God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Heavenly Taco Truck

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The God account works in mysterious ways, and it's becoming harder to ignore the miracles that are happening as a result. 

You knew the story on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3 was going to be uplifting and emotional because only good things happen at taco trucks.

Granted, Miles got his wallet stolen while grabbing tacos, but still, there was a happy end in sight. 

The Food Truck - God Friended Me

It wasn't immediately obvious how Ray Nicolette and 15-year-old Isaac were connected, however, when the woman at the precinct mentioned the late social worker, my mind began racing.


These are two men who both lost a woman they loved.

And it was that same woman who was going to bring them together after her death. 

But while the storyline was heartwarming --  and it was big of Ray to take in a child that his wife tirelessly worked to keep out of Social Services -- I found myself wondering if it was even legal. 

Bro, you’ve got some seriously pissed off atheists on your hands. Like, what happened on your last podcast, you interview the pope or something?


I thought only family members were allowed to take in minors in such instances.

Regardless, it was still a sweet and selfless decision on Ray's part.  

Miles is one stubborn dude who keeps trying to fight this God account instead of embracing it as the gift that keeps on giving. 

Cara realized that sticking around and chasing stories with Miles would ensure her promotion.

So, why can't Miles accept that anytime he chases one of God's "suggestions," he has a topic to cover on his podcast?

Every situation breeds a magnificent story with a deep message. 

Private Investigator  - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3

His fear is understandable, especially after he lost half of his fanbase.

When you're starting out, any type of loss or disinterest in a product makes you feel like it isn't good enough. 

But like his father pointed out, those listeners weren't ready for his message. Their exits made room for new listeners who were open to having a real discussion about faith. 

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I believe that once the right people stumble upon his podcast, he is going to blow up. 

God Friended Me succeeds on all accounts, but their specialty is family. 

The introduction of Ali's romantic life only made the Finer family finer. 

Arthur: Whatever makes you happy.
Miles & Ali: Really?

Since Arthur is a religious man, accepting his daughter's sexuality must have been a difficult journey for him. 

I find it interesting that God Friended Me didn't focus on Ali's coming out, but rather, addressed her moving in with her girlfriend.

Her anxiety about telling her father showed us that even though Arthur accepted her relationship with a woman, he didn't want to acknowledge it again. 

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Miles' blunt conversation with his father, particularly when he told him to "change" the relationship with his children if he didn't like it, showed Arthur's vulnerability.

It's rare that the son gives his father advice, but it goes to show you that sometimes, even a preacher needs to find his way. 

Are We Going to Argue? - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3

Arthur speaking openly with Ali about "that part of her life" was a beautiful representation of the relationship between a father and daughter, specifically a father who found himself taking on both parental roles. 

You won't always be prepared for everything as a parent, but if you're trying, that's more than enough. 

The Finer family may have their weaker moments, but despite everything, they make an effort to be in each other's lives. 

Ray: I don’t need any help.
Cara: Yeah, well, no one ever really does. Not at first.

That's so important. 

Arthur's story about half of the congregation leaving because he had the audacity to accept his daughter for who she is showed just how much love he has for his children. 

He may not always be able to express it, however, everything he does is for them. 

Back to Cara, I mentioned briefly that she realized Miles was good for business, but I really wish she wasn't holding out on the romantic part because of her fear that it would take away from her professional goals. 

No, it’s my treat. Since you don’t have a wallet.


Jobs are important, and excelling at your career is a goal we all have, but as Ray said, love is rare. 

The stories can end at any time; what happens when God stops sending friend requests?

If she cares about him and genuinely wants to spend time with him, she needs to take the risk! 

Why can't Cara just follow her own great advice?

I Accept You - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3

Everyone sees the chemistry brewing between them, particularly when they were sitting side-by-side at karaoke. They looked so at ease with each other that their next steps felt natural and imminent. 

Maybe the God account will somehow force them to admit their feelings to each other fairly soon.

Rakesh is head-over-heels in love with Jaya, and he wants the world to know it. 

After inquiring about grand gestures, he opted to sing some karaoke.

Normally, karaoke wouldn't be a huge deal, but according to Miles, Rakesh does not sing. Like, at all. 

The fact that he got up on that stage and owned it was a true testament of his feelings for Jaya. He's one brave dude. 

You two make a good team. It’s more rare than you think.


And the risk reaped major benefits -- he got the girl! 

I don't want to bring the energy down about this beautiful moment, however, I find it a little troubling that Rakesh doubts himself so much. 

Hopefully, Jaya will help his self-esteem because immediately jumping to the conclusion that Jaya must think he's boring because she's inviting her friends is problematic. 

The show radiates so much positivity, I hope it sticks around for a very long time! 

Every friend request makes me love Miles more and more. 

If you want to poke God, watch God Friended Me online and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Heavenly Taco Truck Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

No, it’s my treat. Since you don’t have a wallet.


Arthur: Whatever makes you happy.
Miles & Ali: Really?