Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20 Review: Unfinished Business

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It certainly did not take long for Gabriel to get back into the swing of things. 

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20, the guys went on the search for Gabriel while also trying to find some way to get their mom, and Jack out of the other side. 

I did have a feeling it wasn't going to take long for the guys to get in contact with Gabriel. The guys really should have known Gabriel would be able to feel a powerful tracking spell, especially one from Rowena.

Gabriel Is Back - Supernatural

It really shouldn't have surprised them when he just showed up at their door. 

It was comical hearing Gabriel explain where he had been when Lucifer had supposedly killed him. Was anyone else shocked to learn he was surrounded by porn stars?

It seemed as though Dean was enjoying the story, and was a little upset when Sam interrupted – damn Sam for wanting to get to the bottom of things. 

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I kind of figured Gabriel was going to be after revenge. It's not like Asmodeus had tracked Gabriel down all by himself – there had to be some kind of catch on how he was able to get his hands on Gabriel. 

I couldn't even blame Gabriel for going after the demigods for revenge, but he definitely should have waited until he was completely healed. It was confusing why he didn't wait until he was healed because he would have been able to do way more damage if he had all his powers intact instead of just going after each person one by one. 

Gabriel's Back - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20

Who else was slightly puzzled by the whole Loki angle? We all had to figure there was a real Loki out there somewhere, but it was odd hearing the story coming from Gabriel when we've all viewed him as, not only an archangel but Loki as well. 

Dean was right about the whole revenge thing not working out, too. Dean saw what happened to John when revenge consumed him – death followed rather quickly. I did have to give credit to Gabriel for having the thought process of starting from the bottom and working his way up to the big bad -- nice logic. 

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I can't be the only one who was screaming at the TV when the fight went down, right? Did the guys think they would be able just to shoot him? He's a God for goodness sakes!

Dean Handcuffs - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20

On the other side, we quickly learned Jack had helped the survivors win three battles. Was anyone truly surprised to learn they had won so many battles? Here's a kid, who has a tremendous amount of power, of course, he was going to win the smaller battles between the various angels. 

Who else was incredibly happy to see Kevin again? I never knew how much I missed Kevin until he showed up. It was smart of Michael to use Kevin, and his abilities as a prophet, to get what he was wanting. It was heartbreaking hearing Kevin talking about wanting to see his mom again. 

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Was anyone else on Mary's side when she was trying to explain to Jack about not running into a fight without any plan? It was also incredibly sweet to hear Mary say she didn't want to lose another boy.

It's clear Mary has grown closer to Jack and views him as her own son. I loved seeing Jack protect Mary from Kevin as well. 

Jack And Mary - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 20

I've said it before, and I'm repeating it, but why did we not get more storylines in the apocalyptic world? I would have really enjoyed seeing Mary, and Jack bonding together. Even though it was wonderful seeing him protect her, it would have moved me, even more, to see how their relationship has formed. 

I also would have enjoyed seeing what exactly Michael was doing. We're supposed to be afraid of Michael and view him as the biggest bad, but it's difficult to wrap my brain around the notion when we haven't seen his true capabilities. 

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In the end, Sam finally spoke up about Dean trying to sideline him. I was so happy to hear them finally talk things out instead of just bottling it all inside.

While I commend Dean for wanting to protect his brother, Sam is an adult who wants to also be there for Dean. Sam knows the risks which are in front of him, and Dean can't protect him from everything. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

Do you think Dean is going to let Sam come with him to the other side? Do you think Jack will be able to take down Michael? What are your hopes for these final few episodes?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Unfinished Business Review

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