Shooter Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Family Fire

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Well, alrighty then. 

Shooter Season 3 Episode 11 put to rest Bob Lee avenging his father's death with the unceremonious death (by suicide) of Ray Brooks. 

That leaves the remaining episodes of the series focusing on the prevention of this Atlas terrorist attack and Julie channeling her inner Marine and keeping her family safe from Atlas or Red Bama, or whomever. 

Keeping it GQ - Shooter Season 3 Episode 11

There are two MVP's of this hour, but sadly, our boy Bob Lee isn't one of them. Bob Lee is that friend that your parents warned you about, and while I love the guy with my whole heart, he was nothing but a nuisance the entire hour. 

It wasn't even worth it in the end when after all this angst  Brooks shot himself. 

No, the MVPs of the hour go to Nadine and Harris. They had their hands full attempting to monitor and rein in Bob Lee like two parents dealing with an insubordinate child. And while they all deserve some peace of mind when all of this is said and done, poor Harris deserves a freaking vacation. 

Harris: You're paying off Atlas agents now?
Nadine: We have a play.
Harris: Does your new band of mercenaries have a name yet? Because the A Team's taken. [Looks at Isaac] You cannot be OK with this, right? [Bob Lee enters]. Thank you, someone, reasonable finally shows up.
Bob Lee: Harris, I need you to get me into a congressional hearing.
Harris: Ugh, I fucking hate you guys.

The guy did not sign up for any of this shit. We were gifted with that beautiful Bob Lee and Harris team up that made them the most dynamic of duos throughout the hour. It was truly magnificent despite the fact that Bob Lee almost got Harris killed for the umpteenth time. 

Harris needs to pick better friends. This squad ain't it. 

Harris had so many fun, exasperated, "what the f*ck did I get myself into?" lines that it was difficult to capture them all. He's so over all of these cowboy antics and the felonies being racked up left, right, and center. 

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But what's great about Harris tagging along is how Bob Lee makes him bold and brave. He could have sat in the car while Bob Lee hauled Brooks out into the middle of the woods with a shovel in hand, but there he was saving Bob Lee by telling him something he should have already known and dodging bullets while being a distraction. 

What does Harris' hero antics get him? They get him freaking arrested. 

Bob Lee is partially to blame for all of this. 

It has been frustrating for the rest of the team dealing with Bob Lee who has only been focused on finding out what happened to his dad. Was his quest understandable? Sure, but at some point, he was being selfish in that regard, and it wasn't fair to his team at all. 

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Nadine has been working in overdrive trying to stop an actual terrorist attack on the nation. Meanwhile, her most reliable partner has been freaking Isaac. Imagine that, ISAAC! 

Nadine: Isaac, you copy all of that?
Isaac: Let me guess, Bob Lee stopped Atlas and solved healthcare.

Isaac's revenge tour rarely interfered with him stopping an attack they know is going to happen on American soil. That is where him being a soldier must come in, and that's why the stark difference between his behavior and Bob Lee's is astounding. 

At any point in time, Bob Lee could've worked alongside the others more to stop this attack because their interests would have led to the same place anyhow. Instead, Bob Lee has insisted on going at everything alone and only focusing on his dad. 

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It's bad enough that Bob Lee has shown zero interest in helping the others stop what Atlas has planned nor has he been a team player. What's worse is that Bob Lee gets himself into a jam, and Nadine has to stop what she's doing to save him. 

Killer Judge - Shooter Season 3 Episode 11

Nadine has been supportive of him despite being eternally frustrated, but it's not her job to mother the guy, and if she hasn't slipped into "Mom Friend" mode, then I don't know what else to say. 

Bob Lee left his rad threat in the form of a bullet for Brooks and Bama. It was good stuff, but he went into all of this with no plan whatsoever, and it was not the time to be dicking around. 

Bob Lee kidnapping and then walking Brooks into the woods so he could talk to the guy was pointless. Brooks didn't tell him anything else he didn't already know or suspect. It wasn't rewarding when Bob Lee concluded that he's honorable like his father and wouldn't kill Brooks. 

Brooks: You really are your father's son.
Bob Lee: You're goddamn right.

It was aggravating. He and Harris were trapped in a hot box with a handful of bullets and a douchebag who was willing to die for the cause. If Nadine didn't show up when she did, they all would have been dead. 

That's the second or third time that has happened to him this season. Pull it together, Bob Lee!

It's a shame that all hell broke loose, and he went through all of this, and NOW, he's willing to admit that Nadine and Isaac were right. Too little too late! 

Bob Lee was so annoying. I laughed when he got arrested because he had the audacity to be affronted by that. What the hell did he expect? Has he been going rogue so long he forgot that they don't have any proof that Brooks is shady, and he kidnapped a judge? 

It sucks that he dragged Harris into this though. 

Plus because Harris had to tattle on Bob Lee so Mama Nadine could come to the rescue, she once again had to put her mission of saving all of DC on hold to help Bob Lee out of a bind. 

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That, of course, left Isaac without backup. Isaac has improved tenfold this season, but he is still predictable. He was going into that building if the opportunity presented himself because he must have missed day one of Nursery School when they taught everyone about the "Buddy System."

You don't go anywhere without your freaking buddy, Isaac! 

Going at It Alone - Shooter Season 3 Episode 11

Fortunately, Isaac is like a cat with nine lives; otherwise, he would have ended up burnt to a crisp screwing around with John. 

The mission is still going on without a hitch despite Russo being dead and Nadine and Isaac trying to get whatever information they could out of the recruits they captured. Atlas never is in freefall. Russo is dead, but Bama has stepped up somehow. 

Brooks is dead, so there goes their plan of having a Supreme Court Justice. I guess they're putting their all into this bombing of DC. 

Julie wasn't avoiding trouble either. Are we supposed to assume that Anne isn't in on anything? 

Bama knew their location, but how? 

A New Life - Shooter

Anne is a strange one because after she did all that meddling into the Swaggers' marriage causing Julie to kick out Bob Lee, she found herself wishing he was there. Make up your mind, woman! 

Where was Anne this entire time? Julie tells her everything, so how is she this dense? Did she think Bob Lee was gallivanting around picking fights instead of doing whatever it took to protect his family? 

Anne: Can Bob Lee stop these people?
Julie: Bob Lee is on the other side of the country. We have to take care of this ourselves.

The Swaggers have dealt with some serious crap, and Bob Lee put an end to most of it. Maybe Anne should have considered all of that before she encouraged Julie to put him in the doghouse. 

Julie is getting her Swagger on, so no complaints here. 

What are your theories on how the final episodes will play out? Are you disappointed with how Brooks (and Earl's murder) came to an end? Who are your MVPs of the hour? Hit the comments!

If you want to catch up on this fun summer series that's ending far too soon, you can watch Shooter online here via TV Fanatic!

Family Fire Review

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Harris: You're paying off Atlas agents now?
Nadine: We have a play.
Harris: Does your new band of mercenaries have a name yet? Because the A Team's taken. [Looks at Isaac] You cannot be OK with this, right? [Bob Lee enters]. Thank you, someone, reasonable finally shows up.
Bob Lee: Harris, I need you to get me into a congressional hearing.
Harris: Ugh, I fucking hate you guys.

Nadine: I heard there were dozens of Atlas agents at the campus. You only brought three?
Isaac: They weren't exactly lining up to be taken in.