Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16 Review: The Right Thing

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What a delightful season finale for a delightful show!

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16 had everything that we've come to love about the series all packed into one solid hour of television. It wrapped things up nicely while leaving us with the cliffhanger we wanted the most. 

I sincerely hope the show gets renewed because, in a bleak world, this show is a bright spot. Honestly, we could all use more of this type of positivity. The show is the equivalent of a hug after a long day.

Cheers!  - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16

Kevin's hands were full during this installment. He had a new mission with a new Righteous Soul, he was the supportive friend to Yvette, and he was juggling the other women in his life. 

The case with Barry was an unusual twist that we're unaccustomed to watching on the show. Kevin figured out early on that he would find a Righteous Soul at the funeral of the man from his vision. It was fairly easy to come across a Righteous Soul at a funeral because people expect comforting hugs.

So, Kevin came across and hugged Barry early on. He lost time again and found himself in a barn wearing a kimono the following morning. The weird thing about it, however, was that Barry was by his side. 

You know what's funny? I feel like I've known you forever. Weird, huh?


It was the first time that we were able to see what happens to a person after the life-changing hug and the revelation that they are a Righteous Soul. Kevin technically had to work backward because he still had to help Barry "do the right thing." 

Barry's uncle had his own wishes for how he would be buried after he died, and Barry's family refused to listen to him. 

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That led to Barry and Kevin stealing a body from the funeral home and storing it in the freezer at the diner. Tell me, how does one casually agree to store a dead body for their friend? Tyler is the best friend ever. 

He's so used to Kevin's zany ideas and antics, and he's always game to oblige no matter how crazy Kevin may sound. Don't you just love Tyler? 

Oh, real quick, what do I do with that dead body?


You know who else loves Tyler? Becky. I nearly choked on my tea laughing at the two of them being so in love with one another after nine hours. 

They're planning on living together! Admittedly, Kevin made sense when he said that they were moving too fast and probably shouldn't have been moving in together so soon, but that's what being a realist will get you. 

Tyler allowed Kevin to persuade him at first, but then he realized that he had to do what he felt was right for himself. He had to make his own decision and not care about what anyone else thought. So he and Becky will be living together. Kudos, kiddos.

Love at Last - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16

Kevin was able to draw the same conclusion when it came down to his relationship with Kristin. It was only natural that Kevin would second guess his relationship with her. The way they left things off the first time was less than ideal. 

They were both so young though. Kristin knows that Kevin has worked very hard on himself since his return home. He's a good guy with a big and kind heart. 

Kristin's friends were protective of her, but it wasn't fair that they were holding on to something that happened a decade ago. It's not so much that people change, it's that people mature and grow. Kevin has certainly grown. 

Kevin and Kristin Forever! - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16

It's a small enough town where I'd imagine word has gotten around by now. They could have cut Kevin a little bit of slack. 

It's as if Kevin always has this fear and insecurity that he'll slip back into his old ways or that he will never be able to make amends for who he was in the past. This time, he almost let it interfere with his relationship with Kristin. 

While he was "out of it" he practically broke up with her because his insecurity and her friends, and her cat got to him. 

Kevin and Kristin had a long journey. At the beginning of the season, it was tough to say if they had enough chemistry to be the show's "endgame" relationship. Kristin struggled the first half of the season as a character. 

Beauty and Grace - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16

Kristin's turning point was when her mother died, and she's been great ever since. The chemistry between Kristin and Kevin has also been great since that time. Now that they're together, it's believable, and I'm invested in the pairing and their happiness. 

That's something I wouldn't have said during Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 1. The most solid relationship on the series at that point was the one between Kevin and Yvette.

It's difficult to put into words how special their relationship has become over the season. Jason Ritter and Kimberly Hebert Gregory have incredible chemistry, and it has grown stronger as the show progressed. 

Kevin, our problems are way past you covering for me. I'm not getting any better. I was wrong. I simply can't control myself.


The bond and genuine friendship that has formed between Kevin and Yvette are the best things to come out of the show. 

Yvette had a difficult time mourning Dave and also fearing that she's inadequate and incapable of protecting Kevin because of her powers being on the fritz. There were amusing moments, like how she fell asleep on the bed, and he ended up waking up on the ceiling instead of next to her. 

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Then there were creepier and concerning moments, like when she had the flowers growing and made the dead guy's eyes pop open at the funeral. 

Kevin is naturally concerned for his friend, but he doesn't want her to do very much about it because he doesn't want her to leave him. When she proposed a replacement and brought in Cindy, he wasn't having it. 

A Kevin Sandwich - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 16

Leslie Jones' appearance was shockingly brief. I expected it to be longer than two minutes, but it was an amusing two minutes. 

Cindy was spooked the second Kevin spilled the beans about Dave dying. If I were in her shoes, I probably would have left too. 

Yvette is not in control of herself, and she doesn't know what to do. There is no rulebook for anything that she's going through. It's brand new territory for her. 

It troubled Yvette that she got caught on camera, but Amy's reaction was tougher to watch. She flipped out over Reese talking about seances and all of that occult business, and it went deeper than Amy being a logical scientist who didn't believe in things like that. 

Yvette Reveals Herself

Amy didn't want to believe that there could be something like an angel because then she would wonder where a guardian angel was when her husband died. I understood why she was getting so emotional, but I detested how she unleashed all of her emotions on Reese. 

Of course, it did lead to a Reese and Kevin talk, and those are the absolute best. It was a full circle moment that was reminiscent of how Kevin was able to get through to Reese better than Amy could in the premiere. 

We got two Yvette reveals for one! How awesome is that? I was a bit let down when Yvette posed as a human and sought out Amy's help the first time. 

Reese: Do you have an invisible person following you around?
Kevin: Where'd you get that incredibly stupid idea from?
Reese: I don't know. I don't know anything. I think I upset mom.

But the show made up for it when Amy asked him about Yvette. As a quick aside, I have to ask, does anyone wonder if there is a history of mental illness in their family? 

We know Kevin has suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies in the past, but the way Amy flipped out and kept harping on the fact that she felt she was losing her mind has me curious about their parents. 

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We don't know anything about the twins' parents. Amy's strong reaction reminded me of someone with previous experience with a loved one with mental illness. She reminded me of someone who was afraid that they were showing signs of something they fear is hereditary. 

Yvette: I'm, um, I'm a friend of Kevin's.
Amy: Do I know you?
Yvette: He needs your help.

Is it just me who feels that way? 

Anyway, back to the grand reveal. This development is the most exciting one of the hour!

 I've been dying for Amy to be let in on the secret for a while now, and I have loved the fact that she has been a de facto Kevin at times. 

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This changes everything! Kevin doesn't want Yvette to leave. Yvette is still facing challenges, and the other celestial beings are of no help because they fear the same things may happen to them. 

Yvette and Kevin need help, and who better than the woman who has been helping them recently without even realizing it? It could be a huge step for Amy's faith too, which could be an interesting arc explored in the next season. 

Butterflies  - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 1

There are so many amazing directions the show can go in now that Yvette has revealed the truth to Amy. But first, Amy has to wake up. That and the show needs to be renewed. 

It's going to suck if this sweet show isn't given a second season. So, the powers that be need to get on that pronto!

 It's some of Jason Ritter's best work, and the entire cast is fantastic. The storytelling is precious. Give us another season!

The season is over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the show anymore. Go on, watch Kevin (Probably) Saves the World online here at TV Fanatic! You know you want to, Kevin Fanatics. 

It's been a pleasure finishing out the season with you guys. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought about the finale and the season!

The Right Thing Review

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