Supergirl Round Table: Will Kara Have a Choice to Make?

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Kara was extremely surprised when she ran into her mother on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20, and it turned out that she needed her help getting the black rock. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Christine Orlando, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss Alura's return, Alex's desire to be a mom, and a potential Sam sacrifice. 

Join us!

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Were you surprised to learn that Alura is alive? What do you think this means for Kara?

Jay: Unfortunately, no. As someone very active in the Supergirl fandom, I saw set photos released weeks again spoiling the return of Alura in the present day. However, I would have been.

They’ve been so adamant on Alura’s death, so I want to know why they chose to bring her back. As for what it means for Kara, I don’t know. Her mother has been out of her life for so long, but even longer for Alura since Kara was in the phantom zone.

Christine: I never saw it coming and was completely shocked. I think Kara will now be torn between her family on Earth, and her mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if the season finale ends up with Kara having to make some type of a choice between the two.

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Kathleen: Was I surprised? Yes and no. I was not surprised that some of Kara's people survived (it's apparently a comic book storyline that I read about somewhere at some point), but I was a bit surprised that Alura herself made it off Krypton.

I definitely agree with Christine that the season finale will probably force Kara to choose between the people of her birth and the planet that adopted her somehow.

Will Kara get a chance to use the black Kryptonite on Reign, and if so, will it help? Are you wary of the Council's help?

Jay: The head of the Council is part of the Worldkiller’s plan, so I’m definitely wary. How did this woman get to such a position of power when her allegiance is with the Worldkillers? And I feel like this plan may work, and that’s why Kara might leave Earth, but that she won’t know that Reign is a separate entity not held back by Sam’s will.

Christine: I do wonder whether the black Kryptonite will work, given that the head of the Council is also the person pulling the strings of the Worldkillers. I’m still rooting for Sam to survive, but with each episode that seems more and more unlikely.

Kathleen: I'm with both Jay and Christine. The fact that the Council's head works with the Worldkillers definitely makes the effectiveness of the black Kryptonite very, very suspect.

Alura is Back - Season 3 Episode 20 - Supergirl

Will Alex's desire to be a mom eventually lead her to consider quitting the DEO?

Jay: Most definitely. There’s no way Alex can be in the field and be a mother, as they established.

Christine: Consider quitting, yes. Having to quit, no. Plenty of people in law enforcement have children and being a member of the DEO doesn’t mean Alex can’t be a great mom. She will most likely have to make some decisions down the road, such as whether her role within the DEO might change, or perhaps she’ll need to find a balance with the right partner as parents.

There is no reason for Alex to make rash decisions about her future now, when there are so many options and possibilities open to her.

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Kathleen: I agree with Christine, especially since I actually know quite a few members of law enforcement in real life. There are plenty of them with families and kids and still go to work everyday; she just might need to ponder her priorities a bit, though one might argue that she's mothered Kara quite a bit already!

Attacked - Superigirl Season 3 Episode 20 - Supergirl

Do you think Sam will end up being sacrificed in order to stop Reign?

Jay: I hope not. But I think Sam is the only one who can stop Reign, in one way or another.

Christine: Please, no! I’ve always liked Sam, and I miss her interaction with Lena, Alex, and Kara. Plus, Sam’s return, after Reign, could have so many dramatic possibilities that it would be a shame to lose her completely.

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Kathleen: They sure are going a long way to convince us that Sam's going to make the heroic sacrifice to stop Reign, aren't they? And I won't begin to suggest "Maybe that's too obvious." It's really still up in the air. ...But, really, I do hope that it's too obvious.

Learning a Secret - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: I enjoyed the scenes between Reign and Lena. Especially when Reign called out the darkness in Lena and tempted her. It was brutal but amazing.

Christine: I enjoyed how James helped Lena figure out the path she needed to take with Reign. It highlighted the care and mutual respect that make these two such a great couple.

Kathleen: Definitely that James and Lena scene for me:

James: What would Sam want you to do?
Lena: Sam wanted me to heal her.
James: Not what Sam wanted you to do. What would Sam want you do now, with the choice you are presented with?
Lena: She would choose Ruby. Over anything. Even her own life. She'd want me to protect her daughter.

Over to you, Supergirl Fanatics! Do you agree with our Round Table?

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Winn: You seem more stoic and grave than usual, which if we're being honest is making me a little bit queasy. What haven't you told me?
J'onn: Reign is becoming immune to Miss Luthor's synthetic Kyrptonite faster than we expected.

Supergirl and I may not see eye to eye, but there is one thing we can agree on, and that's that you need to be stopped. So enjoy your moment in the sun, Reign, because we are going to save Sam, and end you.