The 100 Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Pandora's Box

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Was this a new episode of The 100 or just a huge compilation?

Truthfully Pandora's Box was like officially pressing start on the story of the season. The last step in the plan involved getting the bunker open, and it is probably safe to say that no one was shocked at the aftermath of that. 

The bunker has taken its six years and managed to build an army while also offering plenty about which to worry. Right as they emerged back to the ground, their loyalty to their clan didn't waver.

Nothing is changing for them just because they are no longer confined to a smaller space.

During The 100 Season 5 Episode 4, that was tested when Bellamy managed to strike a deal with Charmaine for a few lovely hours. Meanwhile, Bellamy also got to cuddle Clarke, and Kane almost died because of his love for Abby.

Relationships, am I right? 

Raven and Murphy In Space Spinoff - The 100 Season 5 Episode 4

On a more serious note, Pandora's Box tied all the loose stories into an epic beginning to the true arc of the season. Each story got handled in a way that allowed it to flow smoothly and start the real journey. Now that the bunker has been open, things are only going to get more interesting from here. 

This episode was memorable for me because of the balance between the pacing not becoming too slow in between all the reunions and details we had to know before everyone reunited and the way that it felt like each scene got handled carefully. 

It was dramatic, intense, and just a good hour of television that is a great reminder of why The 100 isn't a filler episode show, everything always pushes things even farther along and Pandora's Box set that bar high for that.

There is also just something about the way that there are no limits anymore, getting to space isn't even a struggle for the characters on this show anymore. 

Bellamy and Clarke

The hostage taker and his girlfriend. 

I will say this once, and then never again, dialogue doesn't have to be included in there if the writers don't want us to hear it. Charmaine met Bellamy and Clarke minutes ago and already has crafted this bond between them.

I want it to be made clear that everything means something on this show, and we have to question that perfect nickname for our favorite duo.

Now as for their reunion, Bellamy has clearly taken what Clarke said to heart (pun intended) and is now looking at things more practically.

But that reunion, that freaking moment when Clarke isn't even sure if Bellamy is real and in front of her. These two will be the death of me with the way that they are in tears and how the camera focuses on Bellamy's hands on hers.

Even when Clarke wonders why they let her go, she pulls away, but we can see that their arms are still around each other. Gummy bears on a hot summer day if you ask me.

But while their beautiful reunion was everything I could have wanted, it was the way that they seamlessly seemed to fit into the entire episode that made me this happy.

I am not sure what happens once their people are back in their eye line that makes them drift away from the partnership and best friend bond that they have demonstrated all throughout this episode.

You're really here.


It didn't have to be long scenes where they discuss everything they are worried about, it is one look there, and one check-in glance somewhere else. 

Whenever Bellamy reacted to something, his eyes would always find Clarke's to see what she was thinking as well. 

And even when Bellamy's focus couldn't be on Clarke, she was looking out for him herself. There is something electric in this almost secondhand reaction to one another; their connection cannot be contained even after six years.

A few hours later and suddenly it feels like nothing has changed between them. They are still figuring it all out together and know what the other has on their mind without any words passing between them.

Anything that happens to shift that would have to mean it comes from them meeting their people again in groups, and that is fascinating to me.

Their future issues don't come from them not knowing who the other is or not knowing how to be themselves around each other again.

When Bellamy and Clarke are together, everything makes sense. 

Now as you may have noticed, my full thoughts on Bellarke's reunion haven't appeared yet. But there is no feature on Bellamy and Clarke seeing each other again without it covering both of their reunions, emotional and physical.

So make sure to check back in because there will be something special devoted to Bellamy and Clarke's interactions in The 100 Season 5 Episode 3 and The 100 Season 5 Episode 4. 

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The Reunion(s)

Bellamy Blake got to have two hero sequences, and I have never been happier. No one on this show deserves it as much as the male lead who time and time again saves everyone.

There is just something about the way that he saved the lives of both women he hasn't seen in years and who mean a lot to him that sets my soul on fire.

Anyway, the Bellamy and Octavia reunion had to be the second most awaited scene on the show if only because of the way that Bellamy would react.

Our favorite space dad didn't disappoint, with his facial expressions to Octavia essentially becoming a meme of their own.

I love the warpaint by the way.


I don't know why Bellamy thought Octavia would be having the happiest time leading down there and would emerge running around chasing butterflies or taking a nap, but he clearly forgot who she was.

