The 100 Season 5 Episode 6 Preview: Mysterious Happenings on "Exit Wounds"

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We left The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 on a shocking note, not for us but for Clarke and Octavia. Clarke reunited with Madi, but her happiness was cut short when she saw Bellamy and Echo together. They may have been blurred out of the show, but it was clear as day for both of them.

Octavia was the miserable one though; she just ended a threat and Bellamy and here was her least favorite person testing her patience even more.

Based on the promo, Octavia isn't going to ease up on the Echo revelation. Her memories of her aren't the brightest, what with Echo trying to kill her twice then killing Ilian. 

Octavia was just living her life thinking Echo lost hers to Praimfaya, but she is not the only one due for a shakeup. 

Clarke and Octavia Face Off - The 100

Now The 100 Season 5 Episode 6 is using the title "Exit Wounds," so it might be safe to say that tensions grow during this episode. 

And the synopsis for this specific episode is, "Kane's attempt to prove himself useful tests Wonkru's allegiance to Octavia; Madi faces an unexpected threat inside Wonkru, forcing Clarke to make an unlikely ally.."

There is also this very helpful trailer to help arrange our expectations for this episode. 

Now, this preview may contain some light teases about the sixth episode, all of which is based on characters and scenes that have been discussed before or have been included in promotional videos and/or photos.

Proceed with caution if you don't want speculation or a variety of theories, but really, who doesn't like that?

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Madi and Clarke Spend The Day In The Bunker

Madi and Clarke may have reunited, but it isn't all fun and games for them.

They are so pure but based on promo pictures, they only get a few soft moments in before it all goes south.

In the beginning, the idea of Clarke having to make an unlikely ally for the sake of keeping Madi from any possible threats didn't scream Octavia to me.

In fact, Octavia had that possible vibe of actually being the threat itself; it was that leadership issue that kept pushing me in that direction.

Octavia may not have wanted to be a leader before, but six years is a long time. She has a semi-good thing going with Wonkru now, so the real threat for her appeared to be the whole Madi is an actual Nightblood thing.

Then the stills for "Exit Wounds" were released, and something about that Gaia shot with Clarke and Madi made me wonder.

Gaia Makes New Friends - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

Clarke doesn't look as uncomfortable with Gaia like she does with Octavia, that doesn't mean though that she isn't. We know from the trailer that some tension has to escalate if Clarke puts a knife to Gaia's throat and odds are it is because of Madi. 

Even if Clarke isn't that worried about Gaia, she is still a Flamekeeper, and as Lola Flanery mentioned before in our interview with her, Madi spent her childhood hidden away from those very same Flamekeepers looking for Nightbloods to bring back. 

It makes me think that neither of them would willingly offer that information to Gaia or Octavia, but that doesn't mean they don't find out some way during the episode.

From there Gaia might feel that sense of duty, here is a potential Commander that doesn't have to replace Octavia but is still someone to watch.

Madi Meets Her Hero - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

Clarke won't stand for this though, but her options have to be limited, she doesn't know any of these Wonkru clan members, more importantly, she doesn't trust them.

Octavia isn't Clarke's favorite person right now but she is one of the few that doesn't want Madi taking over, and that benefits right now from this Blodreina stuff.

Which kicks off the question about what this means for all of them?

From this clip that was released it is clear that initially Clarke isn't even willing to tell Octavia who Madi really is. Something must happen for there to be some trust, right? 

Or it could be something different and Clarke's unlikely ally could be Ethan. He is still hanging out near Gaia probably and Madi might not hero worship him like she does Octavia.

What could Octavia do to protect Madi from Gaia and keep her throne? Whatever that may be, none of us should expect Clarke to trust Octavia completely. She may need her help, but that doesn't mean she will let her guard down while she gets it.

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Octavia Finds The Next Threat To Wonkru

Octavia isn't here to apologize.

Based on the promo pictures and the trailer, Octavia will be in the thick of things.

Here is what we know: Octavia's people are straying from her because of the Charmaine/Kane team-up that is mentioned more below, Octavia finds out about Echo still being alive, and with Bellamy, Octavia finds out about Madi.

Octavia's people willing to break away with the promise of food has to be the trigger that makes her become the Red Queen again.

Of course, that never changed, but at the smallest chance of her clan falling apart, it is easy to imagine Octavia deciding to enforce the rules that prevent traitors from staying alive.

