Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is The Most Selfish Person In Salem?

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Rafe refused to steer clear of Hope, Eve gave Brady a second chance, and Tripp got blindsided for trying to be a good friend on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rafe ignoring Hope's wishes, Eve forgiving Brady, Wyatt's return, and choosing the most selfish person in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who is the most selfish person in Salem?

Sportsgirl: I have to vote for Claire. First hiding Ciara's letter, being mad at Theo for trying to help her, being jealous of Ciara and Tripp so she tapes her secret and finally cheating to win the contest. Oh, many others are selfish too, so it was tough to choose, but yep, it's Claire.

Jack: It's a toss up between Stefan and Lani. Both of them care only about their own feelings and will do anything to hold onto the object of their desire, who they do not see as a fellow human being, and neither one is above using their "loved one's" mental illness against them in order to stop them from leaving.

Christine: Although I agree with all of the above, I’m choosing Rafe. All we’ve heard all week from Rafe is what he wants. He doesn’t seem to care that he lied and cheated, that Hope doesn’t want to be married to him, or that she’s uncomfortable working with him. He’s determined to get what he wants no matter what she feels.

Hope and Rafe Find the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Is Rafe more interested in getting Hope back than helping his sister?

Sportsgirl: I admit, I missed a bunch of episodes with these two a week ago, but I really believe he wants to help his sister get out of jail. Having Hope help could maybe become a bonus.

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Jack: It certainly seems that way! Gabi is an afterthought and it seems like Rafe is using the investigation into who really killed Andre as an excuse to be close to Hope and try to get her to take him back.

Christine: Yes! It feels like he’s using this investigation to manipulate Hope into staying close to him. I’m sure he wants to see his sister be exonerated, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be his priority.

Brady and Eve Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy to see Eve give Brady a second chance?

Sportsgirl: To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how I feel about Eve and Brady. I do believe that Brady thinks he is in love with her, but I’m not sure if she feels the same. Plus, add in a big spoiler on the horizon, and it makes this too hard to answer.

Jack: Not really. I was enjoying seeing Eve be a strong woman who was more interested in her company than the affections of a man who was beneath her.

Christine: I hate how quickly Brady seems to fall in love with whichever woman is in his orbit. I can’t say I’m rooting for this couple, or rooting against them, but it is nice to see Eve happy for a change. I’d like to have more of that.

Gabby and Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Stefan had sex with Gabby (Abigail’s alter). Do you consider this an entertaining but twisted love story, sexual abuse, or something in between?

Sportsgirl: Something in between. Entertaining would not be a word I’d choose, maybe shocking is better? To me though, this is a soap opera and I believe they need to be over the top. It should be part reality but a larger part fantasy.

Jack: That was definitely sexual abuse! It's the exact same thing Lani did to JJ. In both cases, the person had sex with someone who couldn't consent at that moment and won't even remember the sex later.

If anything, this Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline is even worse because it makes a mockery of a serious mental health condition on top of it.

Christine: It would be one thing if Stefan didn’t realize that Abigail was fighting for control over her own psyche, but the fact that he was using sex with Gabby to destroy Abigail was kind of sick. He blatantly took advantage of a mentally ill women and there should be consequences for that.

Wyatt Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

Wyatt is back in Salem. Are you happy to see him, or do you wish this storyline would end?

Sportsgirl: Actually, I am glad to see Wyatt. I think he brings a part of Ciara's past that needs to be faced for her. Ciara has really never had the therapy she deserved. Instead she took off to Hong Kong. Running away is not an answer.

Jack: I wish this storyline would end. It's demeaning to everyone involved and isn't holding my interest. And Wyatt is nothing but a temporary distraction to make Tripp jealous so that he and Ciara can be together, so I don't see what we need him for. I'd rather Theo return to Salem, or at least that we see his half of the conversations on video chat.

Christine: I have no interest in Wyatt at all. I think the show is completely dropping the ball with Ciara and Tripp. They could use her history for real drama for this budding couple, and instead they are using silly contests and superficial fights. It’s boring, not entertaining.

An Evil Alter - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Sportsgirl: Too much Abigail and the alter story. Marci Miller has been killing it, but I miss characters like Valerie and stories like Jennifer & Eric.

Jack: Sadly, for the second week in a row, more disappointed me than didn't. Let's start with the forced couples and propping of the wrong people.

Lani is still not a hero and JJ should not be forgiving her. In fact, he shouldn't be wasting time talking to her when he could be visiting Gabi, empathizing since he also has a criminal record and was falsely arrested for murder not that long ago, and helping investigate and clear her name in order to repay her for saving his life.

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Chad should be trying to get his mentally ill wife help, not spending all his time visiting Gabi. Hope should stay far away from Rafe. 

But in all these cases, the writers and producers have decided to force couples together that a majority of viewers hate!

Then there's the whole Gabby/Stefan rape treated as love story thing, which is another disgusting attempt at glamorizing rape.

Vivian, Marlena, and Kate - Days of Our Lives

We have three strong women locked in a room who are doing nothing to try to help themselves but instead are gossiping while waiting for men to come rescue them, and two of them are speaking disparagingly of the mentally ill while the third -- a psychiatrist who supposedly is focused on helping the patient who did this to her -- says nothing to correct their behavior.

We also have Will investigating himself and also going behind Paul's back to interview Clyde after he said he wouldn't instead of being honest with his partner, which will surely blow up in his face later.

Claire and Ciara continued to act like preschoolers over a beauty contest instead of being strong, confident young women. And where were Steve and Kayla? The best storyline on the show is being back-burnered for all this garbage.

Christine: Where the heck are Steve and Kayla? They have the best romance and best story in Salem and yet they are no where to be found.

Couple that with the show shoving Hope and Rafe together at every turn, and having to listen to every character push Hope to take him back, and this week was just horrible.

I’ve watched this show my whole life, but these scenes had my wondering why I still tune in.

Chloe Stays in Salem - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Sportsgirl: I actually liked the fact that Chloe turned down the opera offer as she said because of Lucas. The kiss she gave him was so such a sweet scene, but I hope he doesn't get hurt again. It has been a weak week for favorite scenes for sure.

Jack: Slim pickings this week, but Paul putting the pieces together about what really happened to Marlena was great.

Christine: I love how strong Gabi is, and her calling out Eli and Chad. Good for her! Yes, she needs their help, but she’s got every right to be furious, and fiery is a great look on her.

Chad Visits Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! You get to choose the most self person in Salem...

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