Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Lost and Found

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As promised, Dermot Mulroney made his first appearance on Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4 as Ryan's deadbeat dad. 

It's obvious these two do not have much of a relationship, and their history was only a tease. 

Hopefully, he sticks around for a while, because we need to know more!

Caught Off Guard - Station 19

One thing we know for sure is where Ryan got his incredible attention to detail that we witnessed on Station 19 Season 2 Episode 3

Ryan showing up his dad must have felt pretty satisfying. It's interesting that he attributes the skills he learned that make him a good cop to his father, the criminal. 

It's hard to imagine someone as famous as Dermot Mulroney would get cast unless it was for an extended arc, and I'm looking forward to getting more pieces to the puzzle that make up Ryan's past. 

Greg: You knew.
Ryan: Before you did.
Greg: [Chuckles] Chip off the old block.

Ryan's not the only character that gave us a hint of his childhood. 

We could see that Jack felt a connection to that boy, but even before that, he was the one that found the clues indicating there were squatters in the building. I probably should have made the connection, but it was still surprising when Jack revealed to Miller that he grew up in the system. 

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I thought Jack was a little bit of a jerk the way he kept showing up at Miller's uninvited. Miller is someone who values his privacy, and it was rude of Jack not only to invite himself over but other people too. 

Poker Interrupted - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4

He picked the perfect time to lay it on thick with that heartbreaking reveal though. It was just what he needed to sucker Miller into inviting him to move in. Come on, we all know that was Jack's goal from the beginning. Well played, Jack.

We already have Maya and Andy as new roommates; it'll be fun to see how Miller and Jack counteract them. 

Something tells me their arrangement might last a little longer. 

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Andy's attitude towards Maya is abysmal. She's supposed to be her best friend, but she can't seem to find it in herself to be supportive, even though Maya has always been there for her. 

Her condescending behavior and backhanded comments are out of line, and it's only a matter of time before Maya loses it and blows up at her. It's surprising it hasn't happened yet. 

Maya in Charge - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4

Maya has the intelligence and the skills to make a good leader, she needs a little more experience. Andy should be telling her that she'll get it right next time, not "eventually." 

The crazy thing is, I don't even think Andy realizes what she's doing. In her head, she probably thinks she is supportive, but her jealousy is clouding her judgment. 

It's like she's competing to be teacher's pet. She does nothing but complains about Sullivan, but the moment he compliments her, she decides maybe he's not so bad after all. Maya, of course, has been saying that all along, but Andy chooses to hear what she wants to hear. 

Sullivan: I assigned you recruitment because you're the most passionate about this job of anyone here. It's contagious. Good work today.
Andy: Thank you, Sir.

Andy does have a knack for recruitment though. Maybe if she didn't fight Sullivan so hard on everything, she would see that he knows what he's doing. He's not making these decisions to spite her, despite what she might think. 

Andy connected immediately with that girl, and she already has her first recruit. She has the bravery part down pat. 

Girl's Night - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4

Andy should appreciate her friends who are also willing to be her wingmen. It's time for her to put Ryan and Jack in the rearview mirror and get back out there. She's been way too uptight; she needs to blow off a little steam. 

Seriously though, who gives out their home number to a guy? Cell phones were probably invented so that we can avoid awkward situations like this. 

Hopefully, the first thing she did after some damage control gave the guy her cell number. 

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Vic's guy from Station 23 might have some competition. Sparks were flying between her and the chief from the skyscraper fire.

There could potentially be some red tape to cut through for something to happen there, though. A chief dating one of his subordinates is most likely frowned upon. 

Ryan's Dad - Station 19 Season 2 Episode 4

I'm enjoying the bromance developing between Ben and Travis, especially Ben referring to himself as Travis' work wife. 

Ben can recognize the signs of PTSD, and he could sense that Travis might struggle in his first fire back after his injury. 

Luckily, Travis realized that only talking to Ben wasn't enough and that he needed the help of the support group Sullivan recommended. His boyfriend might be driving him crazy, but at least he cares. It's not easy loving a firefighter. 

Ben is in the same boat, as Bailey is close to her breaking point when it comes to her husband's dangerous profession. 

Your turn! What do you guys think about how they are chipping away at each character's past? It's a slow burn, but learning a little bit about Jack and Ryan's history gives us some insight into who they are today.

If you missed anything, be sure to watch Station 19 online and catch up!

Lost and Found Review

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It's like we went from getting to know each other to sponge baths, not the sexy kind. So, you know, whatever fun, steamy steps there are before the sponge bath stage in the relationship, we skipped those. It usually takes a while to rip those Band-Aids, but those Band-Aids were ripped and changed. He literally changed my bandages.


Enough! We will find it. We will find your friends, but first we need to get you out of here. I swear if you don't come with me right now, I will throw your scrawny ass over my shoulder and carry you out.