Younger Season 5 Episode 7 Review: A Christmas Miracle

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Christmas came early for #TeamCharles fans on Younger Season 5 Episode 7

I'll be blunt about this -- the holiday magic was a little lost on me considering I'm watching smack dab in the middle of a hot and humid July.

However, I can see why the moment between Charles and Liza needed the added "oomph" of snow and holiday spirit. Snow makes everything more romantic. 

Holiday Spirit  - Younger Season 5 Episode 7

*Be right back, whipping up some hot cocoa as we speak*

Though I've been eagerly awaiting this hook-up, when it finally happened, I felt a little disappointed. All the build-up leading up to it took away from the actual moment. 

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I'll admit Charles was really adorable as he was "realizing" things, but there have been deeper and more meaningful #Chiza moments in episodes prior. 

It wasn't so much a joyous "finally" as it was an exasperated one. 

But, as always, there was a method to the madness.

As frustrating as it was to watch Charles mope around and say crude things to Liza, it was all necessary to bring us to this moment -- Charles standing on Liza's doorstep eager to tell her that he'd come to his senses and that he "doesn't care" that she lied. 

You saw me yodel, you might as well have seen me naked. Not that I'm recommending that either. I'm gonna go.


He realized what we've all known this whole time -- her lie wasn't selfish or part of some manipulation scheme, she was simply trying to be a good mother and provide for her college-bound kiddo. 

And while I found it annoying that these two adults didn't sit down and talk things out, I realize now that it was more effective for Charles to walk into a random holiday party and see Liza and her family yodeling as a Christmas tradition. 

Holiday Celebrating - Younger

His chuckle was proof that he could now see where she was coming from and relate to her in a way he never thought possible. He was amused because he finally "saw the real her."  

The same can be said for the scene in the office when they connected about being parents who will do anything for their kids. It dawned on him that she's a phenomenal woman all around. 

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The Katz's telling Charles that they've wanted to set him up with Liza was further proof that maybe this was "fate" pushing them together after all.

And pretending not to know each other was a nice touch because if we're being technical, he was meeting the "real" Liza for the first time. 

Charles: It's amazing what we do for our kids.
Liza: Caitlin's the reason why I work so hard for my job. Why I did what I did.

I wholeheartedly expected Josh to turn the corner and see Liza and Charles locking lips (again), especially after Caitlin just gave him false hope about possibly reuniting with her mother.

I don't know why Caitlin thought it was okay to meddle, but she shouldn't have done it. 

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Liza telling her not to inquire about her love life because it was "none of her business" was such a mom thing to say. There are a few, very rare, moments when I enjoy Liza acting like a middle-aged mother first and foremost. This was one of them.  

As for Caitlin -- don't encourage Josh! Don't tell him never to give up. That's exactly what he wants to hear, and he needs to be doing the complete opposite. 

I Got You a Gift - Younger Season 5 Episode 7

The way they contrasted Caitlin's relationship, or lack thereof, with Josh and Charles wasn't lost on me either. 

Josh and Caitlin were "besties," while Charles barely found out she existed. He has a lot to catch up on.

The fandom might disagree when it comes to Team Josh or Team Charles, but one thing I'm sure we can all agree on is that David was never right for Liza. At least not this iteration of Liza. 

Seeing him attempt to make a connection with her and insert himself into her life was beyond awkward. Give it up, man. 

Is he still trying because they are still married? Is he going to become an issue for Liza and Charles moving forward? I can see this being just as big of an issue as Pauline. 

Kelsey: I'm kind of seeing them both.
Liza: What? Why didn't you tell me?
Kelsey: You have been gaslighting this whole company since you got here. Can I have one secret?

Kelsey's predicament was bound to happen. This will probably come as a surprise to no one, but she's not that great at juggling two men.

The problem wasn't that she was dating multiple people, it was that she didn't follow the cardinal rule: make sure said dudes run in different circles. 

Both Zane and Jake assumed they could be exclusive with her while she was trying to keep them from finding out about each other, so a slip-up was inevitable.  

Mistletoe  - Younger Season 5 Episode 7

But Jake cutting Zane out of the deal and requesting to work with Kelsey solely was a dirty, political move.  

He knew that the ask would cause a rift between them because success, and this book, matter a whole lot to Zane.

And that speaks volumes to Jake's character. Just take the loss, pal! Instead, he attempted to mark her as his own. 

Who would have thought I'd be saying that Zane may have been the wiser choice this whole time? 

You can see that the wardrobe department is having a harder time covering up Hilary Duff's bump. It's so cute but not for Kelsey. 

I wonder if they will incorporate the pregnancy storyline now that she is/was sleeping with two men. I could see her turning to Liza for pregnancy and motherhood advice! 

Zane: Mistletoe.
Kelsey: That's poinsettia.
Zane: Close enough.

In the realm of relationships, I'm thoroughly enjoying Diana and Enzo together. 

She's such a commanding woman, but he manages to level her out and brings her down to Earth.

If there is one couple I believe in on this show, it's these two. And I chock that all up to open communication and being honest about who they are from the beginning. 

Business & Pleasure - Younger Season 5 Episode 7

Maggie's art-deal storyline came out of the blue and almost immediately reminded me of the movie "Get Out." If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and get to it. 

When she said she wasn't into being in the "artwork sunken place," I knew my gut feeling was correct. 

I'm not too familiar with the art world, but are there really people who buy out art collections and then assume they own the artist? That's bizarre. 

Neckwear should inspire envy, Liza, not seizures.


The takeaway here -- Maggie Amato cannot be bought, not even with a trip to St. Barts, which I'm sure sounds like heaven in the midst of a New York winter. 

Hopefully, this doesn't take a bite out of her future projects and sales. 

Artwork Sunken Place - Younger Season 5 Episode 7

Other Thoughts

  • Diana and Liza's relationship is so special. There were tears in my eyes when I realized she gifted Liza with the ultimate signature gift -- a chunky, overly dramatic, diva-ish necklace. 
  • Kelsey telling Zane she's getting a blowout before the party was classic. Yeah, she is! 
  • Who else caught Caitlin twerking during the yodeling piece as Liza tried to hide her face and Charles watched on in amusement? Hilarious. Though I really think Liza should have expected to see him at the party since he's a friend of the couple.  
  • Will we ever find out how much Charles gave her as a bonus? I need him as a boss! 
  • I love that Sutton Foster was finally able to bring some Broadway flavor into Liza's life. 

What are your thoughts on Charles and Liza finally going for it? Was the wait worth it? Is this really a turning point in the series?

Remember to watch Younger online to re-live all the moments, and leave your comments in the section below!

A Christmas Miracle Review

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Younger Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Zane: Mistletoe.
Kelsey: That's poinsettia.
Zane: Close enough.

Kelsey: I'm kind of seeing them both.
Liza: What? Why didn't you tell me?
Kelsey: You have been gaslighting this whole company since you got here. Can I have one secret?