Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21 Review: Beat the Devil

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Who else loves when Supernatural just does a total mind trick on you within the first minute?

Even though I knew the opening moments on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21, was all a dream it still messed with my head just a bit. It made me want Jack and Mary back from the other side even more. 

It was also another look at how Sam views the idea life for him – a bit of normalcy mixed in with being a hunter. I really loved the whole normal dinner aspect of the dream, but the addition of Castiel and Jack just made everything even better. Can we please recreate this dinner scene when they get back to the real world?

Working Together - Supernatural

I could see both sides when it came to using Lucifer for his grace. Sam made a lot of sense when mentioning the last time they used him he escaped. Lucifer will always be a sore subject when it comes to Sam no matter what ways the guys present using him. 

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Sam was tortured for such a long time by Lucifer – having him in his head constantly was not a walk in the park. I figured Castiel would be empathetic when it came to Sam's refusal to use him, but I also understood why they have no other choice but to go find Lucifer to extract the grace they were needing. 

There was no way Gabriel would be able to provide them with the amount of grace they needed for the spell; though it kind of surprised me when they thought it was going to work. I imagine, after having all of his grace drained out of him, it was going to take a much longer time for Gabriel to be healed completely. 

Gabriel - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21

Castiel made a great point about them being the ones who let Lucifer out of the cage in the first place. When did Lucifer ever stop being their responsibility? We all knew they didn't purposely just let Lucifer go free, but Sam and Dean need to conquer their fear of Lucifer.

We let Lucifer out of the cage and he never stopped being our responsibility.


Who else was loving the moments between Rowena and Gabriel? The two of them having the sexual tension, and acting on it, was downright hilarious. The reaction from the guys just made the entire scene even better. Who knew I would be on board with a relationship between Rowena and Gabriel.

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It was great seeing Rowena and Gabriel team up to capture Lucifer. His reaction to seeing the two people he thought he had killed was priceless. I wasn't expecting Lucifer to ask for Gabriel to end his life; though I was pleased he didn't or else we would have gotten the chance to see Lucifer surrounded by the people he enjoys torturing. 

Rowena Confronts Lucifer - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21

Who else thought it was a genius idea to keep Lucifer around so they could keep the portal opened longer? I was perplexed no one ever thought about keeping the archangel grace on top so they could extend their stay on the other side. 

I was really hoping Rowena was not going to reveal where Jack was, but I knew there was no way Lucifer was just going to stay a prisoner. Rowena has been such a strong character, and it was disappointing to see her just give in when Lucifer was being annoying. Is there not a spell to silence people?

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It made sense to have Lucifer go into the other world, too. We had an entire season dedicated to the showdown between Michael and Lucifer for goodness sakes – there was no way we were going to avoid the showdown between the two archangels again.

Drunk Lucifer - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21

At least they didn't have Rowena revert back to being the selfish person she once was by just leaving the guys in the other world without any other way to get back.

After all the work the show has done to try to redeem this character it would make no sense for her to just say, forget it, and leave the bunker. I'm curious what kind of spell she is going to cast to make sure the portal stays open long enough for everyone to get back. 

The most shocking moment came when Sam was attacked by the vampires. I've been watching this show since day one, and have witnessed these guys die A LOT, but the death scene tonight just got to me. I could feel Sam's pain while being mauled while also feeling Dean's heart breaking.

It made the reunion between Dean and Mary even more bittersweet. 

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Of course, we all knew Sam wasn't going to stay dead for very long – I did just mention I've seen the guys die a lot. It only made sense Lucifer was going to be the one who was going to bring Sam back to life. 

There was also no way Sam wasn't going to agree to go along with Lucifer. When faced with an entire group of very hungry vampires I'd probably agree to go along with the devil as well.

It was awesome when they both showed up at the camp. The entire direction of the scene was done beautifully – the happiness quickly fading to shock and transitioning into confusion. 

Dean's Prepared - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21

I have no complaints when it came to tonight's episode. They've finally made it to the other side which is what I have been wanting since day one. I'm also on board with Lucifer joining the party – it's going to make for some interesting scenes especially when it comes to him and Jack. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

Do you think it's a smart idea to have Lucifer join the camp? How do you think Jack is going to react to having his father around? Do you think Sam has changed in some way due to being brought back to life by the devil himself?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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Beat the Devil Review

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 21 Quotes

Castiel: Was he always like this?
Mary: Even as a baby. John and me used to call him our little piglet.

Castiel: Dean you can't possibly eat another. That's your seventh piece.
Dean: No it's not.
Jack: Castiel's right. I counted.