Her transformation was astounding to both him and Clarke, but the latter's focus was on what we all were worried about this whole time. 

Octavia and Clarke weren't best friends last season, and Clarke's trust in Octavia wasn't as strong as Bellamy or Madi's may have been.

This time around she was proven very right when she saw the destruction that was created under Octavia's rule and she didn't seem at all shocked by any of it. 

Then came the Clarke and Octavia reunion which had to be the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

McCreary and His New Weapon of Choice  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 4

I will hold off on laughing too long though because Bellamy has yet to tell Octavia who he is dating. I can't wait for him to think that Octavia will shrug it off as if she isn't one more piece of bad news away from really going off. 

The other big reunion was between Clarke and Abby, which for me got clouded behind that damn pill bottle. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if that was done on purpose.

Watching Clarke reunite with her mother was everything I have been waiting for since The 100 Season 5 Episode 1 and The 100 Season 5 Episode 2 duo heart attack, and yet it felt like the place that Abby was in wasn't the way she wanted to see her daughter again.

It could very well be that her inability to save Clarke caused her to turn to pills and having Clarke find her when she was about to break her promise to Kane was in a way breaking Abby down even more.

All I want at this point is for her addiction to really be discussed because it didn't slip past Clarke that something happened down there, even if she couldn't question it for too long.

Now Raven and Clarke have had a tough time finding their place in each other's lives after a few leadership issues along the way. But someone deserved a radio reunion, and these two ladies delivered it all and then some.

Nothing would be better than a hug between them, but for now, it was enough. Raven staying behind in space felt like she was taking on Clarke's role in a way that she felt Clarke shouldn't have had to.

Now that Raven knows that Clarke made it, there is hope to be found for her as well. 

Also, Bellamy touched Clarke's shoulder during that scene if any of you thought you could miss that and I wouldn't remind you.

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Zeke and Raven Meet Cute Madness

Wishing something into canon isn't possible until you wish for Raven to get the best love interest of all time.

As soon as Zeke was announced as a new character on the show, the fans started discussing how great it would be if Zeke and Raven would happen. 

Well if this season has taught us anything so far it is that our wish is the show's command as long as it is within reason.

She even found time to flip me the bird.


And this was really a lovely surprise because in one episode Zeke has already managed to become the most worthy of Raven Reyes.

He is a guy who doesn't want to see people hurt for no reason and he is at a point where he is just in awe of Raven's entire existence. The fact that he is now going up to space makes it obvious, at least to me, that he will be their only ally now.

Don't believe me? Zeke spent a whole lot of time rejecting or trying to go against ideas that Charmaine brought up; then she said he would get to see his friend Raven and this dude couldn't buckle himself in fast enough.

Raven has enough going on right now up there that she can't exactly be thinking or romance, but we all know that one look at Zeke is enough to seal her faith. He is just the right amount of heroic and fun to be someone that Raven needs in her life.

Raven and All Her New Friends - The 100

I love her, but she continues to risk her life for the sake of her little space group which is amazing and exactly what I would see her doing, but our favorite kickass lady deserves to have something for herself once in a while.

Zeke presents the perfect opportunity for Raven to not only live for others, but she could also now live for herself as well. 

All I ask is that Zeke doesn't die because you have to worry about that on this show even though he fits perfectly into the gap created for him this season. 

As for his people, or just the people that are forcing him to be their designated driver, they ruined any chance they had to keep things peaceful.

And while Charmaine may have an army, Octavia's is still bigger.

I am curious about how Zeke, McCreary, and Charmaine are going to interact with these prisoners. When they get back, I doubt Raven and Murphy will be just chilling out with them, but leadership is harder to find between these new characters.

Zeke listens to Charmaine, but she doesn't call all the shots when you have McCreary winning more votes from their people. Charmaine needs to watch her back because she may not have the reach she thinks she does and McCreary is a loose cannon that can't be angered unless you want to create an issue for everyone. 

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Welcome to the Bunker, All Your Dreams Will Die Here 

Let us talk first about the couple of the year in the bunker by the name of Kabby. 

Kane and Abby's relationship continues only to get stronger and watching them struggle to deal with their new normal sounds like something that will continue to be a good arc.

Except it isn't. 

Now I don't say this because of the relationship because time and time again Kane and Abby have made us even more invested in where their story is going next when they are together.

