Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Wolves

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Mia was right. Nicky is like a fish out of water.

Stupid Nicky got a few drinks in her on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 and talked to Mia way more than she should have.

Someone needs to slap that girl.

Deran and Daddy - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4

Nicky knew that something fishy was going on between J and Mia, but instead of confronting the girl who is basically stealing her boyfriend, the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks Nicky decided to befriend her nemesis.

It would have been okay if she would have kept the conversation focused on her relationship with J, but when she started spilling Cody family secrets, well, J is going to pay for that.

I don't understand the attraction between J and Nicky anymore. I'm getting the feeling that he only keeps her around because he feels sorry for her and has nowhere else to go. 

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He might even feel a certain loyalty to her because she was there when his mom died. 

It was time to let Nicky go long ago, but now it may be too late.

Spilling secrets was a way to make her feel better about herself. It's not that she was braggadocious, but she has nothing else in her life to talk about except her time with the Codys.

She's going to be in big, big trouble, and she brought J down with her.

The Cody brothers are already suspicious of Mia and why she's all of a sudden hanging around, but once they find out that Nicky opened her big mouth, Nicky is history. And J might be too.

On the Case - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4

Pope has zero tolerance for anything these days. It was surprising that he went along with and convinced his brothers to do the pill mill job. 

He knows damn well that Smurf was behind the job and that may be why he decided it was a good choice because, despite her deviousness, she never steered them wrong with a job.

But there may be something else, too. It's quite possible that Pope might be impressed with the way J is handling being in charge of the family.

J is showing an extraordinary amount of responsibility, and Pope recognizes that. He knows that no one else, including himself, would be able to do what J is doing.

Pope is and will always be a momma's boy no matter how angry he might be with Smurf. It's why I think he's been the most accepting of J's new position while Smurf is in jail.

While I love Pope to no end, the guy's got issues, and when he finds out about Nicky, there's going to be hell to pay. 

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J is not going to be able to use his smarts to get Nicky out of that one no matter how hard he tries, but he might not even have a chance.

Mia is going to kill Nicky. It would provide her with the perfect opportunity to get inside the Cody clan. She'd be an asset, too, with her badass skills. 

Besides, I think she wants out of the gang. Why else would she have grabbed her birth certificate? If she kills Nicky, Mia can assume her name. Get a new identity.

I know it doesn't quite make sense yet, but there's a plan brewing in that swift little mind of hers.

There's also a plan brewing in Billy's mind. He couldn't care less about Deran or any of the other Codys, and that girlfriend of his is in on it.

Pope Knows the Game - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4

They aren't there for a social visit.

It was creepy when the girlfriend just stood there letting Pope admire her nakedness. She knows what makes Pope tick, but she's also playing a dangerous game.

Pope is either going to kill her outright or have some fun with her first before he kills her.

I'd bet on the latter, but wasn't it strange that Billy did not react Pope just standing there?

He had to have known what Pope observed and was just a little too nonchalant for my tastes. It's almost like they planned it as impossible as that sounds.

Whatever is up Billy's sleeve is going to be revealed soon enough. It looked like they are robbers (like that's surprising), and Smurf's warning to J seems to point that way as well.

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 Review: The Killing

It would be very bad if they end up stealing the safe where J hid all the money, and I bet they've already cased the house while everyone was asleep.

Why couldn't J and Craig listen to Pope in the first place?

Deran is Confused - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4

If Pope ends up killing the two of them, it's one more crime that needs to be hidden. They're already closely watched, and if Pope has to bury some bodies in the desert, he's going to get busted.

The Codys run of luck isn't going to last much longer. Big mistakes are being made everywhere, and I get the feeling the dominos are about to start falling.

Some Final Thoughts:

  • J's plan was brilliant, but didn't you find it as annoying as I did that Pearce immediately figured out what the Codys did just from looking across the street?
  • Another stupid Nicky move: telling J about the Marine. 
  • The walls are closing in on J. He has that cool and calm exterior, but deep down he was crushed at Nicky's confession. He's going to lose control soon.
  • I feel sorry for Nicky, but she's got to go.
  • Gold stars to everyone who noticed the heat between Deran and the hospital guy earlier. 
  • Craig didn't screw up the job. Gold star for him!
  • Deran's car stealing buddy is going to spell doom for Deran.
  • Poor Lena. She needs some serious counseling.

Over to you.

What did you think of "Wolves"? 

How stupid is Nicky?

What's Billy's plan? What's Mia's?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

What we do is hard enough without relationship problems. She'll ruin your life.

Deran [to J]

If J can spot a tail, I sure as hell can.