Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22 Review: Dead Scratch

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Now that's what I call a cliffhanger.

There is not one thing that I can pick apart or say that I hated when it comes to Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22!

Steven and Sammy Jo's season finale wedding amplified the "crazy" and proved that The CW knew exactly what they were doing when they gave Dynasty a season two renewal.

Going Up in Flames - Dynasty

This is the third Carrington wedding during the span of one season, so you'd think that by now they would have learned that nothing good ever comes from them. Nothing. 

The wedding itself was very romantic with Steven and Sam being the only couple that decided to marry for love. 

However, it was outshined by so many external storylines that it was almost unfair to Sam. Let him have his dream wedding, okay?

You know what, nevermind. He married a Carrington; what did he expect?

Steven's head wasn't entirely in the game after Mrs. Daniels dropped the baby bombshell on him. Pregnancy is classic soap opera trope, but it's much juicier when it's intertwined in a gay relationship.

Imagine if Sammy found out that not only did Steven cheat on him, he cheated on him with an older woman who he also got pregnant!

Fallon: You lied to me my whole life and let me sleep with my cousin.
Blake: Half-cousin.

Granted, Mrs. Daniels could be lying about the whole thing, but for now, it was enough to put Steven in a haze on his wedding day. Heck, part of me even thinks she did it on purpose. 

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And why did everyone decide that the best time to tell secrets, air out grievances and vote on selling an established company was right before two people walked down the aisle?

Seeing as Steven and Sammy's relationship has been the one that's been "mostly" rooted in honesty, I was quite upset that he didn't tell him the truth.

Listen, Adam  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22

Alexis' meticulous plan came to a culmination when the Colbys established themselves as rightful heirs to the Carrington fortune. 

Fallon surprisingly succeeded in convincing the board to assert her as the new CEO of Carrington Atlantic, but her reign was short-lived when the Colbys-turned-Carringtons informed her about their plan to sell the company and destroy the "family that took everything from them."

Man, I'm tired of hearing Jeff say that. 

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When Fallon recounted everything that transpired to Steven and Sammy, their faces summed up what I was thinking -- this family is a hot mess. 

Alexis was so confident in her plan and had Fallon not gone rogue it probably would have been foolproof. 

But, when Fallon fired Blake and became CEO, Alexis' plan didn't only screw over her ex-husband, it screwed over her two biological children. 

As the fourth generation, I refuse to stand by and watch my father bury my legacy. Carrington Atlantic is not just a family business. It is a dynasty.


And there was no way to stop what she'd already started. 

It was obvious that the minute Hank smelled the money, he'd forget everything "sugar mama" told him and turn his back on her. 

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That is why you should never trust anyone that isn't blood.

They may have been on the same page at one point, but eventually, he was swayed by the promise of cashing out right now. And there was nothing that ensured his loyalty. 

You Little Bitch - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22

Steven, Blake, and Fallon may have been having a bad day, but no one had it worse than Cristal. 

Cristal could have brought Alexis' whole plan down after she witnessed the (what she assumed to be) incestual kiss between mother and son, but unfortunately, she never stood a chance. 

Look, I'm not going to complain about that long overdue girl-fight between the former and the current Mrs. Carrington because that was pure TV gold. 

The hair pulling, the pillow ripping, the ladies dragging each other by the stilettos -- it was perfect.

At one point, though, these ladies, specifically Cristal, forgot why they were fighting. Cristal had bottled up a lot of energy and disappointment, and she was taking it out on Alexis. 

The fight also served as the moment where we realized these two were much more alike than we first realized.

As Alexis pointed out, Blake turned them into monsters; the worst versions of themselves. 

They are both equally as cunning, manipulative and deceitful. And that's likely why they hate each other so much. 

The only thing I hated about that moment is that it caused Cristal to miss Sammy's wedding. If anyone deserved to be there for Sammy, it was the aunt that's been by his side the whole time.

Crazy Claudia - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22

But Alexis was just the tip of the deadly iceberg; Cristal also came face-to-face with crazy, gun-wielding Claudia who somehow snuck in with a huge baby belly while no one noticed -- not even when she was talking to herself! 

As everyone predicted, Matthew was only a figment of her imagination that whole time. 

There was a level of disappointment because I would have loved for Nick Wechsler to return and try to get his revenge on Blake while rekindling his fling with Cristal. 

I'm not counting it out yet -- there's a chance he's still alive out there somewhere. 

The biggest giveaway -- other than him literally fading out into nothingness when Claudia shot him -- was how loving he was towards her. 

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Before he was killed, Matthew didn't love her and was cheating on her. Why would that change suddenly? Why would he help break her out of the looney bin?

Without the visions, Claudia would never have shot Cristal, and she would have never laid there bleeding out helplessly as the fire erupted.

I have a fondness for her, so it was pretty hard to watch. 

I love that after almost perishing in the room with the whole Carrington family, Alexis risked her life to save Cristal. It proves that despite all the hateful things she's done and said to her, she still cares. 

Culhane came through as the hero, saving Blake, Fallon, and Sammy from the flames. But unfortunately, not everyone made it out alive. 

The Hero - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22

As previously mentioned, Alexis ran back for Cristal while Culhane stayed behind to look for Steven, who we last saw engulfed in flames, and the ladies. 

Considering how dramatic the setup of the scene was and that it served as the cliffhanger, someone has to die.

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The obvious choice is Steven since we saw him struggling to open the window. Admittedly, it would be morbid to die on the happiest day of your life, but I don't think the storyline gains much from his death. Without Steven, there would be no purpose for Sammy Jo and no sibling dynamic in the fam. 

Blake: Maybe I don't love her anymore.
Anders: You do, you just hate losing.

Cristal and Alexis' deaths seem like red herrings to me. We know they can't get rid of the big, bad Alexis, and it would be too obvious for Blake to realize he wants to make amends with Cristal only to have her perish in flames. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw her recovering with amnesia during Dynasty Season 2. Blake would take advantage of the opportunity to mold her mind and make her think she really loved him. 

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If I had to guess, I would say this is where Culhane learns he will never be free from the Carringtons. It's symbolic and establishes him as loyal until the very end even when they've wronged him so many times.

Since he wanted to "start over" and leave Atlanta, it makes the most sense. Not to mention, it would give way to Fallon and Liam's relationship. 

Just Married - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22

No, I'm not arguing that it's a fair ending but a likely one. 

Though, I was glad to see Liam back in Fallon's life and finally telling her the truth. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't the real Adam Carrington. Instead, he's a wealthy billionaire from the Van Kirk family of New York. I can work with that. 

And Fallon believes he's the answer to pulling one over the Colbys. If he buys CA, she can start building a new family dynasty that's not tainted by Blake. 

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Almost as important as the "who dies" question is who started the fire?

Given that Anders said Kirby is troubled and Steven said she tormented a young Fallon, I'm going to say it's her. But why would she want to take out the whole Carrington family in one fell swoop?

The other suspect is Hank who, in fact, had the motive to kill as many Carringtons as possible.

And don't even start me on his team-up with crazy Claudia. That's a disaster in the making. 

Catch up on all the drama of the first season and watch Dynasty online

Share your thoughts below! Who is going to die? 

Dead Scratch Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

As the fourth generation, I refuse to stand by and watch my father bury my legacy. Carrington Atlantic is not just a family business. It is a dynasty.


Fallon: You lied to me my whole life and let me sleep with my cousin.
Blake: Half-cousin.