New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Anthropocene

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If that hour wasn't considered a tearjerker then what is? 

New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6 was the show at its best. The series knows how to move you with its touching cases and these lovable characters of whom you can't get enough. 

It's a series that gets better with each installment, and there is something magical about watching everything, from the writing to the chemistry between the actors and characters, to the music fall into place.

It makes you happy that you're on this journey with the series at it continues to find its footing and carve out its place -- a place it earns. 

Lovely Couple Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

One of the best things the series has going for it is the ability to play around and mix up combinations of characters. The writers make a conscious effort to put together unusual pairings, and it's fun when it varies from the norm. Helen and Kapoor were an excellent duo. 

Iggy and Kapoor are a pair who work together the most and are the bromance of the series. If you take a gender-neutral approach with the term, Max and Helen fit the bill as well. 

However, Helen and Kapoor proved that you can mix up the characters and still have a fun dynamic. They worked well together, and the case that they were on was such an emotional one. It's a wonder both of those sensitive souls didn't end up in a fit of tears by the hour's end. 

And while you two are heroically saving lives I will be out charming rich people out of their money.


Kapoor took on the tears this time around when his patient, the father, spoke of how little time there is with children. There is never enough time, and that resonated with Kapoor who has a strained relationship with his son that we witnessed on New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 5

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Helen and Kapoor's case touched on climate change. The show has fallen into the habit of tackling current events and issues plaguing society, not just in the medical field, but in all aspects of life. Most of the time they do it well, and there are other times when it's lacking or not handled as well. 

Even then, the show deserves accolades for daring to take on an issue or two per hour. It rarely comes across hamfisted, and that's part of New Amsterdam's charm.  It's what makes it schmaltzy, but it's also what makes it so feel-good. 

New Duo - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

New Amsterdam could pull off slipping in facts about climate change and how the effects of it are impacting us at an alarming rate, and it didn't feel preachy this time around.

It was also amusing that the technology failed Kapoor and Helen when trying to determine what was ailing the father and son. Kapoor isn't the type to put all of his faith in technology. 

There was an easy fix to the ancient rendition of a common ailment. It was a relief because testing a theory on the son and having him on the brink of death before his father's eyes was too much to bear. 

Floyd's case touched on prisoner treatment, and while it's a bit of a repeat, I like that they make full use of New Amsterdam being the hospital for Riker's The series goes out of their way to humanize prisoners, and it's a shame that it's essential that they do that at all. Prisoners are still people. 

You do your job, I do mine, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep these bastards in line.


It's shocking that the guard chose to inject inmates with Ketamine. She didn't think there was anything wrong with her actions. She was a prime example of someone who had been on the job too long and needed to get out. 

When the lines between right and wrong are that blurred, and you resort to despicable, heartless actions like that, it's time to get out. Floyd was so worked up and passionate about this case and these inmates. If he weren't cool, calm, and collected and she wasn't a woman, he probably would have punched her. 

While violence is rarely the answer, who could blame him? 

Floyd: She can't do that. Why didn't you say anything?
Inmate: Dude, who cares about us?

Speaking of the urge to punch awful people, Iggy's parents are the absolute worst. Sweet little Sameera is the only one of Iggy's four kids who remembers her grandparents, and all she wants is to spend time with them. 

Unfortunately, she didn't know that they are bigoted people who have an issue with their gay son and his husband and their Muslim kids. Iggy was so worked up about it, and he couldn't let it go. 

Martin was a great support to him, though, and also, Martin is hot. Go, Iggy! 

Iggy's Family - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

Anyway, can you think of a more gutwrenching scene than when Iggy had to explain to his daughter that his parents don't want to be bothered with them because they don't approve of their family? 

When Sameera asked what was wrong with their family, my heart sunk. Absolutely nothing, sweet Sameera! Nothing is wrong with your beautiful family! 

Once again, New Amsterdam hits you in the feels, and they did it with Iggy who continues to bring out the most emotions every single installment. It's difficult to pick a favorite character when most of them are so endearing, but Iggy would top the list. 

Iggy: What am I supposed to tell her?
Martin: The truth.
Iggy: What? That two gay dads and their Muslim kids aren't worthy of love?

He would at least share the spot with our beloved Max. Schmoozing was not Max's forte, but he was willing to put in a real effort. He understood the importance of charming the donors, and in the end, he would do whatever it takes to improve the hospital and help patients. 

That included Max putting on a suit and tie. It wasn't a surprise when Max ended up spending all of his time helping patients in the hospital. You would think the donors would respect Max's dedication to the job. 

Georgia the Lucky Charm - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

The donors needed a push in the proper direction though. That is where Georgia came in, and this was the best installment for Georgia to date. Not only did she have more personality during this hour, but she was a supportive wife and genuinely showed interest and love for her husband. 

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That was lacking up until this point. This installment was the first time I believed in their love and rooted for them as a couple. 

Georgia had a turnaround, and I loved her politely giving the donors the business about Max. The more she praised his accomplishments, the more she realized how amazing Max is. Whatever made her come to her senses at the fundraiser led her to invite him back into their home. 

There are a few things you should know about the new medical director. One, he is radical. So radical that he turned a failing clinic in Chinatown into one of the most efficient clinics in the city. Two, he won awards for his radical treatment of women with Zica in Guatemala. Three, there's north of a $100 million dollars in this room ripe for the picking. And you know where Dr. Goodwin is? With his patients. A medical director who is more interested in helping the sick than making money? I'd pony up for that.


She wanted to reunite and make things work between them again. Max was ecstatic over that because he was prepared to put his all into dating and wooing her all over again.  He had to tell her the truth about his diagnosis though. 

Everything about that final scene was beautiful. Ryan Eggold's entire performance and the lines were incredible. The emotion in Max's and Georgia's faces during that scene packed an emotional punch. 

Slow Dancing - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

The way Max told her to hold him tighter as he delivered the devastating news, and she crumpled under the weight of it while he held her up, ugh, it was crushing but also stunning in its delivery and execution. 

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The oddest part of the hour was Lauren confiding in anyone who would listen about her relationship woes with Floyd.  The Dean of medicine gave good advice.  

Georgia: I don't need a few dates, Max. I just need you. Move back in with me. What's wrong?
Max: I can't.
Georgia: Why not?
Max: I need to tell you about a patient.
Georgia: Fundraisers over.
Max: Hold on to me.
Georgia: What is it?
Max: Hold on tight.

She chose to pair Floyd off with a friend who should be his type, but we know it won't last because he's into Lauren, or whatever.  Their 'ship issues are the weakest part of this series. 

Is it just me? Are there any Floyd and Lauren shippers out there?  It was more fun seeing Lauren interact with Helen than pining after Floyd. She looked stunning at the fundraiser though.  

A Fancy Affair - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6

Frankly, I'm more invested in Kapoor and Ella. 

Over to you, New Amsterdam Fanatics!  Did you love Georgia? How heartbreaking was that final scene between Georgia and Max? Did you love Iggy's family and loathe his parents?

Don't be shy! Hit the comments below.

If you want to get your fix while the show takes a break, you can watch New Amsterdam online here via TV Fanatic! 

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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Floyd: She can't do that. Why didn't you say anything?
Inmate: Dude, who cares about us?

Dean: How in God's name did you raise money in Chinatown?
Max: I had a secret weapon.
Dean: Well, dust it off, kid because you're going to need it.