Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Both Sides Now

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Oh, the irony. 

Lena still doesn't know that Kara is Supergirl or that her boyfriend is Guardian, but she may have just discovered something on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13 that no one else on Team Supergirl has been able to figure out yet. 

The question now is, assuming Lena has figured out Sam is Reign, how does she plan to make her "better"?

Not You! - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13

Will Lena try to help Sam on her own, or will she contact Alex? She knows Sam went to her with her symptoms, so it would make sense for her to share her discovery, but that depends on whether Supergirl will be kept in the dark a little while longer. 

Personally, I'm ready for it to all be out in the open, and sincerely hope that Lena doesn't just try to fix this problem herself. 

Alex and Kara can see that there are two sides to Julia/Purity, so it shouldn't take much for them to piece together that the same thing is going on with Sam/Reign. Kara's already concluded that maybe she's meant to save the WorldKillers not defeat them. 

Will she be successful? 

They should probably start with finding WorldKiller #3 before Reign does. 

Purity, sister. We will find our third, our Pestilence. Once we're finally together there will be nothing but unstoppable power.


Alex and Kara found themselves at odds when it came to dealing with Purity. 

At first, I thought Alex was simply in full-on protective sister mode. She saw what Reign did to Kara and how close she came to losing her, so it made sense to me that she was putting up all her guards to protect Kara from a possible ambush. 

Instead, Alex is still feeling vulnerable over her inability to get over Maggie. It's refreshing to see the writers aren't trying to blow past her grief. Maggie may be out of the picture, but she's not out of Alex's mind, and probably won't be for quite some time. 

It's disheartening that Alex feels weak because she still has these feelings. She can't just "will" them away, and that's okay. It doesn't make her weak only because she hasn't healed as fast as she thought she would. 

She continues to throw herself into the line of fire and has suffered multiple injuries, but while her broken leg has healed, her emotional pain continues to linger. 

Alex: A couple of bruised ribs and what feels like a giant hematoma on my ass. But it could have been worse. It could have been rugby.
J'onn: Alex, you could have been killed.

While it's perfectly acceptable that she's still not over Maggie, she does need to stop letting it control her actions in the field. The more she allows herself to believe she's weak, the harder she tries to prove her strength, and if she's not careful, it's going to get her killed. 

Luckily she has Kara on her side to help remind her that she's strong, and she will get through this in time. 

Alex Is Down! - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13

We learned something new about Mon-El's relationship with Imra. 

How cute was it to see J'onn giving Mon-El marriage advice? 

Does learning that Mon-El and Imra's marriage wasn't based on love matter? Maybe it would if they never grew to love each other, but like many couples that enter into arranged marriages, they eventually did develop real feelings. 

At least, Imra did. 

Imra: Are you still in love with her?
Mon-El: I don't know.

Mon-El is confused. He knows that falling in love with Kara was a completely different experience than eventually growing to love Imra, and now that Kara is back in his life, he remembers how that felt. 

I think he loves and cares about Imra, but it's starting to dawn on him that he may not be in love with her. Imra already sees it; it's just a matter of time before he does, too. 

But will anything come of it? 

 It's a sticky situation, one in which someone is likely to wind up getting hurt, but as long as he continues to be open and honest about his feelings, hopefully, he can somewhat minimize the damage if he and Kara do eventually get back together. 

Purity - Supergirl

We have a looong hiatus before we're going to get any answers. But that just means we have plenty of time to formulate some theories. Obviously, the revelation that Lena has just witnessed one of Sam's "blackouts" takes the forefront. 

Are we on the verge of Sam's secret getting revealed? We have to be, right? Is it time for Alex to take temporary custody of Ruby until they figure out how to save her? We've all been predicting that would happen pretty much since Ruby was introduced and Alex revealed she wanted to be a mom.

It was difficult watching Alex ignore Julia's human side, knowing that she would eventually discover that someone she cares about is in the same situation. Interestingly enough, it was Alex and not Kara who succeeded at getting through to Julia in the end.

Now they both know that it's possible, and can use that when the time comes to save Sam. 

Now it's your turn! What do you guys hope to see when the show returns in April? 

If you just can't wait that long, be sure to watch Supergirl online

Both Sides Now Review

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Winn: I revamped some old sonic technology to cut out the frequency that she hit you with before.
Mon-El Yeah, but will they work?
Winn: [scoffs] Wait, you really asked me that? Uh, it's like 95% sure.

J'onn: Is that Lisa Loeb?
Mon-El: I thought the target's name was Julia Freeman.