Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Taking Care of Business

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Is the FBI onto Beth?

We left off Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4 with Agent Turner standing at Beth's front door. And Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5 picks up right away with Agent Turner poking his head into the Boland house to see if there have been any oddities in their suburban community.

While the agent does his best to bait the Boland's into revealing something, Beth is far too smart for that. But is the FBI really going to give up that easily?

Keeping Things Separate - Good Girls

With the FBI making its presence known, it was obvious that the girls were going to get cold feet about laundering the money for Rio. But in the crime world, once you make a deal and receive the funds, there is no way to just give that back.

Rio wants his clean money and he doesn't care how he gets it. Beth's laundering plan sounds pretty simple and easy but what I was having a hard time grasping my head around was how much stuff the ladies were buying at one time.

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Buying thousands of dollars of appliances in one transaction, with cash sounds incredibly risky. Why not go to a couple different stores and buy some big-ticket items?

Annie seemed to have the right idea going for expensive televisions, even though four flat screens is a bit excessive. She could have thrown in an overpriced sound system or something.

Ruby Shopping- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5

Annie's purchase leads to one of the bigger problems when her hookup turns out to be nothing like the charming guy he pretends to be.

It took longer than it probably should have for me to figure out the twist here, but I'm glad Beth and Ruby didn't let Annie blow up that guy's marriage in front of his children. As a woman who's been cheated on, Beth now has a whole new outlook on things.

Of all the women, Beth has grown the most since the robbery. I think she was always assertive, headstrong and ambitious, but she know has the confidence she was missing before.

The ladies digging around in the trash for the stolen receipt is the kind of fun that this show does so well. The visual makes you cringe a bit, but the three of them squabbling and picking off old band-aids is hilarious.

Annie- Are you slut-shaming me?
Beth- I'm just plain shaming you.
Annie- You are on the wrong side of history, trust me.

There are two relationships on this show I want to be explored more: Beth and Annie, and Beth and Rio.

Beth and Annie could not be more opposite. And while they're extremely close, I still want to know more about them. The little tidbit about Beth and the piano lessons was cute, and it makes me want to meet some of the other people in their family.

Now, why do I want to explore Beth and Rio more? Listen, these two have chemistry. There was a lot of tension in that minivan, and you know Beth felt it.

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Rio has an unassuming charm about him. And it comes out in spades when he's around Beth. But will these two ever cross the line?

At this point, no. But the minute Beth finds out that Dean is lying to her again, then all bets are off.

Anything that happens between Beth and Rio will change the dynamic of the ladies going forward. If they ever find out, that is.

Worried Look- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5

Sara being back in the hospital gave Good Girls another chance to show us just how amazing Ruby's family is. I really hope that when it inevitably comes out that Ruby has been lying, Stan doesn't do anything too irrational.

Sure, these ladies are lying and engaging in dangerous criminal behavior, but they're doing it for their kids. So, that means they get a pass, right? Right?

I know, I know. All of these misdeeds are bound to catch up to them one day. But I hope that day is far, far away.

Agent Turner- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5

There's no Boomer, but his presence looms large in the form of Agent Turner, who makes a few appearances but none more important than his final scene with Beth.

He doesn't believe a word she's saying until she turns up the heat and manipulates her way out of that office like only Beth can do. But did he believe her?

My gut says we will be seeing a lot more Agent Turner before the season is through.

What did you guys think about 'Taking Care of Business'? What do you think about Beth and Rio? Will agent Turner keep investigating Beth?

Make sure you leave a comment down below and watch Good Girls online, so you don't miss a minute of the action!

Taking Care of Business Review

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Beth- Rio.
Annie- Okay.
Beth- His names Rio.
Ruby- Oh, is his name Rio?

Rio- This ain't the girls scouts. You can't give the cookies back.
Ruby- Aren't you worried about the FBI?
Rio- Nah.
Annie- See!