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Quantico seems to be finally hitting its groove, so it's a shame that it's already been canceled. 

On Quantico Season 3 Episode 4, Harry was forced to deal with past feelings for his partner, Jeffrey, and the man responsible for his death, Dmitri. We finally got a bit more Harry backstory, guys!

Previously, when Quantico wanted to provide some backstory for a character, it was usually presented under suspicious circumstances. Either someone was keeping a secret, or there was suspicion on them that they were secretly a bad guy.

Protect a Prince - Quantico

Learning more about someone was always a tedious event that seemed to take episodes to uncover the truth. Thankfully, that's not the case here.

It's weird to say that this was a normal way to learn more about a character in a procedural, but it was. Someone from Harry's past popped up and happened to tie into the current case of the week. 

The hour was spent getting to the bottom of things, and by the end of it, we've learned more about Harry, and he was at peace with Dmitri. This secret about Jeffrey and the anger Harry held towards Dmitri isn't going to drag on for the rest of the season.

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We've moved on. It's done. Thank goodness.

That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy learning more about Harry because I did. Rather, I'm just glad that Quantico no longer feels the need to drag something out forever or use a character's backstory as a way for us to believe that maybe there's something more sinister going on here.

It was great to dig into Harry's backstory a bit, and him being partnered with Ryan made it all even better. Harry and Ryan together are always fun to watch, mainly because of the little jabs they take at each other.

Quantico Season 3 Episode 4 Harry

The tie into Ryan and Shelby's situation was unexpected, but it worked well. Harry was able to get through to Ryan when no one else seemed to be able to.

The secret is finally out, but it's hard to rejoice because now it seems like, according to the promo for Quantico Season 3 Episode 5, we're in for Alex vs. Shelby Round 234.

Ryan's not worth it, ladies. Can we just be done with this? Let Shelby and Ryan be happy, and let's all move on from this.

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If you forget everything that Quantico once was, you find yourself able to enjoy this new change of pace. It took me a couple of episodes, but now I can sit down and enjoy an hour of television without comparing it to previous seasons.

This case of the week is entertaining. The division of labor is, once again, great and provides for exciting partnerships. The "twist" that the sister was behind it all is predictable, but it's also forgivable.

Without the multiple storylines, conspiracy theories, and impending disaster, Quantico is less bogged down and free to have a bit more fun. It's easier to make jokes when the world isn't ending.

Quantico Season 3 Episode 4 Alex and Harry

We still need to see a bit more of the newbies. It's hard to get a read on them, especially when they aren't showcased all that often.

Celine and Jocelyn do share a lovely scene together at the end, and we learn why Celine earned a spot on the team.

However, one outburst isn't enough to demonstrate that Celine sees the world in black and white, and no one else does. This needs to be a continual thing.

Quantico Season 3 Episode 4 Jocelyn

It could be really interesting to see just how much in the gray everyone is, especially someone like Alex who we know and love. Celine could be a reminder of just how far into the gray area Alex and the rest of the team operates.

So, let's continue to have her have outbursts and heated discussions with people about the right course of action. Celine could become the team's moral compass if handled correctly. 

Okay, who here is shipping Jocelyn and Owen?

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Quantico doesn't have the best track record with 'ships, so I'm a little wary. I'd rather we hit pause on the romance button for a while, especially since we're still dealing with the Alex/Ryan/Shelby nonsense.

Who knows? Maybe Owen and Jocelyn will be super cute. It would be better to explore them than to throw Alex into another relationship.

You know the hardest question to answer in your life is, "who am I?" Some people get to answer it for themselves, and the others have it answered for them. Choice versus duty.


What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Alex: You're like a bad country song.
Mike: There's no such thing.

Harry: Well, here we are again, together and yet utterly alone.
Alex: Is this the part where we make a death pact if we're not married by the time we're 40.
Harry: Marriage is a death pact.