Supergirl Round Table: Karaoke is Not for the Weak

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Winn received a long overdue chance to shine on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14 when his mom came back into his life after his father died. 

After a long hiatus, we finally learned the secret Imra had been keeping from Mon-El as well, and it has everything to do with a certain third WorldKiller. 

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss the Winn-centric story, M'yrann's devastating diagnosis, and their thoughts on karaoke night!

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Do you enjoy karaoke? What's your go to karaoke song?

Christine: At first, I cringed, because I generally hate karaoke, and as I have no voice, I choose not to embarrass myself or torture others. As M’yrann said, it takes both courage and a complete lack of shame, but these scenes allowed us to see this group all together and really kicking back with one another and that was fun.

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Jay: I’m with Christine. Karaoke, while sometimes fun (while intoxicated) makes me cringe, and the performances the cast gave were truly awful considering they’re (almost all) great singers, as far as I’m aware. As for myself, I choose to avoid karaoke to save everyone’s ears from potential damage.

Kathleen: I'm a bit shy about doing karaoke, but the one time I did it in public, my song was "On My Own" from Les Miserables. Everyone was very surprised when I let loose! I did musical theater in high school, so I have a bit of vocal training.

Was Imra right to keep their mission a secret from Mon-El, or should she have just told him the truth? Is this just a way for the writers to create conflict between Mon-El and Imra?

Christine: Secrets and lies are rarely the right way to go, and Mon-El should have been told what was coming and been able to prepare himself. And yes, this was definitely a way to create conflict and allow Mon-El and Kara to get closer.

Jay: I definitely believe it’s just a way to allow Mon-El and Kara to get closer, but I’m disappointed. Of course, he just discovered this lie so he’s taken aback, but Mon-El has to understand why they lied to him? There’s no way he would have willingly gone back to this time.

Kathleen: When will these people learn that secrets and lies pretty much always lead to grief in the end? I know, if they didn't make bad decisions, there'd be a lot less DRAMA. But it's still annoying.

Comforting Winn - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14

What are your thoughts on M'yrann's tragic dementia reveal? Do you think we'll lose him by the end of the season?

Christine: As someone who has watched family members suffer through this, I think this is both a wonderful and a heartbreaking story. I love how it brings Alex and J’onn even closer together as a surrogate family. I like M’yrann and would hate to lose him, but if we do, at least it’s in the service of a great story.

Jay: I’m worried we’ll lose him and J’onn by the end of the season. The only logical step for Alex is to eventually become the leader of the DEO, and J’onn still wants revenge on White Martians, so losing his father could put him over the edge, especially since he just had the hope of having a family again.

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Kathleen: My grandparents suffered from dementia before their deaths when I was a teenager. I don't remember very much, but it was hard -- even from the distance I was. For J'onn to be reunited with his father, only to lose him in such a way ... it's heartbreaking.

Father and Son - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14

How did you feel about the Winn-centric storyline? Do you hope to see Mary pop up again?

Christine: I love Winn and feel he gets underused, so I loved this episode. I’m also a big fan of Laurie Metcalf, so I was thrilled to see her playing Winn’s mother. I’d love to see Winn have more time to work with and bond with Mary, so I’m rooting for her to come back.

Jay: Likewise, I love Winn and hate that he’s relegated to the background until he comes up with some nifty way to stop a villain. I miss the friendship between Winn and Kara, as we saw during Supergirl Season 1, so I’m disappointed they didn’t really share any scenes one-on-one.

Kathleen: I agree that Winn is underused, so it was great to have a spotlight episode for him. I wouldn't mind having Mary make a return appearance, so long as it doesn't turn into a "Winn's got a criminally crazy relative" story. 

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: It broke my heart when Winn described what it was like to wait at the police station for his mother to come rescue him and how it affected him that she never came. Couple that with Mary explaining the reality of their trip to Disneyland, and this was a fantastic episode. Both actors knocked those scenes out of the park!

Jay: The scene between Alex and M’yrnn after she confronted him about his situation was heartbreaking. It’s going to be hard to watch J’onn slowly lose his father, but I appreciate how Alex didn’t get in the middle and how she remained calm and didn’t let the outburst ruin her evening or how she felt about J’onn’s father.

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Kathleen: Curses, Jay beat me to it. That scene is just so sad and moving. Not that the scene Christine described was weak, by any stretch! But still, that conversation between Alex and M'yrnn...

Over to you Supergirl Fanatics, do you agree with our round table? Hit the comments below!

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Mary: You have every right to be furious with me.
Winn: Oh thank you. Thank you for your permission.

Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame, but I like it!