Shooter Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Red Light

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To borrow from Nadine, Holy shit!!! 

Shooter Season 3 Episode 13 was a hell of an installment. Since the cancellation news, fans have wondered how the season would end and if the season finale would be befitting as a series finale as well.

You know what? It did. If this has to be the last hour of Shooter we'll ever witness, then it was far from disappointing. That said, how is the campaigning going? Netflix? Paramount? Any takers? Bueller?

Saving His Marriage - Shooter

Because while the series ended on a strong note, you bet your ass it left me wanting to see more. Hell hath no fury like a grieving Bob Lee Swagger. If Bob Lee was a badass before, a broken and broken-hearted widow version of him is not someone you'd want to f**k with ever.

Rest in Paradise, Julie.

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It's no secret that the growing sentiment shared by myself and some of the commenters is that Julie became a bit of a nuisance. The once lovable character became irksome as the season progressed, and it was unfortunate.

Honestly, she remained that way for most of this hour, too. Sorry to say it. I did not want to see her die, but halfway through the hour, it was evident that she would.

Bob Lee: I'm still the man you fell in love with, Julie. I haven't changed.
Julie: I have. I've changed.
Bob Lee: So, you don't love me anymore?
Julie: I have never stopped loving you. I just don't love this anymore.

The promos teased that two people wouldn't make it out alive, and we knew Red Bama would be one of them. Julie was the natural second choice. What a way to go.

For starters, Julie's frustration with Bob Lee continued to be irritating as hell. The back-and-forth fighting was agitating, and while it makes sense that she changed and wanted something different, it sucks that she lashed out at him for not changing too.

The worst, most asinine moment, however, was when Julie got pissed that Bob Lee went to assess whether Red posed a threat at the joint memorial service for Sam and Earl. That's common sense.

Last Call - Shooter Season 3 Episode 13

No, Julie, Bob Lee couldn't just ignore that. I don't know anyone who would. He ignored it too much because he was too busy trying to prove something to Julie.

The only thing that would have stopped Red was a bullet, and deep down, Bob Lee knew that, but he let him go anyway. Julie should have known that too, but that's part of what made everything surrounding her being this fed up so agitating.

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It was unrealistic and naive of her to think Red would skip town and there wouldn't be any blowback. It wasn't about revenge; it was about neutralizing a threat.

Red hired El Carnicero and his mercenaries, but we all knew he would take the final shot at somebody himself. They were terrible mercenaries, too. They didn't scope the ranch out or do any recon for their mission.

Swagger Ranch Under Attack - Shooter Season 3 Episode 13

Wouldn't it have made sense to attack at night when you can guarantee that the target is home and unprepared? Idiotas!

Julie may have become irritating over time, but the woman went out like a true BAMF. I'm proud of her for that. She was a warrior taking out mercenaries however she could, and she took that bullet like a trooper.

It was a cliche that she and Bob Lee made their amends after that super intense gunfight, not to mention it solidified that she was a goner, but Julie was awesome in those final moments.

Julie's death is tragic, but from a writing perspective, it was necessary. She wanted out, and Bob Lee couldn't be the white-picket fence family man. God knows the man can't be happy.

Swagger Shoots Back - Shooter Season 3 Episode 13

The messed up thing about all of this is that we may not see how Bob Lee carries on without her because of the series' cancellation. I also hate that they didn't show a funeral for her and Isaac and Nadine were so nonchalant about the death after their little time jump.

The final shot of hardened Bob Lee walking off after killing Red gave me chills. Not just because of the location, either. The gall of Red, though. After all of that, he fixed his lips to inquire if he could stop Bob Lee from killing him.

Hell no, you evil bastard! You killed the love of his life!

Red: I wondered if you'd find me.
Bob Lee: I told you if you ever touched my family I would never stop looking.
Red: Don't suppose I could talk you out of this.
Bob Lee: No. You can't.

It looks like we were right about Nadine and Isaac taking over Atlas and working together. Their partnership was one of the best things about this finale.

Nadine's blood brought all the boys to the gurney. Harris and Isaac bickering over who would go to the hospital with her was heartwarming. Careful, Isaac, your caring nature is showing!

