.

Annalise Knows All - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 12

What did you think of Michaela's idea to take the case above state level?

Jasmine: I thought it was ambitious, bold, and will obviously make for great television. Michaela has been the most focused the past few weeks, so props to her for coming up with the plan. 

Whitney: I agree with Jasmine. It was very ambitious, and I'm excited to see where this story is headed.

Justin: Michaela is brilliant and definitely determined. She's proving time and time again why she's one of the more driven proteges from the Keating group. This could be an interesting move to watch. 

The Villain? - How to Get Away with Murder

Olivia Pope appeared in the final scene. What are your hopes for the crossover?

Jasmine: I don't have any expectations or hopes because they're meeting is enough. I'm already over the moon that these two are in the same universe, everything after this is a bonus. I squealed at that ending. This is going to be epic! 

Whitney: I hope Annalise and Olivia work together and get along. I also really want to see the two of them just hanging out and relating to one another.

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Justin: Is it weird that I hope Olivia's meeting with Annalise will help fix Scandal? I haven't been that impressed with Scandal's final season, and while I'm excited for the crossover, I don't want this to be a one and done moment. Hopefully, both characters take this crossover and push it forward into both storylines.

Is Bonnie in danger now that she's unveiled her recordings?

Jasmine: Oh without a doubt! When you throw down a gauntlet like that you have to deal with the consequences. I loved how confrontational she was during that scene, but then reality hit like a sledgehammer when she was scared out of her mind at home. I'm worried about Bon-Bon. Simon didn't actually die, so a spot is still open. 

Whitney: She's always been in danger, but I actually think the scare tactic may have worked. But as Jasmine said, someone else is going to die this season. And right now she's probably the one most likely to bite the bullet.

Justin: Danger? These characters live in danger week to week. Bonnie has been playing with fire this season, and now she's put herself in the cross-hairs. I don't want her to die, but she needs to prepare herself for whatever trouble is coming her way.

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Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics. What did you think of the episode?

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