The Good Doctor Round Table: Should Shaun Give Lea a Chance?

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All of the characters got time to shine on The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3, and that gave us a lot to chat about in the Round Table. 

Below TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly discuss Claire's decision, Morgan's mean remarks and so much more. 

The Good Doctor Round Table

Claire decided against Melendez's decision in the O.R. React!

Rachelle: It was great and powerful. The whole episode of Claire voicing her opinion and standing up for what she feels is right was amazing. 

She had a tough call to make regarding her patient, and she went with her gut. Claire has guts, and it is one of the reasons she will make a great doctor. It also showed Melendez that she can’t be pushed around and won’t agree with him simply because he is her superior.

Jasmine: I LOVED it! It was long overdue because she has a tendency of being cast aside, dismissed, or shut down for being so mousey and timid. She has a backbone, and I'm happy she showed it off. Although, I kind of think this may add some tension to whatever was subtly teased between Claire and Melendez last season.

Paul: It was about time! Claire is going from strength-to-strength as a character because she's started to adapt to the environment she's in. The truth is, she hasn't been as assertive as she could be, and that's why I loved her tenacity on "36 Hours." 

Left in Charge - The Good Doctor

What are your thoughts on the way Morgan said Claire and Lea looked at Shaun as a child?

Rachelle: Morgan was harsh, but I think it came from a place of concern. She deals with life by being brutally honest, closed off and keeping up walls. It makes her come off as a mean-spirited person.

However, I do think she cares about Shaun in her own way and wants to prepare him for what she feels is going to be a heartbreak. Morgan doesn’t see Shaun as a man. She sees him as a child. I think she can’t understand how any woman would see him differently than as a child, so she projected that onto him. I do think in she was trying to protect him, but man her delivery needs some work.  

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Jasmine: I can't stand Morgan. To sort of echo what Rachelle said, Morgan is the one who sees Shaun as a child and not a man. She's the one who treats him that way, so she didn't have a right to project her own view of Shaun on Lea and Claire, particularly Lea who she has no experience with whatsoever.

Paul: Morgan grates on my nerves. She's obviously only part of the team because she has a completely different personality to everyone else. I do think there's more to her than meets the eye, but until we get some story from her that doesn't involve her coming off as a jackass, I'm out. 

Shaun Makes a Decision - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 2

How did you feel about Lea speaking back to Shaun about the way he treated her? 

Rachelle: Lea speaking back to Shaun was one of my favorite scenes of the episode. It proved she does see him as a man and she is not going to let him get away with treating her like crap. He was being a jerk, and she called him on it just like she would any other guy. It was a pivotal moment for both of them I think.

Jasmine: Hm, I didn't care for it, but it's possible that I'm holding a grudge against Lea and I couldn't enjoy a pivotal moment that will likely serve Shaun well.

Paul: I'm with Jasmine here. Lea essentially ghosted Shaun and returned to his life as though she was never gone. It was nice that she recognized the error of her ways, but beyond that, she's not a character that makes me watch the show. 

Moving On - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1

Do you care whether there's a future between Shaun and Lea? 

Rachelle: I am not sure. I can’t really grasp exactly what Lea wants from him. Shaun used to think of her as his girlfriend, but I don’t think that sentiment was really returned by Lea. I am not even sure Lea truly understands what she feels for Shaun.

He definitely doesn’t understand his feelings for Lea yet. I wish I could get a better read on their future, but I can’t figure out where they are headed. I do hope though the writers give the relationship a chance. I would like to see how Shaun handles a deeper, personal and romantic relationship.

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Jasmine: At this point, I would prefer if they kept things platonic. Surely there is someone out there who will be a better match for him. I just don't think Lea is that person. 

Paul: Platonic is the way forward on these shows! Things are too easily complicated with relationships, and if she and Shaun are struggling right now, I shudder to think how things would be down the line.

 Dr. Lim was fined and banned from driving. React!

Rachelle: At first, I was annoyed by this storyline because I didn’t feel it had much purpose. However, in the end, I thought it was great to see Dr. Lim put in her place.

She thinks she is above everyone and that the rules don’t apply her. It was nice to see her get knocked down a peg or two. I really like her character, but man she was annoying in the courtroom. She deserved to be banned from driving, as well as thrown in jail. It was also nice to see a glimpse of her life outside the hospital. 

Jasmine: I'm liking all of this Dr. Lim screentime. I found the court proceedings amusing myself. I love how Morgan assumed Lim was some fuddy-duddy when she's a speed-demon biker who had to spend half the day in lockup after railing against the judge.

Paul: She's incredible, irresponsible, and downright hilarious. What makes good TV is characters that have multilayers and are flawed. She has an answer for everything, and it's fun when it comes to capturing quotes. 

Okay, The Good Doctor Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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