Scandal Season 7 Episode 13 Review: Air Force Two

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Well, we didn't see any of that coming. Although, we probably should have. 

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 13, Cyrus's plane was hijacked on the way to a digital piracy summit, putting the lives of everyone on board in danger. The plane lost all contact with ground ops making it harder for the White House to find a solution.

As the plane spontaneously diverted back to D.C, Mellie realized the hijacking wasn't a kidnapping; it was an attack on the Republic. 

We're Going Down - Scandal Season 7 Episode 13

Would they shoot the plane down? Would they rescue Cyrus, sweet, innocent David and all the civilians on board?

The show is always playing a high-stakes game, but no episode has been this suspenseful and twisted. 

We know Jake Ballard is a shady man with access to the NSA and B613. It would have been effortless to pull all of this off. In fact, the minute it happened, all eyes turned to Ballard. 

What do you think "Don't trust the White House" meant? I used to be the press secretary. You use a phrase like "exploring all available options" to cover your ass. Because you've already made a decision — a bad one.


In the sky, Cyrus was cursing his name. He believed Ballard was trying to get rid of him, first by scooping up the Al Smith dinner and then by offing him completely. 

We, the viewers, we're also left a little dumbfounded. Sure, Jake's done his fair share of terrible things just like everyone else on the show, but would he stoop so low as to kill Cyrus and several other innocent people just secure a sport as VP? 

Mellie deemed it likely and removed him from her sit room immediately. 

But Jake has a solid argument against it – why would he go through so much trouble when he could just give Cyrus a pill that could stop his heart and make it look like an accident?

Do you think that's a form of foreshadowing!? A twisted part of me hopes it is! 

Mayday - Scandal Season 7 Episode 13

Without Cyrus, Jake, or Liv – who turned off her phone while playing house with mommy dearest – Mellie was on her own, and personally, I loved it. 

It is the first time we've ever seen Mellie call the shots and stand by her own decisions. Previously, she's always been guided by that little voice in the back of her head that sounded an awful lot like Olivia Pope.

This isn't a kidnapping, it's an attack.


Wielding so much power can be a little intimidating, so Mellie called Fitz for reassurance and immediately realized she already knew what the right call was.

If they couldn't get control of the plane, they would be forced to shoot it down and save thousands of civilians. But, if there were even the slightest chance that the situation could be salvaged, she would do everything in her power to salvage it. 

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After we found out the attack happened from inside the plane, everyone started becoming increasingly suspicious, especially the journalist. 

However, it never even crossed my mind that Cyrus would be so delusional, he would create such a spectacle merely to gain the title of "national hero."

Innocent Lives - Scandal Season 7 Episode 13

I guess that means I'm not trained to assume the worst in people, even someone as deranged as Cyrus.

As I look back at it now, I'd say all the signs were there. 

Cyrus knew that the virus was activated through a device inside the plane, he knew that they could send it out to QPA, he knew that the journalist had a second phone and would stream his holier than thou speech to the whole world.

Admittedly, it was a way better speech than whatever jokes he was cackling about in the opening scene. No one wants to sit through "killer" jokes about Sally Langston. No one.

He even kept persuading David Rosen, who honest to god, is the most gullible person on this show, that Ballard was behind this. 

If you repeat something enough, people are bound to believe it, right?

Still, he had me fooled. I genuinely thought Cyrus had accepted defeat and was speaking from the heart in his final hoorah. 

I know none of us would have chosen this ending for ourselves, which is why I hope we can think of it as an honorable one. Our sacrifice will help keep our fellow citizens safe. It will keep our country safe. We all have things to live for, this is something to die for. I'm proud to do that with all of you, my fellow Americans.


I even said to myself between large sips of wine, "Wow, this guy is really great at improvising in high-stress situations. He would have made a great President."

I fell for it because that's exactly what Cyrus wanted. He had that speech – which I admit was probably the best monologue ever spoken on Scandal – pre-written. What a shame! 

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I'm really curious to find out who helped Cyrus plant the virus and who was controlling the plane?

Everyone Keep Calm - Scandal Season 7 Episode 13

Thankfully, Liv figured it all out, and now, it'll be up to her to stop Cyrus from whatever phase two is, which has to involve removing Mellie from her Presidency. If he was capable of almost blowing himself up for the cause, he'd likely have no problem taking her out. 

However, Liv hasn't lost all her credibility; she wields no power and has no one in her corner. No one will believe her, listen to her or let alone, want to work with her. 

But if you were wondering how Liv would go about redeeming herself among her peers, this is it. 

I don't know what's more offensive the fact that David's proposing to me or that he's doing it with a ring he bought at the mall.


How much is she willing to risk to save the very people who turned their back on her?

Even in the direst situations, Scandal took a moment to remind Rosen that he didn't matter, well, except to Abby, who was convinced he was going to propose to her. 

I don't condone making major life decisions during life-or-death moments, but I'm so glad it happened. I feel like Abby has never really fully committed to Rosen; she always had one foot out of the circle, just in case things went haywire.

Digital Piracy Summit - Scandal

Her hesitation is understandable considering her first marriage was a disaster, but Rosen is a good guy! When he walked through the door, she immediately agreed to marry him.

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It was a bit awkward because Rosen never planned on proposing. Sure, normal girlfriends would take offense to that, but as Charlie stated, these two aren't normal. Rosen's unwillingness to put a ring on her finger actually proved how much he knows, respects, and loves her. 

That bastard's gonna propose to me.


Seriously, next to Quinn and Charlie, these two are my favorite couple. 

And I don't care what Abby says; I like fluffy Huck and Charlie! 

Bringing back Liv's mother, Maya, during this episode was a nice nod to that one time we all thought she got killed when Fitz shot down her plane on Rowan's orders because of a reported bomb on board. 

Ah, remember when times were so much simpler? 

Marry Me? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 13

The only thing worse than dinners with her father are fake birthday celebrations with her mother. Speaking of, where was Rowan during arguably the biggest threat to the government?

It was nice to catch a break from most of Liv's political drama for a change, yet the mother-daughter bonding time was a result of Liv being completely alone. 

Pretending everything was normal didn't last long, and eventually, she was forced to cut ties and let momma take the win. 

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I'm betting this is closure for her storyline and the last we'll see of her and her nice, white, and probably very expensive peacoat. 

I've tried to dress like Liv; it isn't feasible on a budget! 

The promos for Scandal Season 7 Episode 14 tease the beginning of the end and a showdown between Liv and Cyrus. Fitting considering that's how all of this started. 

I'm unsure where the story will go, but I can bet I'll probably echoing Mellie's words: "It's an awful end to an awful story."

Make sure you watch Scandal online right here at TV Fanatic and comment below with your thoughts and conspiracy theories! 

Air Force Two Review

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

I don't know what's more offensive the fact that David's proposing to me or that he's doing it with a ring he bought at the mall.


This isn't a kidnapping, it's an attack.