The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 4 Review: OMG

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Kat and Adena said I love you; it is like I don't even care what happens for the rest of the day.

Like I know other stuff happened, but Kat and Adena really rocked the end of the episode, and it is all I can focus on now.

From there though, this time around it was fascinating to see the way that nothing everything was wrapped up in a perfect bow for everyone.

Gossip Reporting - The Bold Type

During The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 4. Sutton got put in a really weird position when she tried to further her place in her industry.

Meanwhile, Jane ended up juggling a job and the topic of religion when faced with both Ben and Ryan in her life again.

As for Kat, she gets caught up in the number of partners and the legitimacy of her relationship with Adena. 

Overall, things were more action-packed this time around, which may have had to do with the fact that some of those stories are far from over.

It was hard to imagine that the episode was finished when the conflict was just being confronted, something that reminds me how much The Bold Type manages to distract you from just about everything. 

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Nothing is every easy for Jane lately, so of course, her romantic life and her professional one would find a way to meet when she least expected it to. 

Is it just me or is Ryan different from the last time we saw him? Or maybe it has simply been too long since we have?

The contrast between Ryan and Ben wasn't the whole point of Jane' story, but yet it was clear which person offered positivity and honesty to her life. This is something Jane really needs right now, a person who is just a good guy and who inspires her to be the same way. 

Yeah, sorry. You're literally just saying words.


Ben's world is kind, and it is exactly the kind of writing that Jane is trying to achieve. It can be tough, but there are bright spots that for someone like her really matters, while not sugar coating everything at the same time. 

As for Ryan and his new job, that is something Jane could kick ass at, but it comes with moral dilemmas that don't mix well with who she is at her core. Jane is about honesty, but as we saw with Incite, she isn't about tearing someone else down. 

Had Jane decided to write a piece that revealed infidelity, she would have put herself in a position where she wrote something that wasn't her.

Jane's writing is about informing but empowering at the same time, it was a real dilemma when she is struggling to get a job, but it was also her putting her morals first. 

How many people have you guys slept with?


It is easier to write something like this, it is harder to decide that this isn't who you are and to risk a job.

It is hard to tell where Jane could go from here, and yet it was definitely worth her seeing Ryan again to decide. Ryan was the guy she was still wondering about, and to have it validated to her that they don't work helps solidify her current future with Ben.

This was a major decision and realization for Jane to come to, which is why I am so curious to see where she will head next. 


This is a story that I still can't figure out because I always try to put myself in the character's shows. This time around though, what are the choices?

Sutton could not have let the charge through, that would create awkwardness and her slowly going up the hill would result in a huge tumble.

What did you do to that guy?


By letting the charge through though, Sutton is risking so much when it comes to her job and her relationship with Oliver. Obviously, it made more sense for her to tell Brooke no and move on, but how would she pay for the charge?

Brooke had already gone behind Sutton's back, and it went through Sutton's card by the time she saw it. Sutton doesn't actually have the money to pay for it, and she honestly shouldn't have to pay for drugs that she didn't plan on getting herself.

This is a situation that all around isn't great, which is why it wasn't wrapped up yet.

Adena and Kat - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 3

That is a very clear sign that this isn't over, in fact, this will probably come back to bite Sutton later, something I am worried about already.

A charge like that will not go unnoticed, and this is coming from someone with barely any experience in that area.

I've been given a company card to run errands or buy things for clients with, but something in the hundreds is a purchase I can't even begin to piece together.

Is this something that can really mess with Sutton's future? This could be an issue that a talk with Jacqueline and some advice won't help resolve.

Sutton's Night Out - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 4

Also going forward how will Sutton approach these situations? She is still friends with Brooke so it might be about Sutton simply choosing not to spend time with her every night.

It may be frustrating she isn't where she wants to be like Kat is, but the problem with that is that Kat seems always to have known what she wanted to do. Sutton only ventured into the world that she wants to rise up in, she really needs just to give it some time. 

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Kat and Adena's relationship was explored once again, except this time it was Kat's worries at the forefront. 

Who noticed that Kat and Adena have synced up their calendars, have used pet names for one another, and now have said I love you?

They're mostly just friends, right?


These are all major relationship moments, so it does kind of make sense that Kat would react that way. She is already really committed to their relationship which means it is easier to read into things that aren't there.

I understood why she might have wanted to know Adena's number, but to Adena, it doesn't really matter because it is her past.

Jane and Ben - The Bold Type

No matter what, these two are all in, they both only want this to move forward even more, but the growing pains are still there.

Kat may have let it all build up until she took it a little far, and yet from it came another honest conversation that reminded us why Kat and Adena work so well.

Their ability to communicate with one another and the way that they build on their relationship from there is a never-ending example of inspiration. 

Kat and Sutton Advice Time - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 4

It could be fascinating to see Kat now submerge herself in Adena's world without worries. Adena has already met Kat's friends, and Kat could continue to meet Adena's. 

I also didn't miss the mention of the visa; it is an obstacle that for now is just a small bush but might become a big mountain for them to worry about in time. 

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Stray Thoughts

  • More Alex and more Jacqueline is a request that should never go unrepeated. It may not be Alex's story, and yet he manages to remind us why it would be great to see him a little more soon. His interactions with the ladies always end up quite memorable. 

  • Is it possible that Jane is going to end up taking a job that isn't in the writing field? No, right? I will try not to panic, and yet I keep wondering what her options may be right now. She could always try to see if Buzzfeed is hiring for those addicting lists of things that no one can avoid clicking on. 

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • Do you have any thoughts on Brooke, any thoughts at all?

  • We are starting to learn even more about Adena's side of things, specifically her family and her friends that Kat wasn't introduced to before this. Maybe down the line, we could follow her journey even more; specifically it could be outside the box of her relationship with Kat. It would be cool to see her life in New York as she tries to settle into this new normal for her. 

What did you think of the new episode? Did you love all the first moments between Kat and Adena? Are you Team Ben or Team Ryan? Would you have sold the story if you were in Jane's place? Would you have let those charges through on your work card if you were Sutton? Do you think she made the right decision? 

Do you understand why Kat was jealous of Adena and the side she didn't seem to reference much? Will Ryan return or was this it for him? Would you go to a doctor who prays? Let us know what you think below!

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