Insecure Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Better-Like

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On Insecure Season 3 Episode 1, we're back with Issa and Molly as the former tries to live off of Daniel's couch and Molly comes back from a relaxing vacation in an attempt to refresh her life.

Insecure is a show that has enjoyed taking it slow over its eight-episode seasons, and Insecure Season 3 is off to a similar start.

The show presents us with a candid glimpse into the personal lives of young black professionals, reveling in the small moments and relatable repetitiveness of adulthood. 

Couch Crasher - Insecure

The comedy in this episode is immediately noticeable, peaking during Issa and Molly's banter during their meal at the diner to the exciting party Lyft scenes.

We haven't heard a signature Issa rap yet (the turn to the mirror was such a fakeout!), but there's bound to be one in the show's future.

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It's hard to even classify this show as a drama or a comedy, or a dramedy -- the term just doesn't do the show justice.

Insecure beautifully illustrates life itself (albeit a unique, personal life story), not giving in to overbearing gags or drama for the sake of shock value.

Brunch It Up - Insecure Season 3 Episode 1

Nevertheless, this episode does take a uniquely sharp turn with the backseat Lyft fistfight, a move that rivals the Season 2 kitchen fire in Issa's apartment, and Issa's simultaneous freakout compliments it beautifully. (By the way, can I get a party Lyft?)

Molly: Whatchu got in here? Yes! A Capri-Sun! You know my heart.
Issa: Oh, no no no, girl--those are for passengers only.

In many ways, Insecure takes pride in Issa's flaws, notably since her ignorance of Gaines' racist behavior during the We Got Y'all school outreach.

Nevertheless, she's someone we'd all want to be friends with -- and naturally, we feel for her.

Insecure has historically targeted three major aspects of the lives of its characters -- personal, social, and work.

The premiere homes in on Issa's personal and work lives while lingering on the personal life of Molly.

Molly Considers Her Options - Insecure Season 3 Episode 1

It'll be interesting to see where Molly is taken with her new job, considering that the last season emphasized her work life. Issa's work at We Got Y'all is also driving itself to the point of repetition, but with her new Lyft job, there's hope for her to move out of that bubble.

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Given that the Season 2 finale twist was that Issa goes back to Daniel, it's no surprise that she still has feelings with him.

However, also given their history, their "friend" dynamic is not one that's super cordial, which makes for a lot of comedic material but also lingers for long minutes over their discomfort in each other's presence.

Molly: Okay, so now I don't need your side-eye.
Issa: ... Front-eye.

Insecure thrives on the variety of its settings, conversations, and situations while leaving the characters and their personality dynamics the same. With Lawrence gone, the show now appears to be balancing itself rather evenly between Molly and Issa.

The two women are now both struggling to be in successful relationships and confused about their futures, leading to parallel scenes between Issa/Daniel and Molly/Dro. 

It gets a bit tiring to see the women driving themselves into a wedge with the same habits, but here's hoping that there's more that lies ahead for each other.

Daniel was just re-introduced and Dro is making waves as a charming love interest of Molly, so it'd be a shame to lose either of them.

We need to decide whether we're friends who don't have sex or acquaintances who just have sex. Because anything otherwise is a little muddy, and I need boundaries.


However, there exists the possibility of falling into the same traps and same narrative arcs, which -- while characters and people may do that, the audience certainly doesn't want to see that.

Is there a rocky road ahead for Molly and Issa, or will they continue to support each other like they have been? Will we see more of Kelly and Tiffany?

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It'd be nice to see the two friends grow, but neither is really in the right place for providing unconditional support to the other.

However, we're still remarkably invested in Molly's story and allowing this to blossom while still complementing Issa's narrative will soon become extremely important.

Dro is Here to Stay - Insecure Season 1 Episode 3

Without a doubt, Insecure is still Issa's show, but the two women tell very different stories while still spending much of their lives together. This juxtaposition is played with and highlighted.

Issa: I know I told you I didn't care, but I do, and I still have feelings for you. And I'm not saying that because I want to be with you or anything...
Daniel: But it's just that you said you came here because you wanted to be close to your job, and now you're telling me that you got feelings and shit. So like, what is it? Because I'm confused.

However, we've already seen a Daniel-Issa story, and we've also already seen a Molly-Dro story. The question now remains surrounding where the series will take their stories next -- something new, or deja vu?

Make sure to watch Insecure online and follow the show on its road to the Emmys!

Do you think Issa and Daniel will rekindle their relationship? Where do you think Molly is headed? Sound off in the comments below!

Better-Like Review

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

We need to decide whether we're friends who don't have sex or acquaintances who just have sex. Because anything otherwise is a little muddy, and I need boundaries.


Molly: Whatchu got in here? Yes! A Capri-Sun! You know my heart.
Issa: Oh, no no no, girl--those are for passengers only.