DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13 Review: No Country for Old Dads

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"We're kind of like the all stars of bad first impressions." Isn't that the truth? 

On DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13, after being kidnapped, Ray Palmer helps the Darhks with their mission to reclaim someone from the past with the key to restoring the fire totem's power.

Hi, Wally! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Wow, it's been a while since Ray Palmer has had anything to do with the story of this show, hasn't it? While it was great to see him in action, I have to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end for Ray's time as a "legend" aboard the Waverider.

After all, his team didn't even notice he had been kidnapped until his recording reached the ship, and he's going to have to realize how irrelevant his time on the ship has been at some point, won't he? Honestly, without Ray the series would feel exactly the same.

LOT Gif 2 S3E13 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13

There was some good to come out of the overwhelming dull story of the Darhk family during this episode. First, the pairing of Nora and Ray led to some interesting moments, and the chemistry was definitely there... guessing it helps to play on-screen with your real life spouse.

Any way, Ray and Nora's mission obviously didn't go as planned, which never happens on this show, causing Ray to step up and actually act like the hero we all forgot he was.

What do we say when we tell him we didn’t even notice he was gone?


Seeing Ray try and protect the scientist while Damien and Damien fought it out on the roof was a reminder of how great he could be in he were actually allowed to be a hero on the team, but his heroics are sacrificed so others can shine far more than necessary.

If my suspicions are wrong and Ray does remain on the Waverider, I hope to see more of him (as Ray Palmer and as the Atom) fighting out in the field and assisting his team with missions. He is, after all, the smartest scientific mind they have now, so why not use it?

Nora: I’m not enjoying myself. I’m annoyed.
Damien: Hi Annoyed, I’m Dad.

Back to the Darhks, while Nora's story actually sparked some interest (especially the parts without her father), I just cannot be bothered to care at all about Damien Darhk any more.

Honestly, why is he still around? I may be biased since Earth-1 Laurel Lance is my favorite DCTV character, but it just feels like they've kept him around to drag out the effects his killing Laurel had on fans.

It could be for the characters, too, but Sara hardly ever mentions Laurel (in regards to Damien) anymore, so it's like she's let go of that anger, which doesn't seem right.

LOT Gif 3 S3E13 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13

However, regardless of how I feel about Damien Darhk, he is vastly overrated. Even during his time on Arrow, he wasn't seen as a good or decent villain. He's arguably the worst villain in the DCTV universe.

Nora Darhk could have been the villain of the season, next to Mallus, without the second coming of her father bringing her down the same "darhk" path.

There's nothing left to explore when it comes to Damien Darhk because, as he's proven, he's more concerned with power and taking over the world than with his daughter's life. He did let a demon in her, in case you've forgotten.

Until you find a selfless reason to wield it, my grandmother’s bond to the totem, even from a distance, will remain stronger than yours.


Now that Nora possesses the power of the spirit totem, and Mallus has taken further control over her body, I hope to see some sort of redemption for her in the end.

Obviously she's been twisted a lot to fit the needs of Mallus and her father, but there's still the Nora of the past in there, which Ray saw firsthand, and she knows who her father is and that what Mallus is doing is wrong.

LOT Gif 1 S3E13 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13

The rest of the team didn't really leave an impact during this episode, except, of course, the arrival of Wally West.

It's really exciting to see Wally and the potential he brings with him to spice up the missions on the Waverider, and hopefully he can get more recognition than he ever did as Barry's sidekick.

Wally could never shine in Central City because he'd never be the Flash, so this is a chance for Kid Flash to be a hero of his own and show everyone what he can do without Barry to back him up.

Also, Wally's stories always revolved around his family (Barry, Iris, Joe, or his mother), so it'll be exciting to see what the writers decide to do with him now that he's away from his family and his obligations to them.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this: could Ava's secret be that she's an anachronism?

Ava: I think I’ll have more of your amazing French toast.
Sara: Must have worked up an appetite last night.

What else could ruin her relationship with Sara? Ava can't be a bad person, or on the evil side, so it has to be something where Ava isn't even aware of it, right? Whatever it is, the writers would be mistaken to write Ava off so suddenly.

Her relationship with Sara has some serious potential, and it's bringing out a side to Sara we haven't seen before, so writing it off after a few episodes (especially considering, if she is an anachronism, they kept Martin's daughter around) would be a terrible writing choice.

What did you think of the episode? What could the secret about Ava be? Why is Rip keeping this a secret? Why is Rip still around?

There are a lot of questions to be answered over the rest of the season, so let's hope the writers are able to wrap things up and still keep the story as strong as it has been all season.

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No Country for Old Dads Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Ava: I think I’ll have more of your amazing French toast.
Sara: Must have worked up an appetite last night.

What do we say when we tell him we didn’t even notice he was gone?