The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14 Review: Still Gotta Mean Something

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Negan has more lives than a freaking cat!

Lady Luck was once again on the Savior leader's side on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14, as he was able to wriggle his way out of yet another perilous situation. As sinister as we know Negan can be, he does possess a unique flair for being very persuasive.

As much as everyone wants to see Negan meet his end, the more humane he becomes, the more difficult I find it to root against him.

Love & Loss

Don't get me wrong, he's done some pretty God-awful things over the past two seasons, some of which seem unforgivable. However, I don't feel anyone is ever beyond redemption – even for someone as nefarious as Negan.

To be fair, Negan does actually believe he's helping people, even if his methods are questionable. 

Seeing Negan so overcome with emotion as he spoke about Lucille was captivating. It was a side to the character that we've seldom seen, so when we do get a chance to tap into that part of Negan's past, it's fascinating. Major props to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a job well done in showing the character at his most vulnerable state.

My wife's name was Lucille. She got me through. I didn't give her shit, and she got me through. Just life ... regular life. The bat, that got me through this. That's it, nothing more to do with me than that. But it is the last little piece of her that I got left.


We knew Negan had a special, yet odd connection with his bat, but we never fully understood why until now.

Naming his weapon of choice after his wife makes sense why he feels so empowered by it. His wife was his rock before the apocalypse, and affiliating her name to an inanimate object has been his way of getting through his current life.

Negan puts on a good front with being all high and mighty, but strip away the one thing that he cares for the most in this world and he's virtually powerless.

Notes of Hope - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14

I'm surprised that Negan didn't try and get more information out of Jadis regarding the helicopter. For a man that's supposedly all about finding value in others, getting some more intel on the chopper might have been worth the extra effort.

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I suppose my initial theory of the helicopter belonging to Georgie's group was incorrect – or is it? It would be quite the reveal if Jadis and Georgie's people end up being connected in some way.

Regardless, Jadis is obviously a part of something much more significant than originally thought. And I'm confident next season will shed more light on where the chopper came from, and more importantly, who Jadis really is.

Given the pristine nature of Jadis' living quarters was very telling, and reiterated the fact that her and her group's way of life was all a facade.

Morgan: You can't save the dead Carol.
Carol: You're not dead.
Morgan: No, not me. I don't die. I just see it. Again and again. Even when I look away, I still see it.

The Heapster mutiny is the best thing that could have happened to Jadis. She has become far more intriguing than the one-note character we were introduced to on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10.

I really don't know what's next for Jadis right now. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear from her for quite a while, as things were left rather open-ended.

Now that Negan has made his way back to reclaim his throne and deal with Simon, I don't see any logical way for Jadis to be a key player with only two episodes remaining.

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Which I will say that I am rather disappointed that Jadis won't get her revenge against Simon. I feel Jadis should be the one to put him down, but if anyone is going to make it entertaining to watch, it's Negan.

Unless Jadis does end up taking him up on his offer and makes a surprise appearance at the Sanctuary.

Notes of Hope - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14

Does anyone have any idea as to whom Negan could have picked up on his way back to the Sanctuary? My initial guess was Gregory, but after giving it some thought, knowing that Gregory has zero influence over Hilltop now, he's basically useless to Negan.

I'm convinced that the person he picked up was Laura, the Savior that got away on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8.

So, not only does Negan have Simon to deal with, but if my theory proves correct, Dwight is going to have a serious problem on his hands if he's been outed as the traitor.

Daddy's home and it's gonna be a surprise.


Elsewhere, two pressing issues were resolved during the hour, as the Saviors that fled the Hilltop were dealt with and Henry was found. But there is still no sign of Gregory, which is a big problem. We know what the Savior's are capable of, but Gregory is so unpredictable that it makes him just as much of a threat.

When Morgan and Carol went on the search for Henry, the entire time I was thinking to myself: "Ummm, why"?

At least it didn't turn into "Search for Sofia 2.0" and drag it out unnecessarily for episodes on end. That kid needed a serious wakeup call, and hopefully, after being face to face with death, that might be enough for him to realize what an ass-hat he's been.

