Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Book of Crucifixion

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This was an hour of Black Lightning that showcased the best parts of the entire show. 

With the true villains being separated from the ones being told what to do, Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 11 continued to pick up the steam as the show approaches its season finale. 

There were so many moments that I wanted to rule Kara as a victim as opposed to a villain. She didn't want to have Jefferson arrested. She was just following orders, and the scenes with her writing to someone on the dark web solidified that. 

The ASA Plans an Arrest - Black Lightning

She seemed genuinely concerned about having Jefferson arrested and tried to get him out of the ASA's crosshairs the moment Gambi and Anissa pulled the hologram stunt. 

Gambi is a true genius, and he should probably find a way to make money off of the tech he used because he and Anissa pulled it off with great ease. 

It was a mission that could have gone wrong, but it solidified in Jefferson's mind that Gambi can be trusted and that they needed to put the past behind them in order to move on. 

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The scene at the school with Jefferson getting arrested was one of the best scenes to date. Watching the kids leap to Jefferson's defense was certainly different. 

In most schools, it would not be surprising to find the majority of the kids happy about the Principal being hauled off to the police station. 

Anissa Fights - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 10

But Jefferson has been one of the most vocal people in the community about how all kids need to keep their heads down and make something of themselves. 

It would have been fun to see Anissa open a can of whoop ass on the agents who arrested Jefferson, but she's lucky she managed to hold it together. 

Could you imagine how the media would deal with that? The show is not shy about showing how messed up things can get when the media is involved. 

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Some people on the local news opted to stay by Jefferson's side, while some went to extreme measures to make a statement about just how much of a bad person he is. 

Cayman and his sidekick were the worst. They took great pride in getting a payday for getting Jefferson in police custody. 

It was a little out there to have them plant Green Light in Jefferson's car, but it showed us at home how far the ASA and whoever is working with them are willing to go get the facts they need to execute their plan for all the metahumans. 

Jefferson Smashes a Wall - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 10

It's scary knowing that the metahumans are dropping like flies. It means there's a chance the government could cover the whole thing up even if it were brought to the masses. 

To date, Henderson has been very little to do, but that all changed in a big way during "The Book of Crucifixion." Jefferson was a friend in need, and he settled up to take down the two corrupt officers. 

It would not have been surprising if Jefferson revealed the truth about his identity, but I'm getting the impression Henderson already knows that little nugget of truth. 

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If not, it's only a matter of time before he learns it. It wouldn't hurt to have someone on the inside to help out when things get gnarly. 

I wasn't a fan of Jefferson being roughed up during his time inside. It took every fiber of his being to not lash out with his superhuman abilities. 

It did feel like a bit of a missed opportunity not to have Kara speak to the girls about everything to try and get some intel from them. 

I'm a WHAT? - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 9

Hell, if she did a little digging, she would realize there were three metahumans right under her nose in the school. The ASA would surely fire her if they learned that. 

"The Book of Crucifixion" a well-executed affair that set up the final two episodes of Black Lightning Season 1 really well. 

The stakes may be raised, but at least Jefferson can breathe a sigh of relief that his secret is safe ... for now. 

What did you think of the episode?

Were you surprised at the way things panned out? Will Kara turn on the ASA before the season comes to a close, or do they have something on her?

Hit the comments below.

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Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion Review

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