The problem is that six years have passed and they seem to be the one set of characters that haven't changed. Kane isn't looking to kill anyone else for the sake of survival, and yet he will do anything to keep Abby safe.

That is a setup that for me has run its course because these characters have the potential to do more than focus on each other. 

Their connection has withstood everything that has been thrown their way, so now it feels like they need to branch out together. 

Maybe it is Abby's addiction that frustrates me; I wish we would have gotten more information about how she got to that point and why, exactly, she has anchored herself in that pill bottle.

Okay but first, thank you for saving our lives.


Honestly, with the way that Octavia's story has landed with her in this new role and different purpose, I would like to see the same done for Kane and Abby because otherwise they are the odd ones out.

Kane and Abby have almost fallen under the weight of Octavia so towards the end of the episode all they could do is have Kane worried about Octavia finding him and Abby still struggling with this out of nowhere addiction.

With Charmaine needing a doctor and Kane joining Abby as they go back up to space, it stood out to me as a new, clear-cut journey that the two characters deserve.

The aftermath of the bunker will not disappear now that it has been opened and Octavia is back to her old ways with Bellamy.

The difference is that Bellamy isn't here for this behavior as much anymore, he wants to understand her, but he isn't going to take the blame for something that comes down to a difference in leadership. 

Those issues will be explored, but Kane and Abby aren't necessary for that, and in fact, they would be extras in the growing pains between Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke as the observer.

Kane and Abby both needed a breath of fresh air so them becoming entangled with Charmaine and her crew allows for there to be a new purpose that is more suited to their abilities as people. 

It is also a great callback to their time in space and the way that things have shifted in their relationship since then. 

Abby in pain  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 4

Then there is Octavia, a leader who created a freaking loyal army for herself. 

She may have had a quick showdown with Charmaine but rest assured she knows that she is a legend. 

It may be difficult to agree with Octavia when she again seems not to understand what a leader is sometimes. She protects her people any way she can, but any reasonable person would listen to Bellamy and Clarke at least for the time being.

These new people pulled you out of the hole that you were in for years, they may not be trustworthy, but there was a deal in place that Octavia was almost itching to break.

Regardless of that, Octavia is almost cocky with the way that her followers would literally die for her at a second's notice.

She wasn't out of that bunker for even a day before she was back to blaming Bellamy for her people dying, but she revealed that she went from 1200 to 800 people.

Can we all agree that she didn't need to have that much of a population reduction?

Octavia can't pretend that she is worried about her people's lives when hours before she was about to slice Kane open. 

Nonetheless, Octavia's glare session with Charmaine was what jumped out at me as promising. These two women are not going to back down, so as much as this feels like a battle for Eden, it is a standoff between Charmaine and Octavia.

Bellamy and Clarke are trying to keep the peace, and they are almost caught between these two leaders who refuse to back down first. 

But the peace only lasted for so long and now there is another war on their hands.

Damn it Octavia; you had one job!

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Stray Thoughts
  • Where the hell is Niylah? Octavia, this is now what we all meant when we told you to eat her!

  • If Octavia can find a way to shave perfectly in a dimly lit bunker without a six-year supply of fresh razors, then Kane can figure out a way to shave his hair. 

  • My favorite part of this season so far has to be the way that traveling across the Earth and going to space isn't as much of a struggle.

    The Eligius group is just able to go wherever they want without a season-long build up, which of course starts to stir my anxiety about what this means for the Season 5 finale twist. Please let them stay on Earth. 

  • What was The Dark Year? Who did they eat back then? Spit it out, Kane!

  • The Space Kru must just be chilling in the woods with Madi.

    I wonder if Harper rebraided her hair while Emori told her how she got them to the ground while Monty freaks out about how good the berries are while Echo clutches her sword because she can practically feel Octavia pulling something far, far away. 
  • Bellamy to Miller, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Wait, that is an actual gun!" Bellamy clearly saw his reunion with his right-hand man going a different way, but Miller is now his sister's right-hand man and nothing will ever be the same. 
What did you think of the Bellarke reunion part 2? Are we all Team Bellamy or Team Octavia? How much do we love the potential that Zeke and Raven manage to have in scenes that they aren't even in together?
Is there any hope for peace between Charmaine and Octavia? How do you all think the Space Kru and Madi are doing? What else did you love or need to discuss after that game-changing episode?
Let us know what you think below!
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