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Damn! I did not see that coming.

It really appeared that Desna and her crew were going to get off unscathed on Claws Season 2 Episode 10.

Until it didn't at the very end.

The Big Day - Claws

First off, a hurricane as a metaphor for the upcoming turmoil was a little heavy-handed. But it was a stormy couple of days for all concerned, so I guess it worked.

It was appropriate that Virginia narrated this season finale. After all, she and Roller were the characters who grew the most in Claws Season 2.

Sure, the Asian fashion doll is still wildly inappropriate at times. Like most characters in the Claws universe, she has no governor for her mouth.

Yet the ex-stripper now has a steady job and is in a committed relationship with Dean. These two unicorns have found each other.

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And, in Desna, she now has the mother/big sister figure that she's been lacking all her life. She has become part of Desna's family.

Even before they became closer, Virginia shot Roller to save Desna in Claws Season 1. So it was no surprise when she threw herself in front of Desna to protect her during the drive-by shooting.

What does Virginia's future hold? More on that later in this review.

It was good to see Roller on a new path as well, becoming both Desna's lover again and her lieutenant.

Roller has had an up-and-down season.

First came his Uzi wedding to Olga, while he was still pining for Desna. But he grew to love Bogdan and tolerate Olga. Face it, paired with her, he looked like a freaking genius. He was spouting earthy wisdom, helping those around him. 

Then, after he found out Bogdan wasn't his son, he started spending more time with the Hussers and somehow reverted to dumb Roller, spouting malaprops. His star sunk as Clint's star climbed.

During this episode, being egged on by Clint, he came to the conclusion that Uncle Daddy killed his parents and was ready to break away from both the Russians and the Dixie Mafia, going away to start a new life with Olga and Bogdan.

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Olga screwed that up by putting Desna, Roller's true love, in peril. The good news was that he and Desna are back together.

Clay described Roller as being like a shark, which is accurate to a degree (and the pot calling the kettle black). Roller does operate off a kind of animal cunning.

But it's more than that. Roller is passionate and loyal and takes betrayal very hard. That's why he abducted Desna after she tried to kill him and why he turned on the Russians. That's now why he turned on the Dixie Mafia and teamed up with Desna.

Like us all, Roller is still evolving, not devolving.

Now, since this episode was about Desna's wedding/revenge, let's review the festivities.

It was good to see that Desna finally brought in the police. If you're going up against people with guns, it's useful to have people with guns on your side as well, even if they just end up doing the cleanup work.

Highlights from the wedding weekend:

  • The heartfelt speeches the night before in Desna's suite;
  • The homemade, redneck reception at the fancy hotel;
  • Matilde shooting lasers from her eyes at Desna;
  • Polly and Ken reuniting, two broken people who need each other.

Desna did discover that she could do what she had to do when the lives of herself and her friends were on the line. Everyone underestimated her and paid for it in the end.

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Big gang boss Gregory thought she would be an easy mark and bled out for it. The police were a little slow, so Dean ended up rescuing her from Zlata. All that time that she protected Dean, and he ended up saving her with the gun she didn't want him to have.

And weren't the looks on everyone's faces priceless as they found Desna holding a gun and standing over Zlata's lifeless body?

How did Mandy, fresh out of rehab, still have a Realtor license? And how did she find a casino for Gregory if the police had seized all the properties of Gregory and Zlata?

Details. With the salon gone, Desna's crew needs some new base of operations. A casino should be fun.

So who will be in Desna's crew on Claws Season 3?

The powers that be took advantage of the early renewal by having a cliffhanger with Virginia getting shot.

I'm betting Virginia will be back. Her head appeared to be grazed by a bullet. She can't afford to lose any brain cells, and it will be touch-and-go for a while. But Dean is the only innocent on the show, and he shouldn't have to face the pain of losing Virginia.

I also wonder how much Virginia's being shot will unsettle Dean. He's a great example of the functionally autistic, and it would be a shame if that were to change.

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With Desna ascending in the crime ranks over Uncle Daddy, I don't see Jenn and Bryce actually moving to Tampa. With all the changes, Desna needs her kooky best friend.

Polly did the right thing checking herself back into the psych ward. She needs to be free of Lillian. I just hope whatever drugs she's on don't take away her Pollyness.

If her seduction of the bartender is any indication, Quiet Ann seemed to be over her Arlene heartbreak. She'll be a rock once again for Desna.

There is the mystery of who wanted Desna dead. Was it the Russians, the Dixie Mafia, the Haitians or someone else?

Also carrying over is what is Uncle Daddy's secret, the one giving him such anguish. It can't be as obvious as him killing his brother and sister-in-law.

Claws is well set up for Season 3.

To enjoy Season 2 over again, watch Claws online.

Who tried to kill Desna? Will Virginia survive? What other changes are coming? Comment below.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Virginia [to Desna]: You go sign those papers like the accessory to murder that you are.
Jenn: I'll miss you least of all, Scarecrow.

Virginia: Something you want to share?
Desna: You know what? Mind your nosy business.
Virginia: Damn! Is that how you treat your bridesmaid?
Desna: Fake bridesmaid. Don't ask.