Claws Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Russian Navy

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Desna seems to be finding some method in Zlata's madness.

She used those lessons in her relationship with Gregory on Claws Season 2 Episode 3.

Desna was already having 1950s' black-and-white nightmares about her future with Gregory.

A Relationship Deepens - Claws

That was before she discovered she had competition for Gregory's affection in the person of his outspoken mother, Matilde.

Even in a wheelchair, Matilde was a force of nature. And who would have guessed that hard-edged Gregory was actually a momma's boy?

Not only did Gregory surprise Desna by introducing her to Matilde on what was supposed to be their special day on his boat (granted with Dean, who offered his own challenges).

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But then Gregory told her Matilde is moving into his house and followed that up with telling Desna that he loved her.

No wonder she was more than a little confused afterward, ready to back away from Gregory.

Zlata had to talk her down. You have to wonder why. Does Zlata know who Gregory really is -- the competition? Is she using Desna to keep track of Gregory like Gregory is using Desna to keep track of the Russians?

You really have to wonder. You also have to wonder why Desna doesn't suspect Gregory isn't the saint he seems to be.

Settling in - Claws Season 2 Episode 3

Whether she wants to admit it or not, Desna is learning from Zlata how a woman can run a largely male enterprise. I think she's too kind-hearted to use Zlata's methods much, but certainly, some of Zlata's gospel can help Desna.

Desna is devious enough to run things in Palmetto. Remember how she framed her former foster-parents, the Coombs, for Roller's temporary "murder" on Claws Season 1 Episode 5.

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But she isn't ruthless enough. Not like Zlata.

It was humorous to watch Zlata put the insubordinate Uncle Daddy, or, as she referred to him "an apple-headed dipshit," in his place. That's too bad because I was enjoying Clay's many different names for Zlata. But she had to come down hard on him, to keep everyone in line.

Uncle Daddy's former underlings were coming over to Zlata. Roller, who Uncle Daddy had mostly written off, seemed to be enjoying his new role in her organization.  I don't understand that since his main role seemed to be as the baby daddy.

Zlata's Team - Claws Season 2 Episode 3

Then there was sleazy cop Chip, with whom Zlata made fast friends. Chip obviously will work for whoever pays him best at any given time. Still, it was good to see him back in the picture.

After that, Desna used her feminine wiles on Gregory, to get him to choose her over his mother. I'm not convinced that he has, but she seems to think so, for now anyway.

Gregory wasn't the only man giving Desna trouble this episode. Dean has decided that he wants to be a member of Polly's male exotic-dance troupe Hammer and Pickle.  Following Dean's new career as a dancer will be intriguing.

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Of course, Desna ultimately caved, because there's little that she would deny Dean. That includes letting Virginia, his fiancee, live with Dean. Desna, Jenn and her two girls. That living situation is only going to get more complicated, with Jenn and Bryce still on the outs.

After Bryce's fling with Jenn's mother on Claws Season 2 Episode 2, you would have thought Jenn and Bryce would be on more even footing now.

But no. While Jenn could get past Bryce's many lapses over the past few months, Bryce couldn't forgive her affair with Hank.

New Career Path - Claws Season 2 Episode 3

A highlight of this episode was the debate between Jenn and Bryce at the salon, with Polly as the Judge Judy-ish moderator. Clever production numbers such as this are what Claws does so well.

It's been a hard time for Jenn. She had been wallowing in her self-pity, binging on junk food, but not falling off the wagon hard, until now.

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For someone who was snorting coke off a turtle not that long ago, Bryce was awfully self-righteous with the tipsy Jenn, I thought. 

Polly was having a problem communicating with Marnie. Polly's adoptive "daughter" seemed to have a crush on a cute Muslim boy, and that didn't go over well with Polly, who seemed to be more of a cracker than I'd previously thought. I guess she's finding out that you can't fake your way through being a mother.

And, after Marnie found the photo of Polly and her twin sister, you know we're going to see that twin soon rather than later.

To watch Desna and Gregory's relationship develop, watch Claws online.

Is Desna going to the dark side? Will she win over Gregory? Will Jenn and Bryce work out their problems? Comment below.

Russian Navy Review

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Claws Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Roller: You just got that crazy look in your eye.
Desna: I just had a weird dream.
Roller: Was it wet?
Desna: Bye, Roller.

Desna: What you doin' over here?
Roller: Got to get some shit for Bryce. He ain't showing his face after his sexcapades.
Desna: He shouldn't with his nasty ass. How do you sit up there and get a BJ from his mother-in-law?
Roller: Shit! We white and dirty, baby.