General Hospital Round-Up: Drew's Decision, Teen Angst & Spencer Returns

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It was another crazy week in Port Charles.

Drew was faced with an impossible decision. Spencer returned with only one thing on his mind, revenge.

The teen scene of Josslyn, Oscar and Cameron were full of angst, rushed choices and more lies.

Drew  - General Hospital

Margaux put Drew in a lose/lose situation by offering him the flash drive with his memories on it, in exchange for giving up information on Jason and Sonny.

He his tough choice was a focal point this week. Fans were privy to powerful Drew scenes thanks to his predicament.

Drew turned to Franco of all people to seek guidance. Although he used a hypothetical scenario, Franco saw right through it.

Drew and Franco - General Hospital

Billy Miller and Roger Howth play off each other nicely. Any time these two hunks get screen time together, it is a win for fans.

Sam and Drew fans also got to see their favorite couple together, as he leaned on her as well. No matter how hard he tries to keep Sam at bay, she is always the only person he wants by his side.

There is still a deep connection between Sam and Drew. However, his not telling her about Margaux's proposition proves that he knows he can't trust her when it comes to matters concerning Jason.

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It was great to see Drew open up to Sam about Oscar, as well as bond with Scout. Lately, Drew's focus has been on Oscar, so him spending time with his daughter and bonding with Sam was a nice break of Oscar’s illness.

Sonny and Drew meeting at the Aurora offices to talk was a long time coming. Drew wanted to fill Sonny in on what Margaux was planning. The meeting gave the two men a chance to acknowledge their past friendship, finally.

Drew and Scout - General Hospital

I have never liked how Sonny and Carly tossed Drew aside when Jason came back. They did have a bond with him, but it is rarely acknowledged.

In all honesty, I would have liked to see a little more bonding between Drew and Sonny, but the lines have already been drawn. Sonny chose Jason.

Even as Drew made it clear Jason's memories were not his to give, and Sonny assured Drew he knew he would not betray him, there was still an awkwardness between these former friends.

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It was tough to watch these two have a conversation. Drew and Sonny were both uncomfortable and did not want to be having the meeting.

Ironically it was Peter who helped Drew make his decision. Peter informed Drew that by regaining his past memories, he would probably lose the memories he has right now.

Sam and Drew - General Hospital

The choice was clear to Drew. He did not want to forget Sam, Monica, the day he met his son and the day his daughter was born.

His current memories were more important to him than his past. Honestly, was there ever really a chance Drew as going to take D.A. Dawson up on her proposition? No there was not.

Margaux was grasping at straws. Drew would never hurt those he loves, especially Sam.

I will say though my heart went out to her after Drew turned her down and she was left crying in the elevator. She was defeated but didn't dare let anyone see her that way. It showed she is human and I felt for her, a little.

Spencer returned this week much to the dismay of his grandma Laura but the delight of fans. In true form, he is already plotting revenge against Ava.

He is a Cassadine and hell have no fury like a Cassdine scorned. Spencer may be a kid but gets what he wants.

Spencer wants Ava to pay for choosing to repair her face over helping him avenge Nicholas’ death. Did anyone really believe he returned to help his heartbroken pal, Joselyn? Ava is why he returned.

Laura and Spencer - General Hospital

Laura is convinced she is sending Spencer back to school but there is no way the stubborn boy is going until his mission is complete.

Nicolas Bechtel is exceptionally talented, so his revenge story is one I can't wait to see unfold. It would be great if Ava got what was coming to her thanks to a child.

Spencer's return will definitely impact the Ryan/Kevin storyline. Maybe Spencer will be the one to realize Ryan is an imposter.

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Teen angst was in full force in Port Charles, and I am already over it. Oscar needs to come clean with Josslyn about his illness.

I understand his wanting to protect her. However, now she is embarking on a fake relationship with Cameron, and that is just too much.

Cameron knows the truth. He shouldn't be the one to tell Josslyn but helping her even though he knows her plan won't work is not cool. There has to be another way he can help Josslyn without faking a relationship.

Josslyn - General Hospital

Cameron is headed for heartbreak. He loves Josslyn, but she does not reciprocate his feelings, and a fake relationship won't change her mind.

Oscar is gearing up to sue his parents for emancipation, but I hope General Hospital does not follow through with this storyline.

I understand he is angry with his parents and wants to take control of his life, while he still can, but emancipation is not the answer. Drew and Kim love him, they are trying to save his life.

They have been amazing parents to him. It would be heartbreaking to watch Oscar face them in court. The damage would be irreversible.

Oscar Decison - General Hospital

If the powers that be are going to kill off Oscar, which I doubt they will, then they could find a better way for him to spend his days then suing his parents.

Focus on the bonds he has, get him to realize that pushing way his loved ones are hurting everyone. I would like to see the truth come out and everyone be able to rally around Oscar together.

What do you think about Drew's decision?

Are you happy to see Spencer back in Port Charles?

Do you agree with Josslyn, Cameron and Oscars actions?

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