The Good Doctor Round Table: Did Dr. Lim Make a Mistake?

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There was a lot going on during The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 2, and that's why the hour is worthy of a further look, The Good Doctor Fanatics!

Below, TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly discuss Shaun's lie, Dr. Lim's decision and so much more. 

The Good Doctor Round Table

Paul could not be saved, but his death helped Shaun tell a lie. React!     

Rachelle: I love this part of the show. Paul’s death was sad, but you could see it coming. When Paul and Shaun were talking in the chapel, I had a feeling Paul would not make it, but his words would help Shaun tell his family.

It felt like lying became instinctual to Shaun in the end. Not that he likes doing it, but it is a trait he learned. I do think he will have to find the right balance between when to lie or not.

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Jasmine: That was such a rough case, but I LOVED it precisely because it was Shaun at his best. That chapel scene was one of the best of the hour. 

It did feel like lying came easier to Shaun than expected, but I like that moment of growth for him. It feels odd being proud of someone for learning how to lie, but I was proud of Shaun. 

Paul: Yeah, I was happy Shaun gave the case his all and recognized when it was the right time to tell a lie. He wanted to make the family feel better, and his lie helped give them the closure they needed. 

Shaun is one of TV's finest characters, and it's fascinating to watch him cope with things in his own way. Freddie Highmore is fantastic in the role. 

Paul's Pain - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 2

What are your thoughts on Lea's return?

Rachelle: I feel like Shaun is good at avoiding things but the fact he got the nerve to tell her the truth was great.

I also think the strength to be honest came from his being able to tell a lie. I feel like that gave him confidence. I also think it shows how deep his feelings are for Lea, as well as his issues with trusting people.

Even though fans had seen Shaun upset before, this was hurt rather than anger and frustration, so it was a different emotional side. Lea returning is adding a new layer to Shaun, and I am excited to see how it proceeds.

Jasmine: I agree that it was hurt more than anger, so it was a newer emotion we were witnessing. I was afraid she would cause him to spiral, and as much as I loved what she did for him most of last season, I was not enthused with her abrupt appearance.

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I'm glad he told her how he felt. Lea is a free-spirit and all of that good stuff, but she didn't consider the effect her actions would have on him, and she should have.

Paul: I'm not a fan of Lea. She essentially ghosted Shaun, fully knowing that he wouldn't be able to make sense of why she left, but she did it anyway. 

Her return and thinking she can stay with Shaun is a bit much. Did she expect him to forget everything that happened?

Shaun would be wise to cut her out of his life because their friendship/relationship is headed for Disaster Island. 

Shaun Makes a Decision - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 2

Melendez gave Shaun more power than ever before. React!

Rachelle: I loved it, but at first I thought there was an ulterior motive. I think Melendez is trying to find a balance with Shaun. He knows he is talented but has work to do with communication and emotions.

However, any bit of power he gives Shaun now is a teaching moment for Shaun. I do want Melendez to keep giving Shaun power, but I don’t want him to do it all at once.

I hope the show gradually builds this relationship and trust because I think there could be a beautiful mentor-student friendship if done correctly.

Jasmine: Melendez has truly grown as a character because he used to be insufferable.

I like that he has come around to having Shaun on his team, and he trusts him. He's mentoring him the way Shaun needs to be mentored and genuinely wants to make Shaun a better doctor. 

Paul: Agreed about Melendez growing as a character. He was such an ass during the early episodes of the series that I never thought I'd like him. 

Nobody likes being proven wrong, but it's good that he's finally accepting that Shaun is trying his best to save lives. 

Dr. Lim - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 2

What did you think of the way Dr. Lim went about dealing with Mara?               

Rachelle: I was not a fan of the way Dr. Lim handled dealing with Mara. Doing the surgery knowing she was minor was one thing.

I was ok with that, especially since Mara was so desperate. However. I did not like when she went against Mara’s wishes in the end. Dr. Lim did not have the right to do that just because she thought it was best and believed her patient was making the decision based on her parents.

The moment they shared in the end I think led viewers to believe Mara knew what the doctor did and was ok with it, but I still did not like it.

Jasmine: I had mixed feelings about the case too. I loved that we spent more time with Dr. Lim. I couldn't be happier about that.

I loved how passionate she was about the case, and I'm surprised she was allowed to stick with it to the end. I didn't like that Lim did the surgery anyway without knowing for sure that Mara wanted it deep down and approved.

Yeah, Mara should have been asked without her parents present, but that was too risky of a surgery and in the end, is Dr. Lim any better if she imposed what SHE felt was best on Mara?

If they shared a more obvious wink/nudge moment before she made that decision maybe it wouldn't have bugged me.

Paul: Dr. Lim was unethical in the way she approached this, but it was a real sucky scenario. She recognized that Mara was desperate and went with her heart. 

What this proved about Dr. Lim is that she was willing to put her job on the line to do what she thought was right, but I can't shake the feeling she could have gone about it a different way. 

Demanding Oversight - The Good Doctor

Now that Glassman's surgery is beginning, what is the likelihood of him pulling through?

Rachelle: I think he will pull through the surgery and it will be a long road to recovery, but I don’t think he will be cured.

I think eventually the tumor will kill him because the impact it has on Shaun’s life will be monumental. However, until then I think the show will give Glassman obstacles that will affect Shaun personally and at the hospital.

There is a lot of potential with this story and hope the show takes the time to place it out and not rush it. 

Jasmine: I can't shake the feeling that Glassman is on borrowed time. I want to believe that he'll miraculously pull through during the surgery and he'll be in decent health by midseason, but I'm afraid he's a goner every time they show him.

Paul: Glassman is the only constant in Shaun's life, and it's genuinely concerning that he could be taken out of the equation in a matter of scenes. 

This show tugs on the heartstrings, so I could see Glassman being killed off. I hope he survives, but it could really go either way. 

Okay, The Good Doctor Fanatics!

It's your turn. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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