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Did making a deal with a murderer prove to be the wrong move for the NCIS team?

That was addressed on NCIS Season 15 Episode 15 when the team granted Paul Triff furlough in exchange for some information that could convict his former cellmate. 

However, it quickly became apparent that finding Gabriel Hicks was going to prove to be one of most dramatic cases of their careers. 

Did they find him before it was too late?

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 15 Quotes

Bishop: The inmate Jessica Schaeffer met with was Paul Triff.
Torres: What?! Hold on! As in the guy who carved up three bodies with an electric knife in McGee’s apartment and buried a mummified body under the floor? *That* Paul Triff?

Fornell: How the hell does he know I’m in here?
Sloane: He can probably hear you grinding your teeth.