The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Tough Titmouse

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Will there ever be an hour of The Good Doctor that doesn't reduce you to tears?

The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4 delivered new medical cases, each of which tugged on the heartstrings, and those were only the cases of the week. 

Hell, the show delved deeper than ever into the personal lives of the characters, and there was not one wasted moment. 

Remembering the Past - The Good Doctor

Let's start with Shaun and Lea because the emotional hour bookends with the friends navigating their fraught relationship. 

It's easy for me to hurl the blame at Lea because she was the one who skipped town, but she had reasons for returning to Hershey. Whether we'll ever get an answer to what went down, I don't know, and it's not entirely needed. 

What Lea asked of Shaun was for him to be there as a friend, and admitting he didn't care what happened was the most genuine thing he said to her since she returned. That was enough for them to bury the hatchet and start being friends again.

In a sense, I would love for them to keep things platonic because if they're friendship stalled this early, I can't imagine how sour things would go if they opted for something more romantic. 

Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: Apparently.

I loved that Shaun recognized the error of his ways and set out to find a way to make it up to Lea with a donut and some assistance in finding an apartment.

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I had to agree with Lea's sentiment that his good deeds were just thinly veiled attempts to make things right with her. He knew he did wrong, but at the same time, he knew the friendship was worth saving. 

Shaun's Pain - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4

I am so on board for more scenes with them as friends because the karaoke scene was a lot of fun. Who knew Freddie Highmore had such great vocal abilities? 

He's a first-rate actor, he speaks multiple languages and can sing. He's a catch!

It was about time we got some more flashbacks of young Shaun, and the ones on "Tough Titmouse" were courtesy of a young boy named Mac who was having violent outbursts as a result of his condition. 

Mac's mother was at the end of her rope with him. I'll admit that I judged her the moment she hoped her son was being kept in the hospital overnight after having a picket embedded into his shoulder. 

"Why wouldn't a parent want their child home after such a horrific accident," I asked myself. Little did I know, she was genuinely concerned about what would be the best course of action. 

Lesley Fera Guest Stars! - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4

All she wanted was a bit of respite, and it's not a crime to ask for help. But she was in denial thinking that she could return home to the way things were. 

When Mac got discharged from the hospital, it was evident something else was going to happen. The last thing I expected was for his mother to wind up in surgery because he hurt her. 

What was so fascinating about this plot was that Shaun, Park, and Melendez had distinctly different views about the way things should have gone. 

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Mac's mother felt empowered by the end of the installment, and I loved that Melendez did not allow Park into the room as the mother and son argued it out. 

Despite offering some great advice, Park does not have the best timing, and there's no telling what would have transpired in that room if he tried to defend the mother. 

As for Shaun, this reminded him all too well of his time in the system. I wanted to hate Sybil because she seemed tough as nails and as though she didn't much care for Shaun. 

Helping Mac - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4

They had arguments throughout their time living together but demonstrated the real impact of their bond when Sybil burst into tears as she told Shaun she was dying and sent him on his merry way. 

Granted, she didn't want to cry in front of him, so she was bottling it all up until he left. Sybil provided the third home Shaun was sent to after leaving his parents behind. 

I can't begin to imagine how that must have felt, but it probably explains why he was initially against Mac getting shipped off to a residential facility. 

The real stunner was that Melendez's sister was in a residential facility, and he, too, was against Mac going into one initially. That could suggest he wasn't a fan of his parents putting his sister into a facility. 

But witnessing the way Mac's mother felt signaled a change within him, and that's likely why he gave that beautiful speech to the woman by the end of the episode. 

The other case of the week involved Morgan and Claire battling to make a patient choose the right surgery for her needs. The fundamental issue there was that neither of them favored the same operation. 

A New Patient - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4

Morgan is the person who always seems to get in the way in the name of raising the stakes, but I respected that she didn't back down. 

She knew Kitty wanted to continue scaling buildings and was happy to do so until her dying breath. It's too bad Morgan and Claire didn't figure out a plan of action before they looked unprofessional as hell telling her the options. 

Kitty's parents were right to have reservations about their daughter's knack of wanting not to use protective gear. I was genuinely blindsided when the parents opted to get the psych evaluation on her. 

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Claire admitted a past event gave her the stance she took, but she was on the side of the parents from the get-go. There were pros and cons to both surgical procedures, but they both had complications. 

By the end of the hour, Kitty seemed to have done some thinking about the future, and despite not being able to climb, I think she's going to thank her parents one day. 

Claire's Review - The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 1

As for Glassman, his meetings with Maddy hit me right in the feels. Maddy died at a young age, and despite her appearing as a figment of her father's imagination, it was clear Glassman deeply regretted throwing her out the night of her death. 

But she was using drugs, and he felt like his back was against the wall. If it weren't that night she died, it would have inevitably happened another night because she was spiraling. 

There's no getting away from that fact. 

It was beautifully tragic that Glassman refused to sleep because his connection to his daughter disappeared by the time he woke up. 

Shaun was so right that this was therapeutic. The doctors and nurses may have thought Glassman was a little crazy, but he needed to go through it to finally put his feelings about his daughter's demise to bed. 

glassman cropped screengrab

Now that he's officially on the road to recovery, it will be intriguing to see how all of this will affect him going forward. 

That's all I got, The Good Doctor Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the way everything played out? 

Hit the comments below. 

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Tough Titmouse Review

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: Apparently.

Lea: We had a fight.
Shaun: I got you a donut.
Lea: A really big fight about some big issues that isn’t going to go away because you got me a donut