Days of Our Lives Round Table: Why Does Salem Want Hope to Forgive Rafe?

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Stefan uncovered another one of Abby’s alters, while everyone in Salem encouraged Hope to forgive Rafe, and Eve pulled the rug out from under Brady this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Stefan’s actions with Abby, why Salem loves Hope with Rafe, if Gabi should tell JJ about Eli and Lani’s one night stand and more…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Stefan have told Abigail about her alters?

Tony: Yes! This is something that she needs to know about. She is clearly not well, and Stefan isn’t doing her any favors by hiding it from her.

Jack: I don't think Stefan has the expertise to help Abby after reading a book. Why not call Kimberly or someone else qualified? Instead I think he made a bad situation worse, though we do now know of the existence of Dr. Laura.

Christine: No! This was not the way to handle this. Abigail needs help from a professional and Stefan hasn’t made any effort to get that for her. What I can’t figure out is if he hasn’t done so because he’s selfish or stupid.

Stefan Tries to Control Gabigail - Days of Our Lives

Everyone seems to be pushing Hope to forgive Rafe. Why do you think that is, and do you agree with them?

Tony: Because for some reason, everyone is under the delusion that Rafe and Hope are some great couple. Newsflash: they’re not! In fact, I think I’d go so far as to say that Rafe and Hope are one of the worst, most unmatched couples in the history of the show.

Jack: I have no idea why everyone is pushing Hope to forgive Rafe! It seems really ridiculous considering that he not only slept with Sami 30 seconds after breaking up with Hope, but lied about it over and over and involved her daughter in his subterfuge.

I hope that she doesn't listen to all these people. Where were they when Aiden told less bad lies that they insisted meant he was the worst person in the universe?

Christine: Everyone in Salem seems determined to think of Rafe and Hope as some great love story, when what they are is one of the most boring couples on the show.

Why everyone wants to give Rafe a pass on this is beyond me. Do they all think so little of Hope? She deserves so much better. I’ll be furious if he goes back to him.

Rafe Tries to Explain - Days of Our Lives

Is Maggie right to hold her ground until Victor comes cleans with Eve?

Tony: Not at all! Maggie knows what Victor is like, and she loves him for it. Plus, she spends every other minute saying she doesn’t even like Eve. I don’t see how this of all things is what Maggie is so upset about.

Jack: I don't think she should have broken up with Victor over this in the first place, but if she's going to go for the tough love now I guess it's good she's consistent.

Christine: I think she’s doing the right thing. Maggie doesn’t need to like Eve to realize that what Victor and Brady are doing is unnecessarily cruel. I’m proud of her for using her power to make Victor do the right thing.

Maggie Holds Firm with Victor - Days of Our Lives

Is it Gabi’s place to tell JJ about Lani and Eli sleeping together?

Tony: I think so, as long as Gabi isn’t telling J.J. this to hurt him. At least she’s being honest unlike Lani.

Jack: I think as JJ's friend, Gabi has the absolute right to tell him anything that she thinks he needs to know. Lani clearly isn't going to do it, and Gabi is the only one who seems to actually care about JJ.

Plus she talked him through suicidal feelings before so she can definitely help him get the help he needs if he can't deal with the truth (if she's not in jail.)

Christine: Someone needs to tell JJ, and it is clear that Lani never will. Gabi might be angry, but she also respects JJ enough to believe he should know the truth before he marries Lani.

Gabi Confides in Sonny - Days of Our Lives

Did Eve always know that Brady was playing her, did Sonny get through to her, or did Victor tell her the truth?

Tony: I have a feeling she knew on some level. You don’t just hook up with somebody you can’t stand. I think Sonny just confirmed what she already knew.

Jack: I think Victor told her the truth, or had it leaked to her somehow. That call from Victor five seconds before the aborted wedding is suspicious.

Christine: I think Victor called her and told her the truth. Under other circumstances, I might feel sorry for Brady for being hung out to dry, but in this case he really deserves Eve’s ire.

Brady and Eve's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Tony: It’s hard to be disappointed with Lani anymore when I have such low expectations from her to begin with, but I hate that she and Eli are still keeping up this lie, especially after they saw how terribly it blew up in Rafe’s face.

I’m also disappointed in everyone pressuring Hope to forgive Rafe, especially Ciara.

Jack: As usual, JJ is written out of character to serve the plot -- he should have ignored Lani and gone to see Gabi at the police station, and is only oblivious to Lani's manipulations and backing down so easily because it's convenient for the story.

Speaking of which... come on, Gabi! Stop being so stupid about the way you dispose of evidence!

And Hope definitely should have been angry at Ciara for keeping the secret and for being mean to Claire for telling the truth!

Christine: I hate the Ciara and Jennifer both think that Hope should take Rafe back. He slept with his ex. He spent months lying to Hope, and even dragged her daughter into his deceit. Not to mention that Rafe is frequently a condescending ass when he doesn’t get his way.

I hate that no one seems to believe that Hope deserves better or that she’ll be just fine on her own.

Another Fight Between the Girls - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Tony: Eve telling Brady that she wouldn’t marry her if he was the last man on earth! Plus, J.J. and Steve finally had a scene together that acknowledged that they’re related, and Steve offering to be there for J.J.!

Jack: I loved JJ and Steve's little exchange! Finally an acknowledgement that Steve is JJ's uncle and should be an important part of his life!

Christine: Steve and Kayla talking about the possible outcomes of his medical condition, and then Steve and JJ having a real conversation, like the uncle and nephew they are. The show hasn’t acknowledged their relationship in far too long and I hope we see more of them together in the near future.

In It Together - Days of Our Lives

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