DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14 Review: Amazing Grace

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Long live the king. 

The most important takeaway from DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14 was that the Legends got their hands on another totem before the Darhks. That's a point for the Legends, although having a death totem onboard will lead to some issues. 

Elvis Presley

The hour was fun, especially if you're a music lover. Nate was a total nerd about Elvis and the birth of Rock n' Roll, so it mostly served as an hour where he geeked out repeatedly and tried to cram his musical preferences down his girlfriend's throat. Who hasn't been guilty of that? 

The best part about the anachronism involving Elvis was that the show leaned into the "rock n' roll is the devil's music" belief that was common at the time. They went so far as to make Elvis Presley a totem holder. 

He didn't hold just any totem, he held the death totem. The man was driving folks crazy and raising spirits with his music. It was befitting of a music legend who was racy and believed to have bewitched the masses with gyrating hips and a lip curl. 

I mean, is there anything this guy can't do?


Young Elvis was adorable. Kudos to the actor for not making the cardinal mistake of trying to hard to imitate the King because despite the ludicrous case they were on, he in no way came across campy or cheesy because he never overdid it. 

That made the hour bearable. 

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Elvis was fun, and the installment was all about love and acceptance. Elvis was holding on to his dead twin brother he never officially met. His twin, Jesse, was the one haunting the guitar Elvis was playing. 

Jesse was like a guardian angel for Elvis. He held on tightly to this brother he never knew, and for a bit, he couldn't let the guy go. 

Elvis Presley

Meanwhile, Elvis' uncle was your standard southern preacher in the 1950's who thought Rock 'n Roll was the devil's music and that those listening to it were, I don't know, possessed or something. 

Going so far as to having his own nephew carted away and locked in jail along with Nate and Amaya just to keep him from playing was a lot. It made their task more difficult than necessary. 

While they needed the totem, they also needed Elvis to record and be discovered, otherwise, it would be the death of Rock music and all things associated with it. And dear god, Nate really needed his hair gel, and no one in their right mind would want a rat named after Josh Groban, so this had to be fixed pronto. 

You keep on preaching hate. I'm only trying to bring people together.


Wally's appeal to Elvis' uncle was sweet, but a part of me was waiting for the uncle to smile and then snap the record in half or something. It seemed he was too easily persuaded by Wally. 

I guess no one is immune to Wally's charms, including Zari. She put up a front pretending like his speedster thing was annoying, but she loved it.

I appreciated her attempt at convincing us that Wally can't just speed his way through problems. It's bullshite, but I appreciated the effort nonetheless.

History is different. You can't be a chainsaw. You need to be a scalpel.


There is no way they can get around the fact that Wally being a speedster is the ultimate advantage and most of their problems can be resolved in a jiffy as a result of his skill.

Anyway, Zari has been making the rounds and having "moments" with nearly all of the other characters in what I imagine is an attempt to see who she gels with the most. 

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As far as dynamics go, she and Wally have been one of the best. They have a natural, easy chemistry that's endearing to watch. They play off of one another well. Perhaps it's because they're both the new kids on the ship. 

They had a significant amount of time in the hour, and their scenes were some of the most enjoyable of the bunch. I find them preferable to the lovefest Nate and Amaya had going on. 

Kid Flash to the Rescue

We get it, they love each other. Can we just move on from it or not focus on it nearly as much? They're becoming dangerously close to being the Hawkmates 2.0. (Or were Kendra and Ray given that honor first? I can't recall). 

Why does their relationship consume so much of the show, and why are we expected to be so invested in them when it's the least interesting part of the series? Do any of you watch Legends for the romance? I'm just wondering. 

I felt far more emotion watching Mick mourn the loss of Axl and say his goodbyes than I did watching Amaya tell Nate that she loved him. 

It's too much change on this damn ship.


My guy, Mick, can never catch a break. Why can't he have one thing? He can't even have a pet rat in peace. 

How did this show make my eyes water over a rat? Sheesh. The funeral was lovely, and Ray is a colossal dork. 

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While it was an endearing storyline because anything that involves Mick will always be top-notch, those are just the facts, it made little sense that none of them ventured out into the field. 

It's 1950's Memphis, Tennessee and Nate went out with all the ethnic minorities on the team, and two of them were women. It was a headscratcher, especially because unlike the last time the Legends were in the 1950's, they barely acknowledged that. Outside of the church lady, there was nothing else acknowledged. 

The Happy Couple? - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14

Which is mostly odd because Nate and Amaya were dancing to Amazing Grace in a church and kissing and being affectionate, and that was not something that would happen at all during that time.

Meh. But Elvis did call his uncle out for preaching about hate, so there was that at least. 

Overall, it didn't make sense that Sara would be on the sidelines when they were trying to recover an important totem.

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That death totem is about to do a number on them if that ending and the previews are any indications, so she'll be familiar with it sooner rather than later. 

Over to you guys, was it a fun hour for you? What are your thoughts on the death totem? Do Zari and Wally make a great team? Are you over Nate and Amaya? Hit the comments. 

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Zari: Well this is uncomfortable, and I'm not just talking about my dress.
Wally: Yeah, I guess these people never got the whole "Love thy neighbor talk."

It's too much change on this damn ship.