Search Party - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14

Also, the inkling that I had on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 13 was correct: Tara is NOT infected.


Although, I will say that I do have a feeling though that Tara might not make it out of the season alive. Her complete about face regarding Dwight coupled with her surviving the Savior encounter at Hilltop might be setting up her impending death come the finale. 

Everyone else that got injured in the battle got sick. That can't be an accident.


Seeing Rick and Morgan team up to track down the escapee Saviors was the best part of the episode. Seriously, any time these two share screen time together, it's such a treat to watch.

They didn't have to look far, as the Saviors ended up finding them. Jared's plan to deliver Rick to Negan in order to get back into his good graces sounded like a good idea at the time, but he ended up being in way over his head.

I really can't wrap my head around the entire horde being alerted simply by Morgan's shouting, but since it resulted in Jared finally getting his comeuppance, then I'm all for it.

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Ding-dong, the jerk is dead! I don't think I could take one more episode containing that jackass. However, I don't feel Jared's demise was as satisfying as it could have been.

Personally, I would have preferred Morgan to shove that staff of his right through Jared's smug little face, or even rip the guy's guts out like he did to one of the Saviors on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9.

But at least Jared's out of the picture, and Morgan can remove a huge weight from his shoulders after getting revenge for Benjamin.

Good riddance!

I Don't Die - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14

Aside from Jared, the other Saviors seemed far less eager to return to the Sanctuary.

Rick made the same promise about being a man of his word to a Savior during the weapons cache raid on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2, but things didn't work out so well for that fellow either. So it came as no surprise when Rick and Morgan began murdering the Saviors that they were fighting alongside moments earlier.

There's not a lot that's worth much these days. But a man's word ... it's gotta mean something, right?


While I do feel that most of those guys would have willingly joined up with Rick had he kept his word, I can't blame Rick for not taking that sort of chance.

Morgan telling Rick that the reason he saved him when they first met was because of his son Duane seemed to have a profound effect on Rick.

He appeared to take a step back and perhaps rethink his recent course of actions. I was wondering what it was going to take to get through to Rick, and the words from an old friend might have just done the trick.

Morgan might have just saved Rick again but in a different way this time.

Rick: Just tell me. Why'd you save me?
Morgan: Because my son was there.

Michonne has been helping nudge Rick in the right direction as well, and she has definitely inherited being the moral compass from Carl. 

Having said that, if I were Danai Gurira, I would be very cautious of taking up that mantle. Being the voice of reason and morality on this show has never worked out for anyone in the long run.

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Rick finally reading Carl's letter was a huge developmental step forward, as this episode seemed to hint at a huge turning point for RIck.

Now, I highly doubt it will be a complete 180 with Rick going from wanting to have Negan's head on a pike to wanting to pick strawberries with him, but I think Rick will definitely be more open-minded going forward.

Trust Issues - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14

Maybe Carl was right. Perhaps there is another way.

Rick may not have kept his word to the Saviors, but hopefully, a father's word to his son still means something.

You save people, I watch them die. I have to, I'm supposed to.


With just two episodes left, there are so many different directions The Walking Dead can take where literally anything can happen. Given what the show has set up over the past few episodes, I would be utterly shocked if this drawn-out conflict with the Saviors does not conclude by the end of the Season one way or another.

Having the war extend beyond Season 8 would be the worst thing this series could do at this point. It's time to move on and begin anew.

The time has come to hear from you, TV Fanatics.

What did you think of "Still Gotta Mean Something"? 

Did you enjoy delving deeper into Negan's past? Does he have any chance of being redeemed, or is he too far gone at this point? Who do you think Negan picked up on the way back to the Sanctuary? Now that Rick has read Carl's letter, will he finally keep his promise?

Sound off below and let me know!

The Walking Dead will air its penultimate episode on Sunday, April 8th on AMC at 9/8c. 

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Still Gotta Mean Something Review

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Morgan: You can't save the dead Carol.
Carol: You're not dead.
Morgan: No, not me. I don't die. I just see it. Again and again. Even when I look away, I still see it.

Everyone else that got injured in the battle got sick. That can't be an accident.