Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Most Hated Villains in Salem!

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Ciara kicked Ben out, Sami figured out Hattie wasn’t Marlena, and Maggie agreed to help Eric track down Nicole this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Ciara did the right thing, a Hattie / Marlena showdown, Mimi’s return to Salem and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Ciara right to ask Ben to leave the loft?

Ronnie: Look, I really do enjoy Ben and Ciara together, but he is a serial killer that she didn't even know personally until this summer. So I don't mind her doubting him. It's the smart thing to do.

The real problem for me is more how weak-minded she is when it comes to Tripp.

Jack: Yes and no. I think she's right that this is causing too much tension between her and Tripp, but I think she's also denying her own feelings for Ben and that she needs to decide who she wants to be with and make a 100% commitment to that person.

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Also, Tripp should move out himself. There's been nothing but drama and fighting ever since he moved in so why stay there?

Christine: I’m enjoying the heck out of Ben’s return but having him move in was a little crazy. I mean, he did kill people! I don’t think it’s wrong to ask him to leave.

A Miraculous Awakening - Days of Our Lives

On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (can’t wait), how much are you looking forward to Marlena and Hattie to have a face to face confrontation?

Ronnie: 5, lol. I'm totally neutral on Hattie. Sometimes when the stories are really dark and heavy, she adds some levity and it's nice. But she's never been a character I look forward to seeing.

Jack: About a 5. I like Hattie but this story is ridiculous and at this point, I'm tired of it.

Christine: I’ll give it a 6. I’ve enjoyed Hattie more than I usually do this time around and a confrontation between her and Marlena could be fun.

Mimi Returns - Days of Our Lives

Are you happy to see Mimi back in Salem?

Ronnie: I never liked Mimi. I admit that it's probably because I was a diehard Shawn and Belle shipper and hated her for messing with them. But, I'm kind of looking forward to her return this time. I want to know who is the father of her miracle baby.

Jack: She made no impression on me the first time around, to the point that I barely remember her stories, so I can take or leave her. I'm not happy that she's part of this crazy Bonnie story though. Bonnie, I could definitely do without.

Christine: Yeah, I’ve never been a big fan of Mimi, although I liked that Chloe brought up some of there history recently. I’m really disappointed that Mimi allowed Bonnie to use her baby to con Lucas. That doesn’t say anything good about her.

Victor Keeps a Secret - Days of Our Lives

Does Victor have the right to be cranky about all of the people in his house?

Ronnie: Absolutely. He's not the one who invited any of them. Why is Chad even still there? He has money, he can get a room anywhere.

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Jack: Sonny does seem to be turning it into a boarding house for people who aren't exactly mentally stable LOL. I think Victor should think like the good businessman he is and charge Gabi and Susan rent for staying there. That should solve that problem. (PS I hope he unmasks Gabi's scheme and kicks her to the curb!)

Christine: Of course he does! Sonny keeps inviting these people to stay in Victor and Maggie’s home indefinitely. I know it’s a big house, but it isn’t Sonny’s! I don’t blame Victor for being cranky.

Stefan Bothers Abby Again - Days of Our Lives

Which villain do you hate the most right now: Stefan, Kristen, Gabi, Bonnie, someone else?

Ronnie: Stefan is the worst character of the decade. I just despise everything about him. The show's obsession with putting him in scenes with the woman he raped is disturbing, to say the least.

Jack: It's hard to rank them because they're all hateful and not in a love-to-hate way. Gabi makes my skin crawl the most, but Kristen and Stefan are both delusional rapists so I have no use for them either. Bonnie is just annoying.

Christine: I despise Stefan, and Kristin now bores me, but I think I hate Gabi the most right now, mostly because I used to like her so much.

Now Gabi is drugging her pregnant, former best friend and putting Chad, the guy she claimed to care about, through hell. A character I used to enjoy currently makes me want to fast forward or tune out.

Turning to Her Brother - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Ronnie: The fact that Chad continues to be totally stupid when it comes to Gabi's VERY obvious manipulations. He used to be sharper than this.

Jack: I can't believe we're going for another round of Stefan harassing Abby! The first one was bad enough, why did the writers think we wanted to see this again?

Also: Chad needs to stop being oblivious, Abby needs to stop thinking that hiding her mental health issue from her husband is a good idea, Gabi needs to stop being evil, and JJ needs something to do besides wandering around offering advice and then disappearing again.

Turning to Her Brother - Days of Our Lives

Runner-up: Why is it necessary to have a random second shooter in the bushes? Marlena remembering that the gun went off because Eric grabbed Sami's arm would have created enough drama, and this whole thing about someone from far away hitting her just as Eric grabbed Sami is so contrived.

And can Tripp please remember his father is in jail and have a reaction to it already instead of this stupid triangle at the loft?

Christine: Do we really need to go down the Abigail/Stefan rabbit hole once again. It was painful enough the first time.

And how many times do we need to have Kristen stalk, manipulate and attempt to force sex on Brady? It’s a horrible storyline yet they keep playing it over and over and over again.

Arrested Again - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Ronnie: Sami trying to check Hattie's scare made me laugh out loud. I just enjoyed Sami in general.

Jack: I'm glad that Kayla finally stood up to Stefan! Also, I loved Victor and Maggie's conversation in the cafe.

Christine: I loved how Victor supported Maggie about dealing with Eric and Nicole, even if they didn’t agree on it all.

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And I adored Sami and John having a bonding moment. The show often forgets that John pretty much raised Eric and Sami when everyone thought he was Roman. There’s so much emotional history there and I wish the show utilized it better.

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