Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Waiting Forever for You

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On Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8, Wynonna gets some answers from Kate while the gang is haunted by a familiar face -- or rather, a familiar (disfigured) figure -- Constance Clootie!

Pool Party - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8

Yes, it's true -- Bulshar has resurrected Constance Clootie, recognizable in her signature coat but now with a head completely blackened by the elements.

However, vigilant viewers will see that Peacemaker glowed blue for a split second before cutting to Doc! What's that all about, anyway? The last two times this happened, Wynonna shot Willa and Waverly tries to shoot Rosita.

Still smells like Bobo del Shit down here!


There's been plenty of rumors floating around, from sympathy and mercy kills to Peacemaker taking on a whole new form.

However, the show has been building this idea for three seasons, and viewers deserve nothing less than a fantastic explanation (which I'm expecting to get from the writers!).

Date Night - Wynonna Earp

Woman, can't I have one goddamn dinner party without you getting all up in my biscuits?


It's another example of how Wynonna Earp is playing the long game and doing so very successfully -- plants like this are looked back on with great respect years in the future when people are considering legacies of shows.

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Last time we saw her, Wynonna and Doc buried her alive in a field of salt, her head the only thing visible above ground. It's a great little throwback and helps garner some sympathy for Constance, as she's at the bidding of Bulshar.

He was glamoured, so he thinks he was bitten by a Caucasian tree rodent.


Bulshar's master plan is also slowly revealed in an exciting twist. Given the show's whole premise surrounding heaven, hell, angels, demons, and more, it's thankfully not a stretch to consider that the Ghost River Triangle contains the Garden of Eden.

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It's a move that's a bit tough to think about considering how much the show lingers in the wackiness of it all, but the fantasy element of the show supports this. It also helps to tie us back in with the other loose ends including Michelle and Julian the supposed angel.

Wynonna: It'd be awesome if Bulshar's cards just said: "Hey, Bulshar, you're a big old bag of deflated dicks."

Star-Crossed Lovers - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8

In addition, Waverly's sudden appearance with abilities adds a curious twist that will help to clear up a lot more surrounding her parentage and her real purpose this season.

This episode wasn't as packed with jokes, but it delivered plenty of punches, both metaphorical and physical (that Waverly punch, though!). It's interesting to see Bulshar's side of the action, but only as much as we need to know.

Dammit. That is a bigger tiny sword.


The Kate flashback was informative but unfortunately more expositional than it could've been -- we honestly didn't need all that information, and it became a bit anachronistic as it continued.

Plus, Kate's air of mystery about her was one of the best things about her character, but that was somewhat erased when she was given all that visual backstory.

Wynonna: Then my will is a stone-cold, be-mulleted iron woman. On steroids.
Kate: Girl, I'm a mystic and I still can't decode that sentence.

Here's to WayHaught and Jeremy+Robin's Big Gay Dinner (which was unfortunately interrupted). Now, we know the true identity of the potato licker even if that moment ended up being a little anticlimactic.

Jeremy: It's just a super-cazh BGD.
Robin: BGD?
Jeremy: Big gay dinner.

Chetri! - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8

The show still has a bit of trouble balancing all the characters -- Doc gets neglected a bit this episode, and Robin is used mostly as a prop. Kate also seems like she might fade into the distance (and we barely got to know her!).

Nicole also only gets a bit of honorary time with Waverly, and Waverly herself barely gets any time even though her role is growing increasingly important on the show.

We still have no insight into why Bulshar controls the trees and why Robin has a special connection to them. Bulshar's "big bad" narrative was crafted well, but he'll lose force if we don't keep getting reasons to fear him.

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With only a few episodes left, there's only a bit of time for Wynonna and the team to stop him and clean up Waverly's storyline, not to mention any remaining anxiety with Nicole's Cult of Bulshar ties.

Wynonna: Bulshar wants The Tower.
Waverly: Well, that's obviously a wang metaphor.
Wynonna: Kate says that represents darkness and destruction.
Waverly: Yeah, like I said, Bulshar's wang.

It'll be fascinating to see where the series goes when it comes to potentially portraying representations of the Garden of Eden or variants of a heavenly/demonic juxtaposition.

Nevertheless, I've got to hand it to the writers. Despite the eccentric ideas, the show has remained grounded and hasn't pulled anything entirely out of thin air, which is where many fantasy shows go wrong.

Young Doc - Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8

Plus, all the ideas tie together very cohesively while remaining unique (who would've imagined angels in Wynonna Earp Season 1, yet it all makes so much sense with Purgatory and demons).

Make sure to watch Wynonna Earp online and get a load of Wynonna and the gang's adventures!

What do you think Peacemaker glowing blue means? What do you think Bulshar's ring really does? Let us know in the comments below!

Waiting Forever for You Review

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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Dammit. That is a bigger tiny sword.


Jeremy: It's just a super-cazh BGD.
Robin: BGD?
Jeremy: Big gay dinner.