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Poison has evolved.

That's what the team learned on FBI Season 1 Episode 2 when it emerged that eight people had been fatally poisoned at a deli in New York City. 

With little in the way of leads, Maggie Bell and OA Zidan had to keep their wits about them when they pursued an unlikely culprit. 

In true crime drama fashion, there was more to this culprit than they first anticipated. 

With that, they had to use every resource to take the killer down before more people were killed. 

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Get caught up with one of the best new fall dramas around. 

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FBI Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

OA: The name of the site is Dark Jihad.
Maggie: Jihad?
OA: Caroline was not working with amateurs, she was working with ISIS.

Maggie: I remember being a teenager. You know, I understand wanting to do something because a boy is giving you attention or you want to belong. I cannot understand why those girls would be attracted to ISIS.
OA: Sure, but you probably had good grades and friends and made the track team and had a good relationship with your father.
Maggie: I understand vulnerability. You don't have to mansplain the female teenage brain to me.
OA: Okay, fair enough. My point is, when I was undercover, I saw my faith weaponized all the time.