Isaac wouldn't leave her side, and the two of them came up with a solid plan. He was right about someone else taking over Atlas if they didn't, or shall I say Prometheus.

Poetic name, for sure. Isaac ended the season being one of the best characters. He had a hell of a redemption arc.

There was a time I wanted him dead, and now? He was so smiley and unburdened and lovable. It's like he has a new purpose now, he recognizes the error of his ways in the past, and he has a fresh start.

Partners in Crime - Shooter Season 3 Episode 1

Nadine helped him with a lot of that without realizing it. It almost felt like he was rushing to her side to make amends for not being there for his wife. He has regrets that he doesn't want to repeat.

He doesn't want anyone else to make the same mistakes either. Did you see how encouraging he was when Bob Lee was headed to see Julie?

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When he referred to himself as Nadine's brother, it made me smile because their relationship has grown and that is the vibe they have. That stunt he pulled when Harris showed up was something a big brother would pull.

Bob Lee [to Nadine]: You still plan on taking over Atlas?
Isaac [waking up]: Not alone.
Nadine: Ah the dead rises. Atlas was a mistake but there's always going to be someone trying to run things.
Isaac: Might as well be the good guys.
Bob Lee: Is that you?
Isaac: I think so.

While it's fantastic to know that Harris and Nadine are still a flirtation or something, it's disconcerting that she didn't share the information with Isaac. The two of them are close and partners, but she must still distrust him, right?

Why else wouldn't she tell him the real reason Harris was there? It's doubtful that Isaac would have any connection to a Nazi of interest. This show portraying white nationalists as the dangerous threats that they are is refreshing.

Bob Lee has been off the grid, and Mary is with her aunt and grandmother, but he's going to need some support. Bob Lee needs a purpose and direction, and he would be a nice addition to Prometheus when he's up for it.

Fresh Outta F**ks - Shooter Season 3 Episode 4

Isaac understands more than anyone the pain of losing the love of his life. Nadine could use a reliable person on her team. Also, wouldn't it be interesting if Carlita showed up again too?

Carlita leaving the drive in a building that can only be accessed digitally by select people was such a Carlita thing to do. It's good to know she survived the ordeal.

The finale was jam-packed. There was so much happening. Hell, 20 minutes in and there were already three explosions!

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Bob Lee blowing up a police car was jaw-dropping, but a laugh-out-loud moment was when he stole someone's rifle and left his license for them.

Can you imagine living in the same town as Bob Lee? Oh, someone stole my guns? That must be Bob Lee off to save someone again. Hm, was that an explosion, fireworks, or a firefight? Maybe all of them at once!

Nadine: Once you get that squared, we're accepting resumes.
Bob Lee: Tempting, but I think I'll pass. I'm going to focus on saving my marriage instead of the world.

It goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway). The best fight scene of the night was Bob Lee biting Eli's finger off before throwing him in that vault and triggering the explosion.

How do you bite off someone's finger? Damn, Bob Lee, I'm going to miss you.

It's time to cut this short before a girl gets emotional and rambles about how talented Ryan Phillippe is and how fantastic this series, cast, and crew are. The fight sequences are poetry in motion, and there is no such thing as too many explosions.

Recruited - Shooter

Are you going to miss Bob Lee? On a scale of 1-10, how shocking was Julie's death? Did she go out like a badass?

Did Isaac have the best redemption arc of the series? Where do you think Bob Lee goes from here?

Hit the comments with all of your thoughts and feels. If you aren't ready to say goodbye to this series, you can relive it all over again and watch Shooter online here at TV Fanatic!

Red Light Review

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Nadine: I'm not sure there's anyone left, Isaac.
Isaac: There's always someone.
Nadine: So what, you want to take on the world?
Isaac: Yeah, but in the right way.
Nadine: You really want to do this? Become Atlas?

Harris: I'll go with her.
Isaac: I'll go with her.
Harris: I'm not going to be much help in a gunfight.
Isaac: Then don't get in one. Bob Lee doesn't need a second gun. He needs someone to help him navigate this building.
Nadine: Go!
Harris: OK, alright.
Nadine: You too.
Isaac: Not a chance.