Titans Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Origins

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Will this show ever slow down?

Titans Season 1 Episode 3 switched up the dynamics thanks to Kory and Dick finally meeting up, and it resulted in the best episode of this DC Universe series to date. 

Now that they're united in their quest to save Rachel, it remains to be seen how long it will be before the truth comes out about Kory. 

The Truth - Titans

There has to be a reason why she was adamant about finding the kid before the prophecy spelled a certain doom for the world. 

Was Kory's intention to kill Rachel, nurture the evil persona taking up residence in Rachel's body, or merely to find a way to save both Rachel and the world? 

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Without knowing much about Kory's motives before having her mind wiped, it's difficult to rule her as a hero or a villain. 

My assumption is that she's playing on the side of good, but we need to find out the ins and outs of her thought process when she was of sound mind. 

Kory's Power - Titans Season 1 Episode 3

The way Kory saved Rachel while cooking Papa Nuclear was one of the best scenes yet. She had absolutely no remorse. 

The dialog between both Kory and Rachel was electric as they embarked on their journey. The casting on this show is perfect. 

Kory: Chicken and waffles … on the house apparently.
Rachel: Well I know one thing about you … total badass.

I figured everything was going to go south at the church, and it didn't help matters that the Sisters put Rachel under lock and key. 

They lured the child into a false sense of security by talking about how her mother wound up there, and quite frankly, they had everyone (including the viewers) fooled. 

Anna Diop as Starfire aka Kori Anders - Titans

Now that Rachel's gone into full dark mode, I dare say she's going to spend some time away from both Kory and Dick. 

Maybe this will give her time to get some scenes with Gar aka Beast Boy. He's the one character who has had far too little material thus far to better understand. 

Officer: Who the hell are you?
Kory: Kory Anders, FBI.
Officer: FBI in that outfit?

With the Nuclear family hot on her trail, things are going to get deadlier for Rachel. I don't doubt she'll be able to handle herself when the family catches up with her now that she knows she's that powerful. 

However, there's no telling what tricks the wicked family with the new father will have to dole out on Rachel and whoever is on the run with her. 

Rachel Escapes - Titans Season 1 Episode 3

Now that we know Dr. Adamson and that he doesn't know much about Kory, there's a possibility that Kory knows all about his wicked plan for the youngster. 

Let's just say I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of Dr. Adamson. He was genuinely frightening as he weighed up whether to give the family the instant kill for failing their mission. 

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The only thing they succeeded at was killing Amy. That was a gamechanger for me. Maybe I've watched too much TV, and I'm making assumptions, but I thought Dick and Amy were destined to be the partners who couldn't keep their relationship platonic. 

Who’s going to help you now, bitch?

Dark Rachel

In a sense, I'm glad I know that's not going to happen because there's nothing worse than a good show getting bogged down by relationship drama. 

Lending a Hand - Titans

Her death affected Dick, and that was to be expected. The family already wounded Dawn, possibly fatally, and with Rachel's kidnapping, it became personal very quickly. 

Did anyone else pick up on the way Hank acted at the hospital?

Despite his doubts about the way Robin was when he was fighting in the streets, it was almost like he didn't need to leave Dawn's side because he knew Robin could handle himself well enough to unleash holy hell on the villainous family. 

Kory: That’s technically true, dick.
Dick: Gee, that’s a new one.

Taking this family down might be the thing that repairs Dick and Hank's friendship for good. I just hope that Dawn pulls through because it would be downright cruel to off one of the best characters this early. 

Dick will go to any lengths necessary to avenge Dawn. 

Hank and Dawn Are In Love - Titans Season 1 Episode 2

Dick's past is equally as exciting to watch as his present. Some shows struggle with flashbacks. In a lot of cases they slow down the action, but what we're learning here is relevant to the overall arc of the series. 

We're still none the wiser about why Dick hates Bruce Wayne, but we do know that Bruce persevered with Dick to help him channel his rage into something more productive. 

I did roll my eyes during the flashback with Bruce putting his hand on Dick's shoulder at the scene of the accident and offering to help him. 

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There was an immediate red flag because it just seemed creepy as hell. But then I remembered Bruce also lost his parents at a young age, so he likely thought he could help the kid out. 

I may be in the minority, but I would like for Bruce Wayne to be kept in the shadows to give the current crop of characters time to shine. 

"Origins" was another solid installment of this series. DC Universe has a hit on its hands, and I can't wait to find out where it goes from here. 

Other odds and ends:

  • Full disclosure: I would never accept candy from someone I didn't know, especially not someone who is working for the biggest villain around. 
  • Kory laying waste to the group of men in the diner was a highlight. I bet those men will never be able to go to a diner again. They'll be scarred for life. 
  • Kory is hilarious, but if she wants to lay low, she needs to stop lifting her hands first and thinking about it later. 

Okay, Titans Fanatics!

That's all I got for you!

What did you think of the latest installment?

Hit the comments below. 

New episodes of Titans are available Fridays on DC Universe.

Origins Review

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What the shit?


Officer: Who the hell are you?
Kory: Kory Anders, FBI.
Officer: FBI in that outfit?