Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Bad Boys

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Ruzek gets the girl on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3... again. 

The episode wasted no time providing a romantic twist that is sure to have Burzek fans up in arms. 

While fans have been patiently waiting for the romantic reunion of Burgess and Ruzek, a brand new romance between two partners sparked instead. 

An Ex & A Lover - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3

As someone who has been vocal about not wanting Upton and Halstead to get together, I was extremely happy when Upton, in all her tousled sex hair glory, woke up to a man that wasn't Jay.

But, SURPRISE -- it was Ruzek. And I wasn't really pleased about that either.

We know they went out for one drink but damn, I wish we would have seen what led to this walk of shame (for Ruzek) the next day. 

Can someone help him find his pants? Thanks. 

Ruzek: How do you want to play this?
Upton: Uh, low-key.

The writers are trying very hard to integrate Upton into the core group and make her a focal part of the show, but destroying a fandom's favorite ship might not have the desired outcome here. 

It's also not looking promising for Upton and Ruzek in the long term.

Upton doesn't strike me as the "feelings" type of girl. Maybe it's because she's too scared to let herself fall given her previous history with a partner?

Her advice to Valerie -- the girl who fell for the bad boy and tried to help him get away with murder -- about falling for the bad boy but knowing it won't last, seemed like transference. 

Oops, They Did it Again - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3

Although, hands down the funniest thing about this whole hook-up is that Ruzek really believed that he was the group's "bad boy." Pretty boy, maybe. Womanizer, definitely. But bad boy? Nice try. 

Seeing how "giddy" Upton and Ruzek were around each other after they did the thing that never happened, I don't expect them to keep things "low-key" for too long. 

I'm not eager to open up another love-triangle (or square if we're throwing Jay into the fire here), but I won't ever get sick of seeing Ruzek awkwardly walk into both of his girls at the same time. 

Voight: Sometimes things just work out.
Platt: Uh-huh.
Voight & Platt: To Al.

I'll even bet that this relationship will be a catalyst for a Burgess and Ruzek reunion in the near future. 

Patrick Flueger revealed that there he's still holding out hope for a Burzek relationship and added that he believes they are "endgame."

He also made a valid suggestion that echoes what I've been saying since Lindsay left: maybe we should all give dating outside of the unit a try?

Working Together - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3

Because at this point in time, I'm not certain that I would ship Ruzek and Burgess anymore either. 

I loved them in the beginning, but to be completely honest, the Burzek storyline hasn't had much of a pulse in the past few seasons. 

Sure, they hooked up a few times since calling off the engagement, but mostly, Burgess has been disinterested in anything that involves Ruzek being more than a friend. 

Let's just give them all a clean slate and move on! 

The case-of-the-week was way more compelling than what they served up during the crossover on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 2 because it involved another "taboo" love story.

The moment Valerie refused to ID her kidnapper and attempted murderer, I figured she was romantically involved with him.

Obey The Rules - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3

There's nothing better than a modern and murderous twist on the Romeo and Juliet love story. 

I can understand being under a "love spell" and get the allure of bad boys, but how can a girl be so stupid that she's willing to ruin her own life to help save a criminal?

Of course, Valerie knew daddy's millions would come to the rescue and she'd walk free.

500 grand has a way of making people remember things they've never seen.

Jay Halstead

Money talks, unfortunately, and that goes double in Chicago.

Is there anyone left in this city that can't be paid off?

The corruption lives on through Kate Brennan who turned the pesky Gilchrest from enemy to ally when she gave his daughter a second chance in return for a sizeable donation and his support in the mayoral race. 

Gilchrest got under my skin so many times, I don't understand how Voight remained so patient with him. 

A Kidnapped Girl - Chicago PD

Why would you ever tell a police officer that is working to save your daughter how to do their job? What an ego trip. 

Still, if everyone was making shady transactions for their own gain, Voight was also going to get something out of this arrangement: Al's exoneration.

It's about time too because when Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 2 failed to have any mentioned of their fallen partner, I was afraid they were going to let this storyline fizzle out.

The moment Atwater hung up his hat, I held back so many tears. Al really didn't deserve any of this. 

At least his reputation has been repaired and Meredith will now get paid out the severance she deserves. 

It seems like the conflict between Ruzek and Antonio has finally been resolved following a much-needed life talk from Atwater.

I Got This - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3

Where would we be without his wisdom?

Much like Ruzek, I haven't really been seeing eye-to-eye with Antonio as of late, but I acknowledged that both of them needed to put aside their pride to allow any real progress to be made.

Atwater is right about Antonio having his own way of doing things while still being a good cop that "always walks through the door first."

Even if you don't like the guy, or don't like the way he runs the ship, you can't take his accomplishments away from him. 

Ruzek is still lower in seniority so he has to obey orders from Antonio just like Jay has to obey them from Voight. 

This thing with you and Jorge, it's not gunna last. It never does with the bad boys. The sooner you realize that the better.


Following orders ensure trust which is essential in this line of work.

However, there are times when deviating from the orders is essential. If Ruzek hadn't stepped in at the school, Jorge would have shot and possibly killed Antonio.

He made the only call he could stand by even if it meant that he had to disobey orders.

At the end of the day, you can't blame him for that.

As for Antonio, he shouldn't have taken it upon himself to go after the guy without back-up. 

They have to get better about being a team! 

What did you think of Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3? 

Let us know in the comments and make sure to watch Chicago PD online!

Bad Boys Review

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Ruzek: How do you want to play this?
Upton: Uh, low-key.

500 grand has a way of making people remember things they've never seen.

Jay Halstead