Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20 Review: The Angel of San Bernardino

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It wouldn't have surprised me at all to discover Lucifer was doing good deeds in his sleep.

Even though we got to see him get his bad boy on while trying to stay awake on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20, the King of Hell is as far from the quintessential bad boy than he ever was. 

And now we know even Cain can't bring himself to hurt Chloe. Is it Chloe being slightly divine herself that causes men to do things so unexpected, or is it only the men themselves? 

Lucifer Hosts Fight Club Season 3 Episode 20

We may never know the answer to that question. 

Events surrounding the mystical ways of Chloe always come about in concert with changes in the men. Lucifer had already left Hell and was living in Los Angeles trying to determine if he was the Devil because his dad forced him to Hell or because he's an evil soul.

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But long before he made the break, Chloe had been born with the special touch of Amenadiel.

Similarly, Cain lost his mark after his sudden realization he couldn't hurt Chloe as he originally planned. After walking the earth long before all the rest of us came about, he's not as egocentric as he thought.

Becoming Paranoid - Lucifer

But he wasn't the only one with an epiphany that could have eradicated the Mark of Cain.

After all, Lucifer was also coming to terms with his feelings about Chloe, his father, being angelic and devilish and being gaslighted by someone who was his best friend.

There were incredibly significant emotions going around in that town within the divine community, all while the Angel of San Bernadino was thought to be flying around and saving lives.

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If only they knew how close divinity was to their everyday world. It might drive the masses to do things they otherwise wouldn't.

Charlotte's reaction to learning about the angel brothers was quite unexpected. Until she said it out loud, I couldn't make out why she had changed back to her old ways, even if she was a little kinder in the way she approached people.

Charlotte is Confused - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20

I suppose I am going to hell for enjoying people like Charlotte. She makes me laugh.

Shelly, it's not the clothes that make you look fat, it's the fat.


That's hilarious. Who hasn't wanted to say something like that? Is wanting to say it but not any different? It's the thought that counts, after all. That can't only be when it comes to gift giving.

What's fascinating when it comes to all of the characters on Lucifer is how little they understand about themselves. It's apparently a conscious decision on the part of the showrunner and writers to entertain the fact that you can see yourself without understanding yourself well at all.

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Lucifer continually scoffs at dear old dad without admitting how much he wants his father's love. 

Because when you know a pair of angels who can zip you up to heaven when the time comes, worrying is a waste of time.


Charlotte admitted she fell back into her own ways as soon as she thought she had that free pass, but I saw it more as an escape or fear on her part. Much like Linda after she learned about celestial beings, she's afraid of knowing it's real. 

Kind and Caring Dan - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20

At that point, it's easier to fall back into old habits as a way to soothe yourself and pretend God isn't real. The truth is Charlotte has changed and changing and one day facing God is more terrifying to her than heading straight to hell where she probably thinks she'll be more comfortable.

Cain's quest for death was a similar conundrum for me. Was he hoping to die on his own terms because finding happiness might mean God would pull the rug out from under him and kill him just when he allowed himself to relax into what had seemed to be a neverending life of turmoil?

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That would make sense. The fear of getting too comfortable because walking this beautiful earth isn't a punishment at all, and even God has figured that out. That for every person Cain gets close to and loses because he lives and they die, he finds another soul to attach himself and love blossoms again.

Who could call that punishment?

Maze the Demon - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20

When it comes to Maze, on the other hand, she seems to have reached the end of her worldly experience. When you're willing to hurt a child, I don't think there is any coming back from that. 

It was already a very long climb for her to find her humanity to bare her soul. Learning she was the one who set up Lucifer as the angel was heartbreaking. Cain only wanted to join forces with her so she'd kill him once the mark was gone. 

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You can bet your last dollar she'll be on the case once she sees his arm. He may have decided to live now that he's noticed the mark is gone, but once you make a deal with Maze to kill you, and she's in the mood to make good on it, there will be no escaping her.

Something tells me we'll be saying goodbye to more than one character by the time Lucifer Season 3 ends. 

What do you guys think? Do you think the mark left Cain's arm because he finally put someone before himself or were Lucifer's actions also involved with Cain's fate? 

Did you expect Charlotte to react as she did to the news of their divinity? Do you think there is any hope for Maze? Are you ready for Lucifer to go all Notting Hill on Chloe? 

If you watched life or if you need to watch Lucifer online, join the discussion and share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Angel of San Bernardino Review

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