Younger Season 5 Episode 1 Review: #LizaToo

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It's going to be extremely difficult to wait for new episodes each week this season... as if it wasn't already. 

After much anticipation, Younger Season 5 Episode 1 premiered and almost immediately, Liza's big secret blew up.

Creator Darren Star really wasn't lying when he said the last few minutes of the premiere would be game-changing. 

Liza and Charles in Times Square - Younger Season 5 Episode 1

The series has never played it safe so the reveal was expected, but the way in which it was done was jaw-dropping. 

There have been so many pivotal moments, so many chances, so many close calls, so many "I had diarrhea" moments where Liza's cover could have been blown but instead, it was Empirical's golden-boy-turned-fictional-Harvey-Weinstein that blew the lid off of everything. 

And frankly, I'm a little irked by that --  men thinking they can own and manipulate a woman's truth, to be exact. 

Who knew the perverted old man would become the fifth season's main villain?

LL Moore: We did an investigation. She represents herself as a woman in her twenties but the fact is, she's a divorced forty-something housewife from New Jersey.
Charles: What the hell are you talking about?
LL Moore: Oh, you didn't know?

Did Charles deserve the truth? Of course, but on Liza's terms.

There was a moment of pure honesty between the two of them at the kickstart of the episode where she poured her soul out to him. It was only a matter of time before she told him the truth, and it had always been her truth to tell. 

Worst of all, Edward L.L Moore did it out of spite because his "favorite" Princess Pam Pam exposed him for his repulsive actions. 

I'll Tell You Moore - Younger Season 5 Episode 1

We've all witnessed the disgusting comments he's made towards women, so we know Liza wasn't lying and neither were the women.

Not to mention all the palm-touching which Diana indicated is "too intimate," and that one time he gave Liza a key to his hotel room which insinuated he wanted to sleep with her. 

There's no denying Moore is a pig. However, he found an Easter egg when he uncovered Liza's big secret, and he's clinging to it because discrediting one woman discredits the whole bunch and gets him off the hook.

Shock and Awe - Younger Season 5 Episode 1

Charles having knowledge of Liza's secret is likely going to be the main focus of the forthcoming season.

Now that he has her marriage, divorce, and bankruptcy documents, the question becomes what will he do with this newfound information?

Will he confront Liza right away? Will he be angry with her? Will he fire her?

A New Project - Younger

Part of me expected Charles to already know the truth deep down inside, but since he didn't, I hope he gives her a chance to explain herself because she's not a "con-artist" as LL Moore bluntly put it.

Her lies may have spiraled out of control, but she never had any ill intentions. 

Though any reaction is understandable because Charles was completely side-swept by it -- it's the last thing he imagined -- and in that sense, he's dealing with an imposter who has infiltrated not only his company but also his heart.

I'm intrigued to see him finally gain some clarity.

All those weird moments, like the one where Liza skipped out on the awkward sexual harassment training, will start to make so much sense. 

He'll probably resent her a little bit too since he exposed Moore simply because he trusted her and now, it's all been based on a lie. 

Diana: Do you want to say something Liza? It might destroy the company, but we will support you.
Liza: He's a flirty old man but he never crossed the line, no.

I like how the moment also touches on the difficulty for women to come forward especially when the fate of the company lies solely in their testimony.

Still, something tells me Charles isn't going to pose the biggest threat for Liza.

I'd imagine he'd keep this reveal a secret to save face. But Pauline? Her main goal with writing this book was to get her old life, her husband and her family back. 

Old Flames - Younger Season 5 Episode 1

When she sniffs out another woman, she'll be hellbent on destroying her. And when she realizes it's Liza, she'll be even more hurt because she too trusted her.

Liza has been in her corner since the beginning, and Pauline hasn't realized it's because they have much more in common than she could ever imagine.

What I really want for this season is for Liza to own who she is and take back her power. She's an intelligent woman who was made quite a name for herself in publishing, age aside. 

Liza: It's Josh. Impetuous, romantic, selfless, a little crazy, and yes, I think he's making a mistake but I'm the last person who could tell him that.
Kelsey: I feel like you're the one person that could tell him that.
Liza: I tried, Kels.

They need her just as much as she needs them. 

And if they were smart about it, they would spin her real age in their favor instead of letting it destroy the company and their integrity. I think the loss of the Pam Pam Chronicles is about all the public scandal Empirical can take this season.

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In fact, I'd argue she has a hit on her hands. She could be the next Pauline in terms of writing a piece about ageism in the workplace. 

Josh was noticeably missing from the episode because he's still in Ireland with his wife Clare. Yep, it's still weird to say.

Without his strong connection to Liza, I'm not sure how much he fits into this season. 

Equals Out of the Office - Younger Season 5 Episode 1

I expect we'll see some drama from the both of them; they will need Liza to vouch for their marriage, but I don't think it will take long for Clare to realize her husband still has feelings for his ex. 

Kelsey and Zane's chemistry is undeniable, but we're seeing them in a new light since they got the green-light from HR to pursue a personal relationship in the professional space because they are "equals."

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Will they figure out how to balance business and pleasure? Or will their competitive nature turn it into a complete disaster?

Zane: That skirt isn't safe for work.
Kelsey: I can see the outline of your wiener in those pants.

And not to be overlooked are the series' expected laughable and relatable moments which range from Diana's witty one-liners to the terrible fashion to Liza dodging anyone that might expose her identity in the most ridiculous of ways.

I hope when everyone knows the truth, the writers won't shy away from these golden moments. 

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It's shaping up to be quite a great season. Are you impressed with the premiere?

If you haven't already -- how could you not? -- watch Younger online and comment below! 

#LizaToo Review

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Younger Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Diana: Do you want to say something Liza? It might destroy the company, but we will support you.
Liza: He's a flirty old man but he never crossed the line, no.

Zane: That skirt isn't safe for work.
Kelsey: I can see the outline of your wiener in those pants.