Octavia Making a New Friend - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

Which is where Bellamy comes in, at least in the trailer it seems to be that he again brings up the fact that killing isn't always the best way to go.

In case you forgot, killing is wrong. (Eating people is wrong too, but that bomb has still yet to drop.)

Bellamy and Octavia continue to be at odds, with this episode teasing the possibility that their big physical fight could be on the horizon.

Now, is it about Octavia's leadership decisions or is it something else? Is this where that big Bellamy and Echo elephant in the room comes into play?

Octavia and Madi  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

We are probably gearing up for some substantial portions of Bellamy and Echo; they have to be explored if they are setting up for their demise.

But even though Bellamy and Echo are going to have their struggles now that Octavia knows about them, I'd argue it won't happen like we all think.

It is easy to imagine Octavia pulling a Dwight from The Office moment and just yelling over and over at Bellamy and Echo to break up.

Is that really how it will go?

Octavia Examines an Unpleasant Situation  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

Octavia didn't look happy, but she is smart. What kind of smart is a different story. I'd bet she isn't going to play this as we think.

It can be very similar to the scene right before she finds out about them when she pulls Bellamy in with the promise of their sibling bond, like a snake she eases him into this false sense of security only to then bit her with the threat of death.

Octavia could voice her distrust and dislike of Echo, yet when it comes to the Bellamy part of it, she could very well play the long game.

She knows that Bellamy won't listen to her or even do what she says like her people do, so what if this all goes back to the mission that Echo is on in the next episode after Exit Wounds?

Octavia, Echo, and Bellamy Huddle  - The 100

The synopsis sets up Echo putting her friendship with Raven at sake for this mission that she has to get assigned in Exit Wounds, and what if it traces back to Octavia?

Could Octavia be easing in Echo in while setting her up as the story continues?

Or could it be something entirely different with Octavia spending the whole episode following Bellamy around yelling in his ear to drop his girlfriend?

Decisions, decisions. 

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Kane Trying To Be Useful Somewhere Out There 

Charmaine's new best friend Kane is still hanging out by her side, and in a roundabout way may even be responsible for the new approach she takes with the army.

It is safe to assume that Charmaine is fascinated by the loyalty that Wonkru is displaying, so why wouldn't she try to make that work for her since getting rid of them didn't go as planned?

In comes Kane, a guy who probably isn't looking to return to Octavia and Wonkru any time soon because he knows he will be shoved into those pits again. Instead, he uses the information that he gained all those years in the bunker to help Charmaine and through that help himself as well.

Charmaine is seen offering people food and Echo makes it clear that this is a form of recruiting. 

Clarke and Madi Embrace - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

Food had to be the biggest issue in that bunker, and human flesh couldn't be the greatest meal of the day. Rations are still the only form of nourishment that Octavia's people are getting, and with them back in the bunker that raises the question of if they even try to find something else right now.

If they suddenly get offered good food without the need to limit how much of it they can enjoy, that can call for a strain in loyalty. 

But what happens when loyalty is tested? Octavia executes her own form of justice.

Which is why I want to mention that it looks like people are getting shot from above in the trailer by a woman that resembles Kara. Like a lot. 

There is no way to guarantee it, but I would say it is a safe bet that some people will be in danger, whether the Wonkru members straying from the clan or Charmaine's army, there will be bodies. 

It's also foolish not to worry about Kane because while he may be having lunch dates with Charmaine and feeling good about his odds, McCreary isn't. 

Clarke and Madi  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

In this released clip for the upcoming episode, things take a turn when McCreary doesn't trust Kane and Charmaine makes the very unsurprising decision not to care.

She agrees with Kane for now, and she is even willing to stand in front of a gun to prove her point. Kane has an ally in his corner, but he also has a new enemy, one that may favor Abby more right about now. 

Kane should watch his back is all I am saying. 

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Stray Thoughts 

  • Raven and Not Zeke are probably off somewhere being all cute and forming a relationship. There is no proof that they aren't so I am going to pitch this idea right now.
  • The big question of what Niylah has been up to will finally be answered! Spoiler Alert: She is not the rations that have been passed around.
  • The rations are probably not people. If they did eat people, and we all know they did, it would have had to happen strictly during "The Dark Year." 
  • The Bellamy and Echo break up countdown begins now.

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